14th October 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft's Patch Tuesday fixes record number of flaws

    SSL spoof bug finally put to rest

    Security 14 00:09

  • Salesforce chief trades barbs for Larry love

    Oracle wins Web 2.0 war?

    Software 14 01:59

  • Trade body doubles efforts against pirate software

    Dodgy copies give you malware, kill kittens

    The Channel 14 05:02

  • Colt quietly offshores network ops

    Galloping off to India

    Broadband 14 06:02

  • Great British beer moves county

    Newcy broon leaves toon

    Bootnotes 14 06:02

  • Sky News goes free

    Eh? Thought Murdoch wanted to charge us all?

    Media 14 06:02

  • Michael Dell: Netbooks go sour after 36 hours

    You'll be happier if you give me more money

    The Channel 14 06:27

  • Vodafone Mozies into cloud backup

    Mobile operator does some Decho rating

    The Channel 14 07:02

  • Brother DCP-375CW wireless multifunction inkjet printer

    Compact and stylish MFD photo printer, anyone?

    Hardware 14 08:02

  • MySpace replaces disks with flash

    Fusion-io friends social networking site

    Storage 14 08:47

  • AMD intros mid-range 5000-series Radeons

    Cut-price DirectX 11 gaming

    Hardware 14 09:11

  • HDS has archive head in the clouds

    Hitachi Content Platform in 96-node cluster

    Storage 14 09:44

  • Microsoft ropes in Family Guy to pimp Windows 7

    OS launch ditches rock stars for an American Dad

    Operating Systems 14 09:46

  • Fujitsu intros 11in notebook-not-netbook

    CULV 'r' in

    Hardware 14 09:56

  • Liquid electrocar batteries could be replaced at pumps

    An end to long EV recharge times?

    Science 14 09:58

  • HTC Hero up for grabs

    Win HTC’s latest Android phone and Copilot Live 8

    Phones 14 10:02

  • Translation outfit seeks Glaswegian speakers

    Lithuanian struggles with 'baltic' weather

    Bootnotes 14 10:08

  • Do users care about desktop support?

    And is it worth measuring how much?

    PC Management 14 10:10

  • T-Mobile takes on patsy role in Microsoft Sidekick fallout

    Danger: No services for next $100

    Mobile 14 10:17

  • Ex-GCHQ chief compares Iraq whistleblower to Soviet spy

    Gun gets Primed

    Government 14 11:03

  • Subaru set to show stylish hybrid

    Gull wing tourer to get Tokyo expo outing

    Science 14 11:08

  • Home Office staff offered early bird ID cards

    It's not like their jobs depend on it

    Government 14 11:11

  • Go MiFi - and ditch your iPhone?

    Is that an 'Intelligent Mobile Hotspot' - or are you just pleased to see me?

    Mobile 14 11:12

  • Aerial laser gunboat 'burns hole in fender' of moving car

    World's evil shark-owning billionaires unimpressed

    Science 14 11:34

  • London techies get kit off for charity

    'Tasteful' Nude Tech 2010 calendar

    Bootnotes 14 11:41

  • Samsung GT-C6625

    Basic business wannabee?

    Phones 14 12:02

  • Opera takes Unite for spin with browser beta release

    No sign of fat lady for browser/server hybrid

    Applications 14 12:20

  • Apple breaks jailbreakers' hearts with iPhone 3GS patch

    We're gonna lock you up and throw away the key

    Phones 14 12:38

  • Acer unveils Android-based 'Liquid' A1

    Running Donut version 1.6, no less

    Phones 14 12:59

  • Twitter tells twitterers 'don't go changing'

    Change your name. Get locked out. Cry

    Mobile 14 13:06

  • Child porn threat to airport's 'virtual strip search' scanners

    Erm, has legal OK'd this?

    Law 14 13:12

  • The Twitter storm that saved freedom of speech

    But not exactly, not really...

    Law 14 14:08

  • Citrix chases VMware with Hyper-V deal

    And XenServer, too

    The Channel 14 14:15

  • Hubble snaps aftermath of galactic pile-up

    Unveils tell-tale, two-tail trail

    Science 14 14:16

  • Try these beans: Business Service Management

    Nooo.....it's not a product

    Service Management 14 14:24

  • Farmer fined for ignoring cow's 'psychological needs'

    Bovine kept in dark

    Science 14 14:40

  • Hands on with Acer's dual-OS netbook

    Run Android and Windows 7

    Hardware 14 14:59

  • Federal boffins: 'Giant invading snakes' will soon rule USA

    20-foot reptile maneaters massing in Florida, Texas

    Science 14 15:06

  • PS3-controlling phone launched in Blighty

    Aino stopping us now...

    Phones 14 15:21

  • Google Docs updated with three-headed bug

    Print, import, and export snafu

    Applications 14 17:02

  • Oracle looks to mobile and iTunes interfaces

    iPhone, anyone?

    Applications 14 17:15

  • Google unclogs its Postini

    'System 7' mail delays sorted, says Chocolate Factory

    Applications 14 18:37

  • Mozilla service detects insecure Firefox plugins

    Slated for browser embedding

    Security 14 18:37

  • Delta hacked my email, says passenger rights chief

    That's absurd, says Delta

    Security 14 19:12

  • Bloggy thing signals iPhone FM radio

    Apple tunes status symbol to FM

    Mobile 14 19:56

  • Trojan plunders $480k from online bank account

    Windows and online banking - Just say no

    Security 14 21:28

  • 45th Mersenne prime revealed

    GIMPS grabs $100,000 for discovery

    Science 14 22:06

  • Intel and the Nehalem bump

    From credit crunch to cloud crash

    The Channel 14 22:22

  • Michael Dell primps for Microzon's mega data centers

    Sucking up to the cloud

    The Channel 14 23:26