19th October 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft names Visual Studio 2010 dates

    Again, with the repackaging

    Developer 19 04:36

  • Sun tunes its VirtualBox

    Will Oracle sell it? Or sit on it?

    Virtualization 19 05:08

  • Boffins fawn over dirt cheap server clusters

    Fast array of wimpy nodes

    Servers 19 05:18

  • What do Scotland, Australia and Africa have in common?

    Answers on a postcard (or via our survey)

    VoIP 19 09:02

  • When PCs went mobile

    Tears of joy or sorrow?

    PC Management 19 09:10

  • Beeb gets grief for Humpty Dumpty rewrite

    MP decries happy ending to wall-fall shocker

    Bootnotes 19 09:33

  • New minister for Whitehall IT

    Angela Smith, come on down

    Government 19 09:53

  • MSI intros HDMI full HD nettop PC

    Wind Box with discrete graphics

    Hardware 19 09:57

  • UK.gov convinces just 2,000 Mancunians to join ID card trial

    All the momentum of a punctured bicycle

    Government 19 10:08

  • NASA: Lunar pole-shot plume shows up in pictures

    Moon's dark bottom-dirt 'ejecta' soars miles high

    Science 19 10:12

  • Firefox blocks and backtracks on 'insecure' MS add-ons

    Plug-in peril confusion

    Operating Systems 19 10:25

  • Microsoft to ban 'unauthorised' Xbox 360 memory units

    Official HDD or memory stick storage, only

    Games 19 10:30

  • Google limbers up for Windows 7 with Apps billboard onslaught

    Behind every cloud is another cloud

    The Channel 19 10:46

  • Tories would scrap 50p broadband tax

    'As soon as possible'

    Broadband 19 10:59

  • Robert Crumb begets Book of Genesis

    Christians divided on X-rated biblical romp

    Bootnotes 19 11:01

  • Tories may cut Met Office funding

    Defence budget cuts may mean privatised climate change

    Government 19 11:03

  • Moto Android 2.0 smartphone revealed

    Up close and personal with Droid

    Phones 19 11:06

  • Sony designs 360° 3D TV

    'Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope...'

    Hardware 19 11:12

  • IT contractors aghast as FSA evicts self-cert mortgages

    Self-employed to live in old computer boxes

    Small Biz 19 11:49

  • MS claims early success for freebie security scanner

    Americans stuffed with Trojans, Brazilians hit by worms

    Security 19 12:01

  • Interead Cool-er

    Reading: the future?

    Tablets 19 12:02

  • Microsoft's Sidekick restoration turns into farce

    Customers face long wait

    Mobile 19 12:06

  • Swissdisk suffers spectacular cloud snafu

    All user data may have vanished into thin air

    Storage 19 12:40

  • Neanderthal woman could whup Schwarzenegger

    Modern man is big wuss, claims anthropologist

    Science 19 12:54

  • So how do you manage remote users?

    According to reader experts

    PC Management 19 13:24

  • Apple unbans banned 3G TV app

    Tries switching it off and on again

    Mobile 19 13:25

  • UK fatties demand 'hate crime' status for lardo-baiting

    German study shows 'overweight' BMI perfectly healthy

    Bootnotes 19 14:06

  • Apple Time Capsule catches plague

    Internal heat blows power supply capacitors

    Storage 19 14:08

  • E-Wolf unveils extreme sports e-car

    With "acoustic safety module"

    Science 19 14:18

  • Revolting postmen force early Windows 7 launch

    Some Brits get software three days early

    The Channel 19 14:21

  • Oracle and Sun fingered for Sidekick fiasco

    Just think what they'll do to Microsoft when they merge

    Applications 19 14:48

  • Spotify shakes hands with 3

    ‘Buy HTC Hero get Spotify’ deal designed

    Phones 19 14:55

  • UK cops to be kitted out with smartphones

    'Just collared @doccrippen'

    Hardware 19 15:03

  • Android Eee phone to land this year?

    Asus confirms smartphone plan

    Phones 19 15:06

  • UK.gov back to the drawing board on DNA retention

    Once more, with feeling

    Government 19 15:09

  • VoIP hack suspect fugitive extradited back to US

    And you may tell yourself: this is not my 40' boat

    VoIP 19 15:09

  • Pirate Bay appeal slips into next year

    November rain postponed

    Media 19 15:44

  • IBM installs temp server GM after insider trading furore

    Readies another dynamic infrastructure blitz

    Financial News 19 16:14

  • Dell refunds PC user for rejecting Windows

    Sucks on Linux Mint

    Operating Systems 19 17:47

  • SCO boots boss McBride

    Linux lawsuits live

    Operating Systems 19 18:50

  • Micron's new flash dies live longer

    Increased write endurance

    Storage 19 18:56

  • Google frees up Virgin America in-flight WiFi

    Holiday hit

    Broadband 19 21:38

  • BMC eats Tideway for discovery tools

    Acquire or be acquired

    Software 19 21:39

  • MySQL daddy backs EU's Snoracle probe

    My baby needs a new home

    Applications 19 21:48

  • Gartner: IT spending growth next year

    But don't expect another 2008 before 2012

    Business 19 22:04

  • Teradata unveils SSD Blurr appliance

    Feels need for speed

    Storage 19 23:23