29th September 2009 Archive

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  • Talend taps MDM with open-source wand

    Exposed code takes on Oracle, IBM, SAP

    Applications 29 00:21

  • How to host your very own Windows 7 launch party

    Microsoft channels Tupperware rep

    Bootnotes 29 06:02

  • Study finds med students Tweeting patient info

    Unbecoming Conduct 2.0

    Media 29 06:02

  • LSI pimps out 7900 array

    Concurrent access, SSD support and more storage added

    Storage 29 07:02

  • Ballmer says Big Blue hands in too few pies

    Memo to IBM: Eat markets the Microsoft way

    Financial News 29 07:02

  • Newton designer returns to Apple

    Tablet marketer to market tablet?

    Business 29 07:02

  • AT&T brands Google a net neutocrite

    A question of traffic pumping

    Networks 29 08:02

  • NASA: Tell us how to spend $4m pa on tech contests

    Perhaps a prize for the best answer?

    Science 29 08:44

  • Vodafone joins the iPhone throng

    Cupertino gets another dumb pipe laid to its door

    Phones 29 08:59

  • Artists adds pulsating 'brain' to PC

    Mechanical Tumour expands as computer crunches numbers

    Hardware 29 09:13

  • First prison sentence for extreme porn

    Sentencing guidelines evolve

    Law 29 09:20

  • Inmate hacker locks down jail computers

    Chaos reigns after cybercrook given programming project

    Security 29 09:23

  • Facebook kills 'Kill Obama' poll

    Secret service investigates

    Media 29 09:28

  • Bletchley Park earns first ever lottery grant

    Codebreaking centre cracks first stage of funding conundrum

    Bootnotes 29 09:51

  • The Register primer on delivering data governance

    Where did it all go?

    Applications 29 10:02

  • NASA retargets Moon-attack probe

    Shifts LCROSS impact site

    Science 29 10:03

  • HP lays out sketches of storage roadmap

    Colorado Springs surprises on Tech Day

    Storage 29 10:21

  • Dell confirms oh-so-skinny Latitude Z laptop

    Wireless charger coming too

    Hardware 29 10:29

  • China strengthens Great Firewall ahead of anniversary

    Tor users targeted

    Government 29 10:31

  • Toshiba intros CULV satellites

    Notebook-not-netbook line launched

    Hardware 29 10:35

  • HP silent on glitch with Core i7-based Elite Pavilion PCs

    Replacements falling over too

    The Channel 29 10:39

  • US drone crashes on Sunni party offices in Iraq

    'Just an unlucky coincidence' insists military

    Science 29 10:55

  • Optical zoom arrives on 12Mp cameraphone

    Samsung claims world's first

    Phones 29 10:57

  • Vodafone Music has disastrous relaunch

    Near-total promotional clusterf*ck

    Mobile 29 10:58

  • Dell smothers shareholder suit

    Directors to get training, so that's alright

    The Channel 29 11:09

  • Google Docs opens heart to students

    The course of true learning never did run smooth

    Applications 29 11:31

  • Nation's moral guardians snap over 'shag bands'

    MP battles 'terrifying wave of promiscuous behaviour'

    Bootnotes 29 11:42

  • Freeview website titsup ahead of big retune

    Press the yellow button to make this story disappear

    Media 29 11:50

  • i-mate boss blames 'fraud' for company's demise

    Totally not CEO's fault, says CEO

    Mobile 29 11:59

  • Bulk of Companies Act finally rolled out

    Biggest ever item of legislation lumbers onto the books

    Small Biz 29 12:38

  • Congo major had piss-up with rebels

    Suspended for failure to properly conduct a civil war

    Bootnotes 29 12:55

  • PC tune-up software: does it really work?

    Part One: Windows XP

    Software 29 12:56

  • Microsoft admits to Halo 3: ODST 'issues'

    But no solution in sight

    Games 29 12:59

  • Small biz battered by late payments

    Billions owed to struggling firms

    Small Biz 29 13:50

  • MS opens up Security Essentials downloads from today

    Suite intended for 'millions' of unprotected users

    Security 29 14:03

  • MoD pays quadruple in money + blood for Afghan helicopters

    'Our troops. We backstab them to the hilt'

    Government 29 14:30

  • HP uses Home Server to power storage for small biz

    Someone had to use it eventually

    Small Biz 29 14:47

  • LG mixes up more Chocolate

    New model added to phone range

    Phones 29 15:32

  • Ballmer pumps Windows 7 up to thrifty customers

    Hopes upcoming OS will fit into frugal 'new normal'

    Operating Systems 29 15:56

  • Treemometers: A new scientific scandal

    If a peer review fails in the woods...

    Science 29 16:03

  • Newegg hatches IPO

    A new rooster in the IT parts henhouse

    The Channel 29 16:15

  • Warner Music returns to YouTube

    Big four labels in the sack

    Media 29 18:37

  • Cisco preps Nexus switches for third-party blades

    You can beat them, and you can join them

    Data Networking 29 19:31

  • Stallman backpedals on Mac OS backdoor claims

    Free software advocate still no fan of DRM

    Security 29 19:35

  • UK, France mull Photoshop fakery laws

    Enjoining jubblie juicing

    Media 29 19:40

  • Researcher: No emergency patch for critical Windows bug

    Redmond defenses neuter exploit code

    Security 29 21:20

  • Amazon Kindle fails test at Bezos alma mater

    University students dump on e-reader

    Media 29 21:37

  • TPC slaps Oracle on benchmark claims

    Watchdogs to Larry: 'You lie!'

    Servers 29 22:34

  • Mozilla sides with Microsoft against Google IE

    A web less knowable

    Applications 29 23:09

  • Apple shovels admin iPhoneware onto PCs

    Nefarious plot or brainless cock-up?

    Media 29 23:10

  • Palm Pre backs away from Apple iTunes

    Update not in sync

    Mobile 29 23:43