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Royal Mail website goes on strike

Next week, after a vote from their union, thousands of Royal Mail workers are set to go on strike. This week, the Royal Mail website beat them to the punch:
Cade Metz, 16 2009

HP peddles app stress-testing cloud

With the Web accounting for an increasingly large piece of the retail pie, having Web applications that are fast, intelligently designed, and able to scale is important. After all, the customer is only one mouse click away from abandoning you - and perhaps forever.
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Judge rebukes copyright enforcer in ringtone case

A federal judge has handed cellular carriers a decisive victory, ruling that they don't have to pay public performance licensing fees for the ringtones they sell to customers.

Palm Pré arrives in Blighty

The Palm Pré has been available Stateside since June, but Blighty-based gadget fans can finally bag themselves the smartphone from today.

Universal Remote Control R50

Review The R50, from US brand Universal Remote Control (URC), is a chunky A/V entertainment integrator that delivers a decent amount of functionality whilst being fairly easy to set up. While aimed more at the family market – real tech-heads might want a little more programmability and customisation – the product makes a decent fist of putting your home entertainment controls all in one place.
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Zimbra applies gentle touch to UK resellers

Yahoo! may be rumoured to be planning to dump Zimbra but that hasn't stopped the open source email and collaboration platform maker from punting its wares at UK resellers.
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IBM: Power7 to rollout throughout 2010

IBM's chief financial officer, Mark Loughridge, explained in a conference call with Wall Street analysts yesterday that the company thinks its high-end server business is on the mend, and will start growing profits in the fourth quarter. Loughridge also let the cat out of the bag a little about future Power7 RISC/Unix and z11 mainframe systems, due next year.

UK stuck in tech time-warp, finds report

Britain is hoarding 130,000 tonnes of redundant technology, all because we refuse to dump or give-up the gadgets of yesteryear - a forward-focused tech survey has concluded.
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Fujitsu UK.gov workers cast votes on strike threat

Fujitsu staff working on Aspire and other major government IT contacts are being balloted on industrial action.
Kable, 16 2009

Computacenter on track and can see future

Mega reseller Computacenter said it thinks it sees light at the end of the economic tunnel, as it reported this morning that its third quarter business was in line with expectations.
Joe Fay, 16 2009
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Everything as a service

Workshop The influence of IT in everyday business operations continues to increase. Until a few years ago business operations could be conveniently split between those that involved computer systems somewhere in the business process and those that had no dependence on them at all.
Tony Lock, 16 2009
Apple iMac

Blu-ray dropped from updated iMacs?

Apple has canned plans to integrate Blu-ray drives into its long-rumoured range of redesigned iMac machines, sources close to the company have claimed.

Survey: Call centre data standards 'routinely ignored'

More than 95% of call centres were found to store customers' credit card details in recordings of phone conversations in breach of industry rules, according to a survey conducted by a call recording technology company.
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BOFH: Baitin' switch

Episode 13 Episode 13

WD to sink teeth into enterprise drive market

Comment Western Digital's coming enterprise hard drive is likely to be built on a Velociraptor base.
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Landmark ISP piracy case could kick thousands offline

A landmark Australian court case could see thousands of Australians losing their internet connection, and has major implications worldwide for the law on copyright.

Vodafone '360' H1 hits pre-order

Vodafone has announced that its LiMo-based H1 flagship touchscreen handset will arrive in Blighty later this month.
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UK taxpayers hit by wave of tax refund scam mail

HMRC has warned taxpayers to be on their guard against a new slew of phishing attacks touting fake tax rebates.
Joe Fay, 16 2009
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El Reg launches 'Skinny Fit' fashion range

We're delighted to announce today the launch of our "Skinny Fit" range of clothes, seen modelled here by the lovely Filippa for a forthcoming international poster campaign:
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Motown legend's message for the Pirate Party

Exclusive interview Earlier this year in Washington DC I had a chance to talk to Motown legend Lamont Dozier, part of the songwriting and production team that created some of the greatest and most enduring pop songs of all time. Dozier wrote or co-wrote not only most of the Supremes and Four Tops' hits of the Sixties, but also classics such as Roadrunner, Quicksand, Jimmy Mack and Band of Gold. The trio left the Motown label in 1967, and a ten-year lawsuit followed.
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Couple arrested over $23m Cisco spare parts 'scam'

A married couple from North Carolina have been indicted for allegedly running a spare parts scam that bilked Cisco out of as much as $23m.
Joe Fay, 16 2009
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Home Office backs down on net censorship laws

The government has abandoned its long-standing pledge to force 100 per cent of internet providers to block access to a list of child pornography websites.
Apple Mac Pro

Apple plans turbocharged Mac Pro speedster

The Mac Pro is the Big Mac, with up to two Nehalem processors and 32GB of RAM producing great graphics processing performance.
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Microsoft's Hotmail 'blacklists' NHS email - again

Update NHS staff can finally send emails to Hotmail accounts again, seven days after some healthcare workers complained to Microsoft that their messages were being blocked.

Motorist in laptop blaze

A UK motorist recently had a lucky escape after a fire in her car’s boot, which it’s alleged may have been started by an exploding laptop battery.
Palm Pré

Palm Pre smartphone

Review The most hyped phone of the year, the Palm Pre, has arrived and now you can actually buy one. The 3.1in touchscreen combined with a physical keyboard are welcome features, but it’s the software that might change the face of the smartphone market and challenge the Apple iPhone.
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Disney kicks 'Ho White' out of bed

Disney has reportedly, and unsurprisingly, taken exception to an Oz booze campaign which features "Ho White" puffing on what we assume is a post-coital ciggy in a bed full of dwarves.
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia Comes With... 32,000 UK users

Nokia had fewer than 33,000 active users of its Comes With Music service in the UK nine months after its launch, according to leaked figures. Worldwide, Nokia had just over 107,000 users in nine world markets. The numbers were passed to consultancy MusicAlly, and were published on their blog.

