13th October 2009 Archive

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  • Oracle's WebLogic roadmap recaptures BEA's dream

    Just enough app server for ya?

    Applications 13 03:13

  • Canonical pushes out Ubuntu 9.10 server

    Private clouds. Public faces

    The Channel 13 04:02

  • Racerunner SSDs tap Exar dedupe tech

    WhipTails of the unexpanded

    Storage 13 06:02

  • Avere boosts NAS filer performance

    100,000 IOPS benchmark

    Storage 13 06:02

  • Feds: bald man posing as 17-year-old secretly taped teens

    'I'm lonely and hate being old'

    Security 13 06:02

  • Google Squared rounds out features

    More facts in your spreadsheet search thingy...

    Media 13 06:02

  • Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly

    All-day battery and then some

    Laptops 13 08:02

  • 3PAR zeroes in on wasted space

    Latest announcement is all for nought

    Storage 13 09:08

  • Olympic builders hit with biometrics - local residents next?

    If your face don't fit, you're for the high jump

    Law 13 09:08

  • IBM, Microsoft, HP named nimblest negotiators

    Survey finds big guys most persuasive

    The Channel 13 09:55

  • Torrent crackdown pushing pirates towards file hosting

    May I see your warez?

    The Channel 13 10:01

  • Sonos to launch five-amp, five-speaker music streamer today

    ZonePlayer S5 inbound

    Media 13 10:04

  • WikiReader feeds you factiness on the go

    Is that a cloud-sourced encyclopaedia in your pocket? Oh.

    Mobile 13 10:40

  • Maradona's website hacked after last-gasp Argentina victory

    Peruvian miscreants leave him crying in the rain

    Security 13 10:53

  • Mitsubishi preps 'versatile' plug-in hybrid e-car

    4WD or 2WD; battery, petrol or both - PX-MiEV drive train will do it all

    Science 13 10:56

  • Guardian gagged over Commons question

    Bloggers, Twitter roar as paper silenced

    Law 13 11:27

  • Moon orbiter detects pole-plunge hotspots in dark bottom

    NASA: LCROSS may have caused 'significant heating'

    Science 13 11:32

  • Savvis picks Compellent for public cloud service

    Spirited automatic data progression

    The Channel 13 11:36

  • One cellphone for every ten lags in UK prisons

    At least that's what they found

    Mobile 13 11:39

  • SanDisk flashes its extra bits

    4-bit MLC transition is underway

    The Channel 13 11:40

  • Proles told to get online to save economy

    Or we'll ruin EastEnders

    Government 13 11:49

  • Google Docs gets jiggy with folder sharing

    Ratcatcher snares Gmail deployment

    Applications 13 12:06

  • Western Digital WD TV Live

    HDD media player revamped with networking

    Hardware 13 12:14

  • Prehistoric titanic-snake jungles laughed at global warming

    Rainforest similar to ours flourished at 3-5° hotter

    Science 13 12:35

  • Pirate Party helped cut P2P in Sweden?

    Are copyright scares helping the enforcement agenda?

    Media 13 12:55

  • Polish government cyberattack blamed on Russia

    Round up the usual suspects

    Security 13 13:00

  • Idle wild: how Intel's mobile Core i7 speeds up to slow down

    Turbo Boost, Thread Parking and the drive for low-power performance

    Hardware 13 13:34

  • Perot/Dell buys China services business

    Takes a slice of BearingPoint

    The Channel 13 13:42

  • UK Border Agency flip-flops on asylum seeker DNA tests

    Make your minds up, lads

    Government 13 13:50

  • Cornish separatists take aim at pasty students

    Red terror stalks Cornish campus

    Bootnotes 13 14:20

  • Michigan airport grounds website over malware risk

    Fly-by download threat

    Security 13 14:53

  • Mozilla gets orientation-friendly with Firefox 3.6

    Which way do you swing?

    Applications 13 14:55

  • Cisco swallows Starent Networks

    Wants a little more telco action

    Mobile 13 14:59

  • Office 2004 for Mac granted extended run to appease VBA fans

    Microsoft salutes fanboys

    The Channel 13 15:11

  • Man jailed over air traffic control IT kit eBay scam

    Pushing Tin

    The Channel 13 15:28

  • Exagrid slides out smoothly scalable Data Domain beater

    100TB without having to change boxes

    Storage 13 15:50

  • Sun, Fujitsu crank Sparc64-VII clocks

    Sparc roadmap? Don't hold your breath

    The Channel 13 16:41

  • Missing dot sends Sweden tumbling off internet

    DNS doldrums for mournful Scandies

    Networks 13 17:31

  • Snow Leopard data-munching bug predates Snow Leopard

    Howls of Jobsian distress date to November 2007

    Operating Systems 13 18:03

  • Google shares malware samples with hacked site admins

    Seeing is believing

    Security 13 18:04

  • Dell pitches x86 in Oracle's Sun court

    Larry patches it up

    The Channel 13 19:45

  • Internet coalescing into lump of Google

    And P2P is so 2007

    Networks 13 20:49

  • Bing advertisers on wane, says report

    'Inexpensive marketing sandbox'

    Media 13 20:52

  • Adobe relieves Reader and Acrobat update blues

    Plus fixes for 29 security bugs

    Security 13 21:12

  • Google's Postini clogs email in US, UK

    Delivery delays

    Applications 13 22:13

  • Intel coffers rebound from first half beating

    Profits down. Hopes up

    Financial News 13 22:57

  • HP invites you to touch its PCs

    Dangles TouchSmart desktops, laptops

    Hardware 13 23:10