6th October 2009 Archive

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  • Citrix delivers Swiss Army Knife desktop virtualization

    Everything rides on 2010

    Virtualization 06 00:04

  • Cisco and Salesforce unite on integrated call centers

    Cloudy operators

    Data Networking 06 00:15

  • Google to blight smartphones with big ads

    AdSense optimized for mobile

    Media 06 00:30

  • VMware bakes disaster recovery into vSphere stack

    NFS spice added

    Virtualization 06 00:57

  • Bit-patterned disk media moving closer

    Tiny, insulated bits may be next big thing

    Storage 06 06:02

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 ships today

    The OS' key new features

    Phones 06 07:02

  • Nokia reinvigorates Wireless Power Consortium

    Without using any wires, obviously

    Mobile 06 08:02

  • Fujitsu M2010 netbook

    Shiny and solid, but still needs polish

    Laptops 06 08:02

  • Apple flounces out of US Chamber on greenhouse gases

    Cult on climate change

    Hardware 06 08:58

  • Royal Mail lawyers demand closure of postcode lookup site

    Ernest Marples Postcodes Ltd loses will to live

    Law 06 09:04

  • Deploying VoIP in the real world

    Can the promise be made reality?

    VoIP 06 09:09

  • O2 finds new way to bind iPhone users

    Downgrade your tariff, lose Visual Voicemail

    Mobile 06 09:10

  • Blogger claims Twitter-served court order a success


    Law 06 09:18

  • Carla Bruni goes down in a flash

    Her website, that is

    Bootnotes 06 09:25

  • Horny new 'ballerina' Tyrannosaur was light on its feet

    Delicate dino coexisted uneasily with bigger brethren

    Science 06 10:06

  • US court says software is owned, not licensed

    Vanessa Redgrave precedent stops Autodesk acting up

    The Channel 06 10:09

  • Toshiba to demo 3D, 4K2K Cell-based HD TVs

    More telly roles for PS3 processor

    Hardware 06 10:13

  • Nokia N97 Mini out this month

    Tasty alternatives from Motorola and Sony Ericsson too

    Phones 06 10:22

  • AVG goes toe to toe with MS in consumer security fight

    US gets discount, as usual

    Security 06 10:28

  • The storage locker room is no place for the little guy

    Niche players feel the pressure

    Storage 06 10:29

  • Chinese media finger Swedish lesbian enclave

    Mythical city of Sapphic luuuurv

    Bootnotes 06 10:43

  • Cambridgeshire cops get coy with FOI

    Keeping schtum on Scorpions shenanigans

    Law 06 10:56

  • Consumer Panel recommends try before buy mobiles

    Possible lifeline for not-spot dwellers

    Mobile 06 11:09

  • O2 Broadband puts brakes on BitTorrent

    Party's over

    Broadband 06 11:11

  • Pirate Bay sinks again after Dutch ISP complies to cut off order

    That's right woodchuck-chuckers, it's Groundhog Day

    Media 06 11:11

  • Facebookers condemned to Hell Lite

    Seventh circle of social networking

    Applications 06 11:36

  • 7Digital launches iTunes rival, BlackBerry app

    DRM-free pretender gets feisty

    Media 06 11:39

  • New antimatter atomsmashers 'may destroy themselves'

    'Imagine there are all these huge bells, see,' says prof

    Science 06 11:43

  • TomTom simplifies the satnav

    Time to ditch that A-to-Z?

    Science 06 11:46

  • Retailers start PSP Go price war

    Handheld's price slashed after just one week

    Games 06 11:53

  • Philips BDP3000 Blu-ray disc player

    1080p viewing for the masses, apparently

    Hardware 06 12:12

  • Beeb unveils new Doctor Who logo

    Regenerates for new series in 2010

    Bootnotes 06 12:15

  • Times papers trains with climate change blunder

    Don't read us, we're rubbish

    Media 06 12:21

  • Scareware scams spill onto Skype

    And are you interested in double glazing, while you're here?

    Security 06 12:27

  • Puma to pump out handset

    Football-focused phone?

    Phones 06 12:30

  • Firefox 3.6 beta set to ship next week

    No shame, no gain

    Applications 06 12:35

  • Orange picks Milton Keynes for flagship store

    One more reason to relocate

    The Channel 06 12:37

  • First Direct sorry for text mess

    Random accounts sent to random punters

    Mobile 06 12:38

  • Desktops are seen as unimportant until...

    Readers, join our expert clinic!

    PC Management 06 12:53

  • Tories would take an axe to Labour IT policy

    Cameron's cohorts call a halt to big government projects

    Government 06 13:18

  • TDK to haul out HAMR heads

    Next-gen read/write reportedly on way

    Storage 06 13:22

  • Egyptians uptight about 'Artificial Virginity Hymen'

    Fear outbreak of bogus cherry-popping

    Bootnotes 06 13:27

  • Double-Take's Backup isn't

    It's ROBO replication, duhhh

    Storage 06 13:31

  • One in three kids believe Google measures truthiness

    'I feel stupid'

    Government 06 14:23

  • CCD inventors secure Nobel Prize for Physics

    Optical fibre pioneer also honoured

    Science 06 14:26

  • Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! all hit by webmail phishing scam

    I can see my address from here

    Security 06 14:44

  • Unisys announces 10-to-1 stock compression

    Never mind the price, feel the width

    Financial News 06 15:04

  • Atom comes to android

    Japanese robot powered by Intel chip

    Hardware 06 15:11

  • Big Blue storage cloud is bad news for rivals

    IBM offers email, picture and corporate storage

    Storage 06 15:37

  • WD adds e-ink screens to external HDDs

    See the storage capacity, even when the power's off

    Hardware 06 15:50

  • IBM adds iPhone support to Lotus Domino

    Simplifies licensing, offers Designer free

    Applications 06 18:02

  • Emerson shells out $1.2bn for Avocent

    Locking down data center dough

    Servers 06 18:23

  • Terracotta straps on Ehcache speed engine

    A veritable Java cluster-fix

    Developer 06 22:55

  • Man banished from PayPal for showing how to hack PayPal

    Some hacking tools more equal than others

    Security 06 23:03

  • Google’s cloud rains on Amazon’s future

    Mountain View voodoo wins devs

    Developer 06 23:07

  • Sun management stumbled on EU Oracle probe

    JavaOne done

    Software 06 23:10