20th October 2009 Archive

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  • Apple's Q4 'most profitable quarter ever'

    Rides iPhone, MacBook sales surge

    Financial News 20 Oct 00:22

  • MPAA chief set for September exit

    Piracy-buster pursues 'extracurricular' interests

    Media 20 Oct 00:30

  • Internet Archive uncloaks open ebook dream machine

    Will Google play?

    Media 20 Oct 03:02

  • Data Domain soups up products

    Mid-range and entry-level refresh

    Storage 20 Oct 05:02

  • Samsung Tocco Lite budget touchscreen phone

    Too Lite a touch?

    Phones 20 Oct 08:02

  • News archives can lose libel protection as stories change

    High Court Flood warning to papers

    Law 20 Oct 08:52

  • Wikileaks publishes BNP 'member list' (again)

    Haters' data

    Law 20 Oct 09:26

  • Astronomers spy 32 new exoplanets

    Galaxy packed with 'super-Earths'

    Science 20 Oct 09:34

  • Brussels lights way ahead for Euro book digi library

    Anything Google can do, we can do slower

    Media 20 Oct 10:00

  • West Antarctic ice loss overestimated by NASA sats

    Incorrect allowance made for trampoline-like bedrock

    Science 20 Oct 10:10

  • SGI gets OEM on BlueArc's Mercury

    Selling into HPC and federal markets

    HPC 20 Oct 10:34

  • Watchphone winging its way to BlackBerry users?

    Pictures emerge...

    Hardware 20 Oct 10:37

  • Google gives Voice users ability to not share their messages

    Why wouldn't you want your voicemail indexed?

    Broadband 20 Oct 10:47

  • Blogging vicar casts Tina Turner into hell

    Pop-driven secular cremations simply not the best

    Bootnotes 20 Oct 10:59

  • Toilet texting not a faux pas, declares Intel

    40% think it's OK to use a mobile device on a date

    Mobile 20 Oct 11:14

  • ITV reaches for remote by cutting loose techies

    Trims UK workforce, looks overseas

    CIO 20 Oct 11:16

  • Adam Curtis uncovers the secrets of Helmand

    Heroin, hippies and hero engineers

    Media 20 Oct 11:16

  • Software update spikes certain Freesat set-top boxes

    Fix for Goodmans, Bush and Grundig units coming soon

    Hardware 20 Oct 11:28

  • Office 2010 beta coming next month

    Testing times for Microsoft

    Applications 20 Oct 11:48

  • Freecom Hard Drive XS

    The fetishist's favourite?

    Hardware 20 Oct 11:59

  • EU says 3G on GSM now the law

    Gives regulators six months to sort it

    Mobile 20 Oct 12:16

  • New police crime-mapping system crashes on first outing

    Can't map out for falling down

    Law 20 Oct 12:16

  • Ares I-X trundles to launchpad

    Headed for the future or the scrapheap?

    Science 20 Oct 12:18

  • Overland hurls PwC auditors overboard

    They said howwid things about our viability

    Financial News 20 Oct 12:32

  • UK.gov's G Cloud may have security silver lining

    It'll do in lieu of lead for UK.gov

    Government 20 Oct 12:54

  • Spycatchers accuse nuke boffin of selling secrets to 'Mossad'

    'Cash is fine... you can eat it, drink it or screw it'

    Government 20 Oct 13:35

  • BBC Trust boots 'Open iPlayer' plans into touch

    Pooh-poohs caring, sharing terrestrial TV proposal

    Media 20 Oct 13:36

  • 'Unbreakable' 6in bendy e-paper designed

    To launch next year

    Hardware 20 Oct 13:50

  • Barnes & Noble whips out Nook e-reader

    Wants to screw over Kindle

    Hardware 20 Oct 13:52

  • Call of Duty PC gamers peeved as dedicated servers ditched

    Modern Warfare 2 gets adults-only certificate too

    Games 20 Oct 14:02

  • What is it about supporting remote workers?

    More or less problematic?

    PC Management 20 Oct 14:04

  • Microsoft 'restores' Sidekick contacts, sort of

    Still working on photos, notes...

    Mobile 20 Oct 14:37

  • Philips GoGear Muse

    A good all-rounder to ponder on?

    Hardware 20 Oct 15:02

  • AMD revs Athlons for Windows 7 assault

    Catching the small PC wave

    Hardware 20 Oct 15:04

  • Much ado about IBM's mainframe monopoly

    Time to foster clones of proprietary platforms

    The Channel 20 Oct 15:22

  • Scareware Mr Bigs enjoy 'low risk' crime bonanza

    It's like a licence to steal, a licence to do anything

    Security 20 Oct 15:52

  • Apple Store down - new cultware coming?

    'We'll be back soon'

    Hardware 20 Oct 16:18

  • Bond's Dr. No dies at 91

    Farewell, Wiseman

    Bootnotes 20 Oct 17:27

  • IBM slides Voltaire's 10 GE switches into HPC clusters

    SGI beefs cloud boxes with BNT gear

    Data Networking 20 Oct 17:48

  • Top NASA scientist busted for leaking satellite intel

    Key networks not secured

    Security 20 Oct 17:51

  • Apple preempts Win 7 with fresh iMacs, Macbooks

    Lets you multitouch its mouse

    Hardware 20 Oct 18:16

  • Data collector charged $275,000 for leaking personal data

    $20 a head. 13,750 heads

    Security 20 Oct 19:46

  • Fedora 12 beta code is go

    Constantine dons Red Hat

    Operating Systems 20 Oct 20:15

  • IBM and Canonical pitch Ubuntu + cloud package at US firms

    Sniff mightily at Windows 7

    Software 20 Oct 21:51

  • Sun slashes (another) 3,000 jobs

    EC fiddles while Sun burns

    Financial News 20 Oct 21:55

  • iPhones and social networking add to IT security headaches

    A security admin's life is not a happy one

    Security 20 Oct 21:58

  • Yahoo! profits! soar! on! falling! revenues!

    And that's what they call stability

    Financial News 20 Oct 22:27

  • Man posed as teen lesbian to snare girl's nude photos

    Before killing faux lesbian and posing as her mother

    Security 20 Oct 23:38

  • Barnes & Noble's ebook reader takes its bow

    Nook what we have here

    Media 20 Oct 23:43

  • Auto thief foiled by guardian satellite

    OnStar and the case of the aborted car jack

    Security 20 Oct 23:46

  • Fedora 12 polishes Linux for netbooks

    RHEL power management

    Operating Systems 20 Oct 23:52