1st October 2009 Archive

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  • Red Bull to become mobile virtual network operator?

    Energy drink gives you wings coverage

    Phones 01 00:02

  • RIM syncs Macs with BlackBerries

    Dear Palm: that includes iTunes

    Mobile 01 00:07

  • SSL spoof bug still haunts IE, Safari, Chrome

    Thanks to Microsoft

    Security 01 02:19

  • Study: US web users reject behavioural advertising

    Citizens unexpectedly renounce spying and subterfuge

    Media 01 05:02

  • iPod nano busted for upskirting

    One perv's furtive footwork

    Bootnotes 01 06:02

  • O2 Showdown hands out gongs

    Nifty innovations. No but really

    Mobile 01 07:02

  • Palestine mobile operator struggles for room to breathe

    Israel inexplicably hanging on to 1MHz of spectrum

    Mobile 01 07:02

  • OMG US states to ban txting + driving

    'Distracted Driving Summit'

    Government 01 07:02

  • Sagem DSI86HD

    Freesat HD for the casual observer

    Hardware 01 08:02

  • Botnet buries commands in image files

    Stego backdoor hub

    Security 01 09:12

  • Swedish parents win right to name sprog 'Q'

    Emerge triumphant from Supreme Administrative Court

    Bootnotes 01 09:13

  • Besa predicts £9.8m drop in schools' ICT spending

    Back to the slate for you

    The Channel 01 09:17

  • Holy hatchbacks! Batmobile spied in Sweden

    Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na...

    Science 01 09:23

  • Cosmic rays hit Space Age high

    Deflector shields activated, Mr Sulu?

    Science 01 09:25

  • Cisco buys into video conferencing

    $3bn? For video conferencing??

    Data Networking 01 09:28

  • Flying car & roboplane-worthy air traffic digi-net go for 2025

    Radar, voice to be replaced by satnav and data

    Government 01 10:02

  • Ads watchdog underclocks reseller's 9.2GHz AMD CPU claim

    Four cores at 2.3GHz != 9.2GHz

    Hardware 01 10:15

  • PSP Go Bluetooth tethering inbound

    Firmware update "available soon"

    Games 01 10:19

  • Reldata goes mix and match with refreshed storage box

    Adds high-availability and business continuity

    Storage 01 10:24

  • Montblanc punts £14k Mahatma Gandhi pen

    Coming soon: the Mother Teresa diamond pencil sharpener

    Bootnotes 01 10:25

  • Unified Communications: Tell us what you think

    Calling all Reg readers

    Reg Technology Panel 01 10:32

  • One thumb up for MS Security Essentials in early tests

    Detection fair but clean-up lacking, reports AV-Test.org

    Security 01 11:00

  • Data watchdog jacks up charges

    Privacy costs after all

    Management 01 11:08

  • Hands off our boffins!

    Drayson moves to use the science budget as a subsidy

    Government 01 11:09

  • Nvidia fires off Fermi, pledges radical new GPUs

    Three billion-transistor HPC chip, anyone?

    HPC 01 11:18

  • UK.gov appeals for developers to mashup 1,000 datasets

    Your country needs GNU

    Developer 01 11:24

  • Pictures point to new HTC, Motorola smartphones

    HTC's HD2 and Moto's Tao

    Phones 01 11:32

  • Autodesk goes after eBay seller - again

    You bought it, but you don't own it

    The Channel 01 11:49

  • Inside Intel's 'Moorestown'

    Can Atom 2.0 get into smartphones?

    Hardware 01 12:02

  • Radio Society to Ofcom: Hear See you in court

    Powerlines problem leads to legal lashing

    Data Networking 01 12:06

  • Next-gen Trojan rewrites bank statements

    Crooks loot $440K using uber-subtle stealth malware

    Security 01 12:17

  • German firm fails to trademark !

    Exclamation mark saved for future generations!!!

    Bootnotes 01 12:30

  • Nokia carves out Qt future

    So long Symbian

    Mobile 01 12:46

  • The Sun sales guy shines on HP

    Seidl gets Palo Alto VP North America sales slot

    The Channel 01 13:02

  • Madmen cling to jet-powered merry-go-round

    Ignore warning that 'this may kill you'

    Bootnotes 01 13:34

  • Fujitsu unveils 'stress busting' laptop

    World's first?

    Hardware 01 13:37

  • Early tech goes under hammer in London

    LEO II/3 says time to close your deal

    Data Centre 01 13:37

  • UK already 'major world power' in cyberwar

    But ultra-nerds required

    Government 01 13:39

  • SFO kicks BAE corruption charges upstairs

    Will Brown agree to prosecute the Labour Party? Err ...

    Government 01 13:55

  • TomTom HQ raided in insider trading investigation

    No board members involved says firm

    Financial News 01 14:39

  • Google Wave search poisoned by scareware scammers

    Security Essentials results also rigged

    Security 01 14:42

  • Qualcomm rejects Japanese contract demand

    Demands full hearing

    Hardware 01 15:02

  • Brooke Shields pic exposes real/online rift

    Will the Internet Watch Foundation act?

    Law 01 15:09

  • Rent-a-car-by-iPhone app launched

    Reserve cars remotely - or just honk the horn

    Science 01 15:10

  • Amazon Kindle to burn into to UK next week?

    Moles signal arrival of e-book viewer

    Hardware 01 15:16

  • Oracle cuts database tags for Sparc T2+ servers

    No longer rotten to the Sun core

    Applications 01 15:26

  • Reg Agile Data Center Summit: keynote at your demand

    Analysis in spades

    Servers 01 16:02

  • Yahoofrastructure swells in face of Microsoft pact

    Yes, we're a technology company

    Servers 01 16:02

  • Manned 'Surrogate Predators' fill in for robot assassins

    Humans go into simulations, but not into real world

    Science 01 16:12

  • Ubuntu's Karmic Koala opens its eyes

    Let me be the One

    Operating Systems 01 17:02

  • Google wriggles in open voice and browser debates

    Mountain View pushes open source, but only so far

    Broadband 01 17:02

  • Automated attacks push malware on Facebook

    More captcha busting suspected

    Security 01 19:18

  • Game censorship crusader sues Facebook for $120m

    Claims emotional distress from user group threats

    Media 01 19:45

  • Microsoft's web world shrinks

    Bing slips, IE slides

    Applications 01 19:49

  • Microsoft rubberstamps Windows XP Mode

    Virtual XP arrives Windows 7 Day

    Operating Systems 01 20:49

  • 4 in 10 Brits feel lonely without a daily texting

    Rarely actually 'laugh out loud'

    Mobile 01 21:54

  • Oak Ridge goes gaga for Nvidia GPUs

    Fermi chases Cell for HPC dough

    HPC 01 22:06

  • Twitter tests Tweet nests

    Lets users sort accounts into custom categories

    Media 01 23:08

  • Google results flog millions of compromised webpages

    Top billing

    Security 01 23:21

  • Report: Apple snagged Google Maps rival

    Replacement, enhancement, or both?

    Applications 01 23:24