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FCC questions Google Voice's expensive call blocker

The US Federal Communications Commission wants Google to explain how its voice service application blocks costly calls to rural areas.
Austin Modine, 10 Oct 2009
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Europe greases US probe of IBM mainframe biz

The European Commission is assisting the US in ramming an antitrust probe into IBM's mainframe business - but it's only helping, mind you.
Austin Modine, 10 Oct 2009

Cisco rewards bit twiddlers in router-to-server contest

If you're an IT shop using one of the seven million AXP routers from Cisco Systems and you have some time on your hands, then you just missed an opportunity to make some coin.

Did the FCC bribe US carriers on net neutrality?

Debate at this week's CTIA shindig has apparently been about efficient spectrum use, but is the FCC just bribing the network operators to accept net neutrality without a fight?
Bill Ray, 10 Oct 2009

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