27th October 2009 Archive

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  • Facebook enshrines dead people profiles

    'When someone leaves us, they don't leave...our social network'

    Media 27 01:26

  • Fake servers sell better than real servers

    x64 loads 50 per cent fake by 2013

    Virtualization 27 06:02

  • Sun's MySQL fork survival theory ripped

    GPL does code, not 'brand'

    Applications 27 06:02

  • UK data losses keep growing

    Government and private sector still failing basic tests

    Management 27 07:02

  • Deploying VoIP in real life

    Regcast is on demand

    VoIP 27 07:10

  • Suzuki unveils fuel cell e-scooter

    Hydrogen-powered runabout, anyone?

    Science 27 08:02

  • Sony Walkman NWZ-S544

    PMP with speakers, anyone?

    Hardware 27 09:02

  • Raytheon buys BBN for 'about $350m'

    Arms biz buys up the "@" in email

    Security 27 09:21

  • Retailers price up Blighty's black Wii

    Out next week

    Games 27 10:15

  • Clock stopped for McKinnon extradition

    Glimmer of hope for alien-seeking hacker

    Government 27 10:30

  • El Reg receives message from planet 'Female Pigeon'

    Peristera pecks back

    Science 27 10:32

  • Gov advises authorities on when EU procurement rules apply

    Formalises previously hit-and-hope legal procedures

    The Channel 27 10:33

  • MSI to make Tegra-based e-book viewer

    CPU, GPU overkill?

    Hardware 27 10:46

  • IBM gives voice to your web

    New tool directs vocal flow for the blind and lazy

    Management 27 10:51

  • 3PAR developing united federation of clusters

    Boldly going where no SAN has gone before

    Storage 27 10:53

  • MySpace in talks to become Facebook friend

    Or more a minor acquaintance

    Media 27 11:06

  • Upminster top for tupping on UK bonkmap

    New online tool maps sexual state of nation, provides proud IT angle

    Bootnotes 27 11:09

  • Intel soups up 34nm SSDs

    Write-boosting tweak works on XP, Vista as well as 7

    Hardware 27 11:22

  • Bloggers go ballistic over non-existent wireless tax

    Oh just sit down and read an actual newspaper or something

    Mobile 27 11:38

  • BlackBerry wristband accessory priced, dated

    Coming early next year

    Phones 27 11:41

  • Nintendo to increase DSi screen size?

    iPhone-fighting move

    Games 27 11:48

  • Land Warrior war-smartphone tech support goes to A'stan

    General Dynamics opens Genius Bar in Spin Boldak

    Science 27 11:53

  • Google stalks your social circle

    All in the name of friendship, you understand

    Applications 27 11:57

  • ID Card scheme banking on 28 million volunteers

    Good luck with that

    Government 27 12:01

  • Did the credit crunch and Vista stop you buying PCs?

    Stopping to think or same old same old?

    PC Management 27 12:15

  • On2 investors call off attack dogs against Google takeover

    Hostility towards buyout compressed

    Financial News 27 12:57

  • MSI X-Slim X600 15.6in notebook

    Light as a feather, would you believe?

    Laptops 27 12:58

  • 'New discipline' of 'Network Science' birthed by US Army

    Military to ensure the revolution will not be Twitterised

    Data Networking 27 13:43

  • Home Office: El Reg may be right on vetting figures

    ISA Chair admits published estimates are wrong

    Government 27 13:56

  • Sky Player hits Xbox 360

    No dish required

    Games 27 14:55

  • Microsoft drops Family Guy like a hot deaf guy joke

    Had it confused with Ivor The Engine

    Operating Systems 27 14:55

  • Computacenter ditches last distie biz

    End of an era as former reseller focuses on services

    The Channel 27 14:56

  • Secure Juniper triggers Dell's OEM'ing instinct

    But Brocade still has a home in the range

    Data Networking 27 15:04

  • Subterranean hive mammals may offer cancer cure

    Secrets of the sexy, naked ever-youthful Mole Queens

    Science 27 15:32

  • Ares I-X stuck on the pad

    Florida weather halts trailblazing launch

    Science 27 15:33

  • BlackBerry Storm 2 launch continues

    Verizon to follow Vodafone's recent UK launch

    Phones 27 15:53

  • Games developers demand tax breaks

    Or UK videogames biz will slump, says Tiga

    Games 27 16:07

  • Dassault picks up PLM unit from Big Blue

    $600m to control its own future

    Applications 27 16:07

  • Gizmodo says sorry for malware suckerpunch

    Staff on Macs late to spot hack

    Security 27 16:18

  • IBM board gives Big Sam another $5bn

    Continues throwing money at market to inflate EPS growth

    Financial News 27 16:28

  • Symbian aims to baffle embrace community

    Once more unto the ideamagoria my friends

    Mobile 27 16:59

  • Cisco borgs real-time security biz ScanSafe

    A plug for the IronPort

    Data Networking 27 17:09

  • Microsoft inflates Web Office test program

    Limited potential

    Applications 27 17:28

  • Apple dangles tablet lure in Oz

    Media censorship?

    Hardware 27 17:42

  • Mass web infections spike to 6 million pages

    640k sites out to get you

    Security 27 17:47

  • Nissan steps glides into mobility tech

    Ski poles, roller skates and motors

    Hardware 27 17:48

  • Amazon rains MySQL from the heavens

    Simple DB of a different kind

    Applications 27 18:40

  • Pig plague? There's an app for that!

    Swine flu infects iPhone App Store

    Mobile 27 19:23

  • Punked US Chamber sues faux press release pranksters

    Misty water-colored memories...

    Media 27 20:50

  • US DoD snuffs open-source 'misconceptions'

    Your secrets are safe

    Software 27 20:51

  • Free Microsoft security tool locks down buggy apps

    No assembly required

    Security 27 21:37

  • IBM stirs up new mashup tools for Cognos

    Also soups up Mashup Center

    Applications 27 21:38

  • China accuses Google of 'malicious' censorship

    Insert irony here

    Media 27 22:02

  • Asustek opens curtain on desktop 'supercomputer'

    Eee HPC, anyone?

    HPC 27 22:34

  • Firefox nabs 30 million users in eight weeks

    Mozilla CEO Tweeteth

    Applications 27 23:39

  • Dell chief stuffs data center into suitcase

    Ripped and replaced

    Servers 27 23:43