5th October 2009 Archive

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  • Full Flash goes mobile (with Google's backing)

    Adobe in your bank statement

    Developer 05 04:02

  • Tories told: Don't scrap NHS IT

    We never said we would

    Policy 05 06:02

  • EC considers web accessibility legislation

    Viviane Reding sees herself as internet Robin Hood

    Management 05 07:02

  • 3PAR peers through cloud at service providers

    Wringing the pennies out of full platters

    Storage 05 08:02

  • Vodafone Access Gateway 3G

    3G networking for cave dwellers

    Mobile 05 08:02

  • Pirate Bay back online and back on Google

    All a simple mistake

    Media 05 09:08

  • Overland's president jumps overboard

    Vern LoForti swims into the night

    Storage 05 09:19

  • Avere bets filers are crying out for more tiers

    Four storage levels starting with NVRAM

    Storage 05 09:50

  • Apple chokes on Woolworths logo

    Objects to Oz retailer's brand frontage

    Bootnotes 05 09:51

  • How Perot Systems played hard to get with Dell

    Fourth time the charm

    The Channel 05 10:02

  • IBM readies Exadata killer

    Big Blue can swing both ways, too

    Servers 05 10:35

  • Black-hole sniffing 'laser combs' are go, say Brit gov boffins

    Golden triangle mega space scope gets box-tick

    Science 05 10:45

  • Tories will let voters 'rewrite' legislation online

    Bringing ignoring the public into the 21st century

    Government 05 10:48

  • Toshiba reveals Cell TV specs

    'Future of TV', apparently

    Hardware 05 10:50

  • Police charge anarchist over G20 protest network

    Man had Marx poster and Twitter account

    Law 05 10:54

  • MoD 'How to stop leaks' guide leaks

    Secret security manual no longer secret

    Government 05 11:05

  • Comedian pitches $100k for Twitter account

    Drew Carey eyes @drew for charity

    Bootnotes 05 11:10

  • Microsoft developing universal game action capture

    Record and review every victory

    Games 05 11:15

  • MS plasters Ballmer's signature on Windows 7 special edition

    Includes balloons, but no jelly and ice cream

    Operating Systems 05 11:19

  • Is Brocade selling itself?

    Fibre Channel vendor wants to be in the tent

    Storage 05 11:32

  • Desktop Management – Where are you now?

    Standing still or moving forwards

    PC Management 05 11:37

  • IBM's Exadata2 knock-off could use SVC and flash

    Pure Scale InfiniBand-connected SVC

    Storage 05 11:49

  • Crucial CT256M225 256GB SSD

    The best value solid-state drive yet?

    Hardware 05 12:02

  • Super 'sun-hot' plasma rocket in fullbore bench test triumph

    Ex-astronaut boffin's drive could reach Mars in 39 days

    Science 05 12:13

  • PunterNet thanks Harriet for massive upswing

    No Harman done there

    Government 05 12:17

  • Google Chrome gets friendly with Native Client

    Dev preview plugs into x86 chip models

    Developer 05 12:28

  • Helpdesk Heroes or unappreciated geeks?

    Share your tales from the front line

    Service Management 05 12:52

  • CCTV website recruits video vigilantes

    Time on your hands? Into ghosts?

    Law 05 13:40

  • Barclaycard drops offline

    It can get you anywhere - 'cept on its website

    Management 05 14:08

  • Apple Mail and iPhone users get vid-tracked

    A trail of HTML 5 tags

    Mobile 05 14:24

  • Symantec offers cloud building blocks

    Filestore, not vapourware

    Storage 05 15:11

  • US military jets to run on weeds, scum & corpse-grease

    Mushroleum fungus-fuel sadly not on horizon

    Science 05 15:29

  • Spotify offers offline mode

    DRM has never smelled better

    Media 05 15:32

  • DDoS attack rains down on Amazon cloud

    Code haven tumbles from sky

    Security 05 15:32

  • Active Media preps SuperSpeed SSD trio

    Faster data rates for solid-states

    Hardware 05 15:50

  • Mellanox jacks up revenue and profit guidance

    Says Q3 is just rolling along

    Storage 05 16:04

  • 10,000 Hotmail passwords mysteriously leaked to web

    Phishing booty free for taking

    Security 05 16:27

  • Most Mac owners getting Windows on the side

    The Moulin Redmond

    Hardware 05 18:46

  • Amazon unveils payment system for smartphones

    Look out, Apple and eBay

    Mobile 05 18:49

  • Ubuntu man finds metalove in Debian attacks

    Long-term Linux co-ordination predicted

    Operating Systems 05 21:18

  • Palm Pre re-re-introduces iTunes synchronization

    Your move Apple, oh wait - no!

    Media 05 21:24

  • Flash goes native on iPhone

    Adobe gets Creative with Apple

    Applications 05 23:13

  • IE, Chrome, Safari duped by bogus PayPal SSL cert

    Fraudulent credential, real risk

    Security 05 23:24