21st September 2009 Archive

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  • Adobe speeds Flash to Tweekbook, mobiles

    Roll up and roll out service

    Developer 21 Sep 04:02

  • AMD grows very own Opteron chipsets

    Niche play. For now

    The Channel 21 Sep 05:09

  • Service management: A million jobs or a job with a million parts?

    Just because they can doesn't mean they are

    Service Management 21 Sep 07:38

  • 3D tech-agnostic set-top box designed

    Displays 3D on any type of 3D TV, claim manufacturers

    Hardware 21 Sep 09:18

  • Palm getting heavy over non-O2 Pré sales?

    Pre-order retailer claims Palm lawyer drop-in

    Phones 21 Sep 09:21

  • Skype founders sue former Joost boss

    Trade secrets spat goes public

    Law 21 Sep 09:22

  • Dot Hill starts Software RAID

    AMD links up via Southbridge

    The Channel 21 Sep 09:36

  • Rambus threads DDR3 memory

    Weaves a solution for multi-core hosts

    Hardware 21 Sep 09:41

  • Time for a change on the desktop?

    Insights from Reg readers

    Reg Technology Panel 21 Sep 10:02

  • Facebook app flaws create Trojan download risk

    Anti-social networking

    Security 21 Sep 10:05

  • British troops snapping up e-book viewers?

    Squaddies succumb to E-Ink

    Hardware 21 Sep 10:05

  • Microsoft adopts Say-on-Pay measure for shareholders

    Hands 4% pay rise to Big Steve

    Financial News 21 Sep 10:29

  • Britons warned of plague of the 'supercats'

    Ferocious feline chimeras menace dogs, children

    Science 21 Sep 10:58

  • MSI adds to slim, light notebook clan

    Two X400 models launched

    Hardware 21 Sep 10:58

  • Environment Agency goes to High Court for right to spy

    A RIPA idea

    Law 21 Sep 11:26

  • Word handling bug shoots down StarOffice


    Security 21 Sep 11:28

  • Citroën redesigns the 2CV

    "A lively performer with strong acceleration", apparently

    Science 21 Sep 11:43

  • Suicide bum-blast bombing startles Saudi prince

    Fundamentalist fundament mentalist strikes

    Science 21 Sep 11:59

  • Packard Bell dot m/a netbook

    A realistic rival for Intel's Atom

    Laptops and Tablets 21 Sep 12:02

  • Bureaucrat behind bars for creating 1,400 fake kids

    There's tax fraud, then there's taking the piss

    Law 21 Sep 12:03

  • Women spending more time at work - but less time working

    Numbers don't add up

    CIO 21 Sep 12:25

  • Dell to buy Perot Systems for $3.9bn

    Michael finally gets into services big-time

    The Channel 21 Sep 12:33

  • Mozilla extends WebGL support to Minefield

    3D goggles await

    Applications 21 Sep 12:39

  • Intel used rebates to freeze out AMD, EC docs show

    Email evidence behind billion euro fine

    The Channel 21 Sep 12:50

  • World's first motion-controlled headphones outed

    SensMe tech makes comeback

    Hardware 21 Sep 13:14

  • Blue Shield provokes fresh China censorware row

    ISPs 'forced' to apply proxy surfer blocker

    Broadband 21 Sep 13:40

  • Cosmic flashbulb effect caused by 'black-hole invaders'

    Whirly star-gobble intrusions to blame, seemingly

    Science 21 Sep 13:59

  • Noel Edmonds brings Cosmic Order to the iPhone

    You too could be presenting Deal or No Deal

    Mobile 21 Sep 14:02

  • UK university embraces iPhone

    Creates app for students

    Phones 21 Sep 14:03

  • HP bundles up services for data centres

    Stop this DIY nonsense, please

    The Channel 21 Sep 14:29

  • Ofcom enacts Ultrawide Band

    To a thunderous round of indifference

    Broadband 21 Sep 15:06

  • New Wii by 2011, claims gaming exec

    Updated controller also forecast

    Games 21 Sep 15:32

  • Faster Barracuda escapes from Seagate

    Five year warranty for new SATA drive

    Hardware 21 Sep 16:05

  • Five-year-mission solar stratocruiser prototype is go

    $155m 'Vulture II' robosunbird gets off drawing board

    Science 21 Sep 16:08

  • Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx sprays sweet perfume at freeloaders

    Marking out the roadmap

    Operating Systems 21 Sep 16:17

  • FCC boss moves for stiffer net neut rules

    'Smart cop on the beat'

    Networks 21 Sep 17:39

  • Dell plus Perot - It's a start

    But what about the finish?

    The Channel 21 Sep 17:42

  • Apple seeks cure for iPhone battery woes

    Direct fanboi contact

    Mobile 21 Sep 20:07

  • IBM Linux chief: Chasing desktop Windows a 'dead-end'

    You won't thrive unless you specialize

    The Channel 21 Sep 20:20

  • Hardware biz issued trojan-laced drivers, says researcher

    Razer burn

    Security 21 Sep 21:29

  • Microsoft's Office Web Apps - a long way from here

    Inside the (half-baked) tech preview

    The Channel 21 Sep 21:34

  • Yahoo! to shed open source Exchange rival?

    Zimbra on the block

    The Channel 21 Sep 23:26

  • USB 3.0 slouches towards Bethlehem

    Everyone wins. Except the eSATA crowd

    HPC 21 Sep 23:33