25th September 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft pulls music service from wireless carriers

    Musiwave goes Zune only

    Media 25 00:07

  • Intel and VMware get their RAS on

    Server memory futures

    Servers 25 00:14

  • Intel: 'Westmere' works wonders

    Punts performance data for desktop, notebook 32nm CPUs

    Hardware 25 01:02

  • US judge postpones Googlebooks hearing

    $125m pact 'raises significant issues'

    Media 25 03:23

  • Mainframe emulator goes commercial

    Hercules, son of z/OS

    Servers 25 05:14

  • UK government ignoring own rules on open source

    Where's a policeman when you need one?

    The Channel 25 08:08

  • Updated iMacs inbound, claim moles

    Thinner bodies, better audio and Blu-ray?

    Hardware 25 09:35

  • Balancing act for servers that flash the cache

    Lazy storage arrays making data-hungry servers wait

    Storage 25 09:38

  • Cloud storage hits the High Street

    Carphone punters get online storage

    The Channel 25 09:53

  • Swedish military combustobra: Jubtastic snap

    Overheated conscript caught on camera

    Bootnotes 25 09:55

  • Intel writes cheque for on-demand videogame tech

    Funds firm developing HD TV game delivery

    Games 25 10:03

  • Automated out of existence?

    Service management and the human factor

    Service Management 25 10:34

  • Probably the best server survey in the world

    Reg Readers, we need you!

    Servers 25 10:44

  • EU to shout at media player makers over noise levels

    You can pry my iPod from my cold, dead ears

    Hardware 25 11:09

  • Penis pill spam: The hard figures

    $1,600 per spam run a day?

    Security 25 11:37

  • Londoners' votes put at risk by Boris' bigwig

    Election e-counting imposed against advice

    Government 25 11:37

  • Nokia E55 smartphone

    Does the business for the Qwerty customer?

    Phones 25 11:52

  • Oxygen-from-Moon-dirt passes vomit comet test

    Air & rocketfuel can be made at lunar bases - or on Mars

    Science 25 11:59

  • Trucker prangs rig while cracking one off

    Drug-induced five-knuckle shuffle, police suspect

    Bootnotes 25 12:33

  • Ford creates battery-powered Focus

    The Focus Battery Electric Vehicle

    Science 25 13:02

  • Pop stars back 'Three Strokes' policy

    They're not strikes, honest

    Media 25 13:03

  • Flickr!: Now! with! added! Yahoo!

    Outraged users decry logo tweak

    Applications 25 13:20

  • SIM card hack suspect released on bail

    That's an awful lot of credit

    Security 25 13:37

  • IBM in £24m battle with UK spooks

    UK.gov's secret IT disaster

    Government 25 13:47

  • Vodafone picks a Linux-phone

    LiMO lives and Symbian scowls

    Mobile 25 14:12

  • Vertu presents €5K flip phone

    For 'discerning global citizens' only

    Phones 25 14:20

  • Duff DAB, megamogs and ass-assassins: Your thoughts

    It's like Points of View without the winking

    Letters 25 14:41

  • Google Books opens French front in war with publishers

    Scan scam exam

    Media 25 14:42

  • Vodafone is all thumbs on multitouch

    Fumbling the H1's real capabilities

    Phones 25 14:45

  • Open source code quality improving

    Can Microsoft say better?

    Security 25 15:25

  • Blind one-legged man wins arse-kicking contest

    Rum-fuelled piratical rampage quelled by Taser

    Bootnotes 25 15:30

  • Microsoft's support tweaks leave some email admins out in the cold

    Pulls Exchange 2007 SP2 rug from under Windows Server 2008 R2

    Management 25 15:42

  • AI robots to mark exams

    Smarter than humans, claims vendor

    Applications 25 15:43

  • Lily Allen incites mails

    Not fair

    Letters 25 16:01

  • Sony says ‘No’ to UMD swap shops

    Cans plans for UMD-to-PSP Go! game transfers

    Games 25 16:03

  • FCC ferrets around for spare spectrum

    Got any ideas?

    Mobile 25 16:46

  • Novell forces customers to pay for maintenance

    Patches and service packs? That'll cost ya

    The Channel 25 16:53

  • Home Office jumps the gun on DNA research


    Government 25 17:09

  • Tech trendsetters reveal all

    The fashion show for the material world

    Hardware 25 17:30

  • IBM punts fixed-cost BlackBerry support plan

    One-stop monthly service contract

    Mobile 25 18:28

  • Google hits Android dev with cease-and-desist letter

    Open source only goes so far

    Developer 25 20:04

  • Microsoft apes Google with chillerless* data center

    * - mechanical back-up required

    Servers 25 20:06

  • MMS (finally) comes to AppleT&T

    US braces for more iPhone congestion

    Mobile 25 22:35

  • Mozilla free-love coders caressed by Palm

    Chastise Apple's 'Orwellian' smartphone lockdown

    Developer 25 22:41

  • UK webhosts in champagne throwing cat fight

    Down goes RapidSwitch

    Networks 25 22:50

  • US to cede control of ICANN?

    Toothless global panel awaits

    Networks 25 23:47

  • HP: We will grow faster than IT

    Profits still half of Big Blue

    The Channel 25 23:57