DARPA, Microsoft, Lockheed team up to reinvent TCP/IP

Arms globocorp Lockheed Martin announced today that it has won a $31m contract from the famous Pentagon crazy-ideas bureau, DARPA, to reinvent the internet and make it more suitable for military use. Microsoft will also be involved in the effort.
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Picsel administrators sell assets to former managers

Former managers of Picsel Technologies Ltd have stepped in to buy up the assets of the defunct software development company, including the patent portfolio and the 50 remaining employees.
Bill Ray, 16 2009
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Wolfram Alpha API lands with price tag attached

The springtime hype of Wolfram Alpha may have died down to a quiet squeak from academics still somewhat excited by the search-engine-lite-mathematics-heavy web product, but from today developers can tinker with its API.
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The Briffa Scandal - your letters

Andrew's Mailbag While we put together more stories on The Briffa Scandal, here's some mail from the earlier piece. I received 60-odd pieces in the mailbag and with one exception, they were positive. The one that wasn't so nice was so bizarre, it deserves a Snotbag in its own right.
DVD it in many colours

Today's users don't expect things to fail

Desktop poll results This week's mini-poll reveals, as perhaps expected, that the primary source of information used to measure desktop support issues are the number of support calls hitting the help desk and number of calls successfully resolved. For over three quarters of organisations, these two rather primitive measurements form the foundation of desktop support measurements. Time to resolve calls is the other significant metric.
Tony Lock, 16 2009

Hitachi GST whacks Seagate in the Savvios

Updated Hitachi GST is taking on Seagate by launching a fast and small hard drive that matches the Savvio's capacity and SAS 2 interface but has four times the cache.
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Oz driver prangs ute during 'amorous activities'

An Oz woman suspected of having caused a 33-year-old man to prang his ute has strenuously denied she was administering him oral pleasure at the time of the crash.
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Boffins 'write directly to memory' of living brains

An alliance of boffins from Oxford University and Virginia, America say they have developed a technique for "writing directly to memory" in a living brain, "seizing control of brain circuits" to create a memory of an experience which had never actually happened.
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Tabloid hack scum face jail

Journalists and private investigators who illegally obtain and trade in personal information will face jail sentences under planned changes to the Data Protection Act.
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UK.gov backs ID scheme with peanuts promo spend

The government is so sure that the UK public can't wait to get their hands on ID cards that it is spending next to nothing to promote the scheme.
Joe Fay, 16 2009
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ESA proposes ion drive Sun-dodge Mars commsat ploy

Experts in interplanetary navigation have hit upon a novel scheme for maintaining communications with Mars, should a need to do so eventuate - as in the case of a manned mission to the red planet, for instance.

US boffins use Obama dough to study clouds

The US Department of Energy, which runs the largest supercomputing centers in the country, is using some of the Obama stimulus money to take a gander on how parallel HPC applications might be deployed on cloud-style, virtualized infrastructure instead of on the less malleable parallel supers that the DOE's labs spend big bucks building, housing, and operating.

Sony confirms 250GB PS3 slim launch

The 250GB slimline PlayStation 3 will be launched into North America next month, Sony has announced.
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IBM, Intel execs arrested over alleged insider trading

Update: An extensive update to this story can be found here

Toshiba welcomes Windows 7

Toshiba clearly doesn’t think Windows 7 alone is good enough for its customers, so the firm’s installed its own application suite onto its latest Satellite laptop duo.

Is Symantec entering the hardware business?

Symantec promised to wipe the benchmark floor with NetApp with its FileStore product, and it did, producing a record SPECsfs2008-nfs result, with Huawei Symantec hardware. What's going on? Is Symantec entering the hardware business?
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Sun's online Java shop prepping for business?

OpenWorld 09 Sun Microsystems is expected to take its Apple-like Java Store live next month, following the release of new features in the next few weeks.
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Apple decrees free iPhone apps can sell stuff

Apple is now permitting free iPhone apps to peddle their own stuff. Previously, the Cupertino cult only allowed "In App Purchases" if third-party developers put a price tag on their iPhone applications.
Cade Metz, 16 2009
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Google spins Docs preview into Gmail

Gmail users who share Google Docs with friends and coworkers now have an easy way to preview documents right inside their inbox.
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Security boss calls for end to net anonymity

The CEO of Russia's No. 1 anti-virus package has said that the internet's biggest security vulnerability is anonymity, calling for mandatory internet passports that would work much like driver licenses do in the offline world.
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YouTube to broadcast Channel 4 shows

YouTube and Channel 4 have inked a landmark content deal that will see most of the UK broadcaster's programming made available for free on the Google-owned video sharing site.
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Thousands of sites loaded with potent malware cocktail

Cybercriminals have laced about 2,000 legitimate websites with a potent malware cocktail that surreptitiously attacks people who browse to them, a security researcher warned Friday.
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Feds’ insider trading wiretap snares IBM heir apparent

The heir apparent to IBM CEO Sam Palmisano has been arrested and charged with insider trading, as US authorities cracked down on an alleged $20m scheme involving shares in some of the IT industry’s biggest names.