9th October 2009 Archive

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  • Botnet caught red handed stealing from Google

    And Yahoo!... and Bing

    Security 09 02:13

  • Windows 7, Bing and mobile will determine Ballmer's future

    Microsoft's ticking time bomb

    Software 09 03:11

  • IBM throws DB2 Power cluster at Ellison's Exadata

    Sun thunder stealer

    Servers 09 04:02

  • Cisco readies rack servers for the holidays

    Hitting that Q4 launch date

    Data Networking 09 04:02

  • Spotify scores over £1m a month from subs

    Sweet subscriber revenue music

    Media 09 06:02

  • Desktop minipoll results – user ignorance is bliss?

    On user training and other improbabilities

    PC Management 09 06:40

  • IBM multi-petabyte cloud defies XIV storage

    How does it scale that much?

    Storage 09 07:02

  • Oracle not interested in Brocade

    Larry say so

    Data Networking 09 07:11

  • Bitbucket's Amazon DDoS - what went wrong

    A cautionary cloud tale

    Security 09 08:01

  • Sony HDR-TG7VE

    Full HD point and shoot perfection?

    Hardware 09 08:02

  • AutoVirt adds archiving and tiering

    Automating storage management policies

    Storage 09 08:31

  • Taming the monster VoIP survey

    Business communications revisited

    VoIP 09 08:54

  • Zero-day fixes star in biggest ever Patch Tuesday

    13 updates (8 critical) in record haul

    Security 09 09:00

  • Greenpeace applauds Apple climate change flounce

    Strange planetfellows

    Hardware 09 09:08

  • Lunar ice-mine pole prang probe looking good, says NASA

    Future of off-Earth rocketfuel industry in the balance

    Science 09 09:21

  • 3PAR rolls out adaptive provisioning

    Complete Compellent competition

    Storage 09 09:52

  • UK Supremes turn down McKinnon hearing

    Pentagon hacker one step closer to extradition

    Government 09 09:54

  • Nvidia halts future Intel chipset development

    Until we get a bus licence, at least

    Hardware 09 09:57

  • BT to push fibre to 1.5m more homes and businesses

    Upgrade upgraded

    Networks 09 10:01

  • Almighty rumpus in Swedish lesbian enclave

    Drunken Welshmen cop a pink pasting

    Bootnotes 09 10:02

  • Kindle DX to ship outside US, says Amazon

    But Microsoft doesn't care

    Hardware 09 10:15

  • MySQL's ex-boss demands Europe OK Oracle's Sun buy

    'Trust my unique insight' says Mickos

    Software 09 10:21

  • Apple posts iPhone update

    Wireless and wake-from-sleep (not) woes fixed

    Phones 09 10:26

  • Barnes & Noble preps Kindle punching Google machine

    Android ereader with virtual keyboard

    Hardware 09 10:51

  • StorSpeed pushes delicious filer flash cacher

    Issues passionate wish for success

    Storage 09 10:54

  • Toyota Prius fourth-generation e-car

    Still king of the hybrid hill?

    Science 09 11:02

  • Web firms seek Royal Mail rivals with GSOH for delivery fling

    Nothing to do but cut and run

    Government 09 11:17

  • Virgin to launch Music Unlimited 'without unlimited music'

    Big label paranoia strikes again

    Media 09 11:18

  • Phorm takes a bullet for the advertising industry

    Lightning conductor or plague carrier? You decide...

    Media 09 11:33

  • ID card support hits bottom under Brown

    Still more popular than Gordo though

    Security 09 11:34

  • Giant megaships to suck 'stranded' Aussie gas fields

    Biggest vessels ever to feed world's BBQs, patio heaters

    Science 09 12:00

  • Amazon slashes Wii's UK price

    Console, controller and game now £140

    Games 09 12:03

  • Nokia netbook to land on 22 October

    In Germany, at least

    Hardware 09 12:04

  • NASA iceberg-finder prangs into Moon's south pole

    Place where sun doesn't shine probed

    Science 09 12:08

  • Mobile web polarizes as duellists pick their seconds

    Verizon/Google vs AppleT&T

    Mobile 09 12:28

  • Does the Help Desk have a future?

    On the slope to being a thing of the past?

    Service Management 09 13:02

  • Pirate Bay co-founders deny ownership of site

    BrokeP says TPB should have got Nobel peace prize

    Media 09 13:32

  • Spotify: Live revenues, or the kitten gets it

    The thoughts of Chairman Ek

    Media 09 13:34

  • W3C sidesteps Apple over widget-patent

    Nimble footwork could dodge legal elephant trap

    Media 09 13:37

  • UK Border Agency suspends 'flawed' asylum DNA testing

    To try head measuring?

    Security 09 13:57

  • Volkswagen boffins turn staircase into giant working piano keyboard

    Stairway to heaven?

    Hardware 09 14:02

  • NASA moon-bomb probe strikes rich seam of fruitcake

    'As a woman I feel violated'

    Science 09 14:32

  • Android to overtake iPhone in 2012 - analyst

    Symbian still on top, but BlackBerry down

    Phones 09 14:33

  • Ralph Lauren says sorry for incredible shrinking pelvis

    We've learned that we're responsible

    Bootnotes 09 14:45

  • Honda slips motorised unicycle into e-car

    Firm's Tokyo Motor Show treats revealed

    Science 09 15:21

  • Climate porn campaign drowns dog for £6m

    Your taxes at work

    Science 09 15:27

  • YouTube video spam promotes Russian real estate

    A different kind of viral video

    Security 09 16:34

  • Twitter bans security maven for sharing naughty link

    "We scan evrythng"

    Security 09 17:31

  • Alpha-male Ellison issues $10m Exadata challenge

    Showmanship at the DBMS Corral

    Servers 09 18:37

  • Large Hadron boffin arrested on terrorism suspicion

    No more atom-smashing for you

    Security 09 19:43

  • Nokia (officially) ports Qt to Maemo 5

    Dangles carrot for devs over Nokia N900

    Developer 09 19:53

  • Sun and Oracle to pimp synergies at OpenWorld

    Separate but equal, but mostly separate

    Software 09 20:36