26th October 2009 Archive

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  • Salesforce toughs up with Adobe Flash IDE

    Put us in pictures

    Developer 26 05:02

  • Tilera pushes to 100 cores with mesh processor

    Super-efficient Linux engine

    HPC 26 05:02

  • Hoaxed US Chamber thumps pranksters with blunt instrument

    Can you DMCA a parody that looks like the real thing?

    Media 26 05:52

  • Freecom Secure

    Swipe your card, gain access to your external HDD

    Hardware 26 08:02

  • Rogue trader calls for smarter regulation to avert disaster

    Never mind the bonuses - listen to the Leeson lesson

    Security 26 09:02

  • Guardian loses half a million CVs

    Police probe massive hack

    Security 26 09:17

  • Adaptec fighting Word War II

    A house divided against itself cannot stand each other

    Storage 26 09:59

  • What are you doing about refreshing the PC estate?

    Carry on regardless or swap for new?

    PC Management 26 09:59

  • Toyota at Tokyo: micro e-car on display

    Aesthetically challenged

    Science 26 10:02

  • Carl! Icahn! quits! Yahoo!

    Loses! millions! of! dollars!

    Financial News 26 10:09

  • Think you're tech savvy? You won't be when you're old

    Daaad, nobody uses screens or keyboards any more

    Science 26 10:11

  • Ares I-X 'in great shape' to fly

    Launch tomorrow, weather permitting

    Science 26 10:53

  • OECD places UK third for European e-government

    No stats available for government e-disasters

    Government 26 11:33

  • Justice Department glares at Sony

    Anti-competitive disk practices? Good lord!

    Storage 26 11:36

  • Today marks 'least productive' day of year

    Write your own intro, I can't be arsed

    Bootnotes 26 11:41

  • Agincourt actually an even scrap, historians claim

    We happy few 8,000

    Bootnotes 26 12:04

  • New York Times Editor drops Apple tablet in talk

    Slate of the nation address

    Mobile 26 12:05

  • Intel facing more anti-trust action

    Couldn't happen to a nicer chip giant

    The Channel 26 12:18

  • ITU joins microUSB bandwagon

    Common charger standard slowly gathers momentum

    Mobile 26 12:19

  • Disgraced Korean cloning scientist given suspended sentence

    Not a mammoth punishment under the cirumstances

    Science 26 12:21

  • Saving money on desktop costs

    Building on common ground

    PC Management 26 12:22

  • 3 to offer iPhone next year

    Orange will sell it next month

    Phones 26 12:29

  • Netflix preps DVD-less movie streaming service

    Coming to PS3 too

    Hardware 26 12:42

  • Royal Navy to get two carriers - but only one air group?

    OK lads, just run along the deck going 'Brrrmmm'

    Government 26 12:54

  • Dallas cops fine drivers for 'not speaking English'

    Chief apologises for language police

    Bootnotes 26 12:55

  • Microsoft backtracks Ballmer's Blu-per

    No Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive en-route

    Hardware 26 12:57

  • Barclays computers suffer Monday morning meltdown

    IT layoff programme disrupted?

    Servers 26 12:58

  • Nokia N900 delayed

    Weeks not months, thankfully

    Phones 26 13:06

  • Digital River makes total hash of Windows 7 upgrade offer

    Academic customers left scratching heads

    Operating Systems 26 13:13

  • Facebook close to ending snooping case

    Class action suit brings home the Beacon

    Law 26 13:35

  • Kindle pounces on Snow Leopard

    But denies pictures to foreigners

    Mobile 26 13:48

  • Samsung shows off 'world's thinnest' LCD TV

    Needle Slim just 3mm thick

    Hardware 26 13:55

  • Globo-renewables all electric future touted again

    Still requires population freeze + universal poverty

    Science 26 14:05

  • LG New Chocolate BL40 movie phone

    Widescreen wunderbar?

    Phones 26 14:20

  • Sonic 'hyperlens' offers hi-res ultrasound scans, naval sonar

    No it's not a submarine, it's a whale - do not torpedo

    Science 26 14:37

  • ICANN goes to Korea so web addresses can go global

    Plan for Arabic, Chinese domain names

    Broadband 26 15:18

  • Exoplanets dubbed 'Vulcan', 'Romulus' and 'Female Pigeon'

    Wings slightly fall off cunning mythological plan

    Science 26 15:31

  • Dell unveils exclusive Microsoft-branded Ubuntu OS

    Mix up a penguin

    Hardware 26 15:33

  • Reg readers take mobile makers to task

    Survey reveals what mobile phone users really want

    Mobile 26 15:40

  • Guardian in hot water over activist face flash

    Scores own goal by using police arguments to defend self

    Law 26 15:45

  • Palm Pixi out next month

    Pared down Pre

    Phones 26 15:54

  • Nokia already planning second-gen Booklet 3G?

    First one should be over here by Christmas

    Hardware 26 16:38

  • Accused NASA spy billed US gov for swimming pool upkeep

    Court documents unsealed...a bit late

    Government 26 17:09

  • Yahoo! nukes GeoCities

    Build-you-own debuilt

    Media 26 17:10

  • Obama's White House web gets all open sourcy

    It's a, er, magic, um, programming language

    Government 26 19:19

  • Shuttleworth stretches Ubuntu from netbooks to heavens

    Koala as a platform

    Operating Systems 26 19:37

  • IBM bites hard into business analytics

    Information-led transformation

    Applications 26 21:32

  • Microsoft uncorks Outlook, world goes .pst

    One day, your data will roam free

    Developer 26 21:35

  • Los Alamos super reports for nuke duty

    Going classified

    HPC 26 21:45

  • IBM boffins unfurl mobile browser reading map

    Simple pleasures for small screens

    Mobile 26 22:39

  • Greenpeace wags finger at eco-laggards

    But lays off Apple

    Science 26 23:02