22nd September 2009 Archive

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  • Linus calls Linux 'bloated and huge'

    No diet plan in sight

    Operating Systems 22 Sep 00:41

  • SGI births smaller baby super

    Resurrecting the ghost of Octane

    HPC 22 Sep 03:02

  • Microsoft accused of 'ulterior motive' in Linux patent sale

    Redmond spreads 'fear, uncertainty, doubt'

    The Channel 22 Sep 03:42

  • Highways Agency plans new speed cameras

    Plus over £100m to go on traffic database

    Government 22 Sep 07:02

  • Ellison: Sunacle is an IBM killer

    'We are keeping everything'

    The Channel 22 Sep 07:15

  • Home Office stonewalls ID findings

    How's never? Is never good for you?

    Government 22 Sep 08:02

  • Acer's F1 smartphone launching 'within weeks'

    Pit stop over for 1GHz handset

    Phones 22 Sep 08:02

  • The Register primer on MPLS IP VPN

    Connecting the multisite organisation

    Data Networking 22 Sep 09:02

  • Battle erupts in Adaptec boardroom

    Hostile investor wants it sold

    Storage 22 Sep 09:04

  • Orange issues Heroic update

    But T-Mobile still out of Touch

    Phones 22 Sep 09:06

  • Elon Musk, Eberhard 'resolve' Tesla Motors wrangle

    Pledge eternal chumship through gritted teeth

    Science 22 Sep 09:09

  • Hyatt signs up to EU binding corporate rules for data transfers

    Hotel firm can now send personal data worldwide

    CIO 22 Sep 09:40

  • RM sees sunny forecast thanks to busiest ever summer

    No fake tan here

    The Channel 22 Sep 09:42

  • Goldman Sachs predicts IT spending rise

    But small biz still struggling

    Small Biz 22 Sep 09:46

  • SpectraLogic first off LTO-5 block

    Two new dedupers, too

    Storage 22 Sep 09:53

  • Twitter-based mafia game irritates world+dog

    An offer you can refuse

    Security 22 Sep 09:56

  • Futuristic head-mounted PC launching in 2010

    Golden-i James Bond-esque gadget

    Hardware 22 Sep 10:25

  • Baroness Scotland fined for failing to follow own law

    Fined but not sacked yet

    Government 22 Sep 10:27

  • EMC puts future on FAST forward

    Towards Fibre Channel elimination and two-tier arrays

    Storage 22 Sep 10:31

  • Online ID theft, an employee IT security guide

    How to avoid it, silly

    Security 22 Sep 10:36

  • EC probe costing Sun $100m a month

    Get on with it, says Ellison

    Software 22 Sep 10:52

  • 802.11n Xbox 360 adapter inbound

    Microsoft confirms rumours

    Games 22 Sep 10:57

  • Pull the plug on Pandas, declares BBC man

    Then torch the civil servants, human race

    Science 22 Sep 11:24

  • DVD data backs Long, Poor Tail theory

    More starvation tips for dippy e-tailers

    Media 22 Sep 11:32

  • US to deploy 'optionally manned' hover-dirigible in 2011

    'Walrus' P-791 re-roled as aerial Afghan spyship

    Science 22 Sep 11:38

  • Chinese hackers target media in anniversary run-up

    News organisations, NGOs hit by trojan attacks

    Security 22 Sep 11:40

  • Google tramples on 'keywords' meta tag charge

    Don't sue us, we didn't do nuffink

    Applications 22 Sep 11:53

  • LG GD910 Watch Phone

    Worth the wrist?

    Phones 22 Sep 12:02

  • eBay boss bids for governorship

    See what we did there? Bids... eBay... clever eh?

    Financial News 22 Sep 12:18

  • Microsoft stalks, poaches Apple retail staff

    Readies ex-Jobsian troops to punt iPhone Surface, Mac OSX Windows 7

    The Channel 22 Sep 12:20

  • Met steps up stop and search with mobile phone scanner

    Is this your phone, sir?

    Mobile 22 Sep 12:33

  • World's first button-less, gesture-based remote launched

    Harry Potter haptics

    Hardware 22 Sep 13:14

  • MaxiScale pops out of stealth

    Used time to develop a massively FLEXible approach

    Storage 22 Sep 13:23

  • US deputies taze traffic dodging rogue emu

    Big bird leads officers on 3 day wild goose chase

    Bootnotes 22 Sep 13:24

  • Harrods web Grotto snowed under

    Fuggin' Christmas

    CIO 22 Sep 13:37

  • Govt report card logs UK hacking conviction success rate

    56% - Could do better

    Security 22 Sep 13:50

  • Vodafone goes music mad

    Pop picking, DRM-free and Warner inclusive

    Media 22 Sep 14:14

  • Samsung chips promise smartphone, netbook improvements

    Better 3D UIs and higher calibre gaming

    Hardware 22 Sep 14:37

  • 'Buy puke-rays and we'll donate to police widows & orphans'

    Make a move and the kid gets it

    Law 22 Sep 15:15

  • AMD chipsets: the feeds and speeds

    And RAID compliments of Dot Hill

    Servers 22 Sep 16:03

  • Facebook 'fesses to bad hair day

    Mullets all round

    CIO 22 Sep 16:08

  • SSDs get special skinny Sata interconnect

    mSata introduced

    Hardware 22 Sep 16:09

  • Zend ushers PHP onto cloud of clouds

    Microsoft and IBM inflate floating API

    Developer 22 Sep 17:43

  • Intel CEO waves around 22nm wafer

    Still an 'immature' process, though

    Hardware 22 Sep 17:58

  • Boffins build Flash-like chip from graphite

    Pencilling in a new design

    Hardware 22 Sep 19:10

  • Intel to juice Atom software development

    New program includes app stores

    Developer 22 Sep 19:39

  • Authors ask court to delay Googlebooks hearing

    'The settlement, as we know it, is dead'

    Media 22 Sep 20:02

  • Intel six-core Core Extreme CPU spied

    'Gulftown' demo'd

    Hardware 22 Sep 20:04

  • Windows Embedded CE gives star turn to, um, Silverlight 2.0

    Every dog has his day

    Software 22 Sep 20:07

  • Does the Linux desktop need to be popular?

    How to win users and influence developers

    Operating Systems 22 Sep 21:11

  • IBM slots 'Lynnfield' Xeons into System x

    Aiming low at SMBs

    The Channel 22 Sep 21:50

  • Intel to announce quad-core mobile Core i7 chips tomorrow

    Welcome, Calpella and Clarksfield

    Hardware 22 Sep 22:04