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IBM tries to patent teleconference sound effects

When hosting a business conference call, there are two easy options for keeping participants interested and alert:
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World's nastiest trojan fools AV software

One of the world's nastiest password-stealing trojans evades detection by the majority PCs running anti-virus programs, according to a study that examined 10,000 machines.

Students get deep Windows 7 price break

With its deepest Windows 7 discounts yet, Microsoft is targeting students who might otherwise chose Apple.

NEC upgrades HYDRAstor NAS archive

NEC in America has upgraded HYDRAstor, its grid-based NAS archive product, by adding more performance, improving software features, extending deduplication, and adding three entry-level models.
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Paul Allen flogs radio licence

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has sold off most of the 700MHz he owns through Vulcan Spectrum, putting more of the US digital dividend into AT&T's hands.
Bill Ray, 18 2009

Volvo reveals electric C30's specs

Leccy Tech With World+Dog whipping dust sheets off electric cars and concepts at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volvo has stepped aside to shed more light on the technical features of its upcoming leccy C30.

HP grabs web pioneer

Marc Andreessen is joining the board of HP.
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HP's full flash house

HP is providing a Samsung solid state drive (SSD) option for its ProLiant servers.

Xiotech gets $10m funding fillip

Seagate spin-off Xiotech has raised $10m in a funding round along with a $10m credit line. It will use the cash for product development.

Wireless charging coming to Latitude?

Dell may be on the cusp of launching a high-end laptop equipped with wireless charging technology, it has been reported.

Medion turns to touchscreen

Medion has launched an all-in-one touchscreen PC called, rather unimaginatively, The Touch.
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Society bible lectures students on etiquette

As another crop of 18-year-olds heads to college for the first time, University towns across the land are bracing themselves for the bacchanalian orgy known as freshers' week.
Joe Fay, 18 2009
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Carder forum drops offline after hack attack

A Pakistan-based carder site has dropped off the net, after white hat hackers broke into the forum and posted details of the hack on a full disclosure mailing list.

Bakbone slips disk into product range

Responding to the inevitable, backup software supplier BakBone is extending its NetVault data backup products to disk as well as tape, building on capabilities it has already introduced, such as NetVault: FastRecover.
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia launches Braille Reader app

Nokia has launched a mobile phone application that lets blind people read text messages.
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Ex-BT tech chief quits Phorm

Stratis Scleparis, the former BT Retail chief technology officer who joined Phorm after overseeing secret trials of its web monitoring and profiling system, has quit the firm.
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Home Office minister owned by own rules

Home Office minister and Attorney General Baroness Scotland - the government's chief law officer and the woman who put in place rules making businesses take the blame for employing illegal immigrants - has been caught apparently employing, er, an illegal immigrant.
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Lancet: Hordes of patio-heater babies will doom planet

Famed politico-medical journal The Lancet has grabbed big ink by taking the view that providing contraceptives for women in developing nations prevents five times as much CO2 emission as the same money spent on conventional green measures such as windmill subsidies.

Sony and BBC clash over PS3 problems

Sony has sent the BBC a stinging rebuttal after the broadcaster's Watchdog programme investigated an alleged PlayStation 3 problem dubbed The Yellow Light of Death.
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Thieves help selves to PCs from Office for Digital Inclusion

The UK.gov's digi-quango, the Office for Digital Inclusion, has lived up to its name by distributing a whole office of PCs to underprivileged people without even trying.
Joe Fay, 18 2009
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States wade into Google book deal row

Hostility to Google’s proposed settlement with authors and publishers continues to build across the pond, where five state attorneys general have bemoaned the Books Rights Registry deal.
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A journey through VoIP

Regcast Last week James Hone of Thus joined Freeform Dynamics’ Josie Sephton in the Reg studio to discuss how you get from your current set-up to a VoIP solution in a few easy steps - from concepts through to requirements definition and implementation.
Samsung GT-B2100 Solid Extreme

Samsung GT-B2100 Solid Extreme rugged phone

Review Following on from the original Solid SGH-M110 and the recent B2700 Bound, the GT-B2100 Solid Extreme is the latest in a line of Samsung handsets that show themselves as well ’ard. While designed for harsh outdoor conditions, the Solid Extreme nevertheless touts features we typically expect to find on phones these days, namely a music player, FM radio and a camera.

AT&T juices PC rescue service with Intel's Fast Call for Help

Intel and AT&T are cuddling up to provide remote help-desk support for small and midsized businesses.
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NASA probe scents crusty bonanza in dark moon bottoms

NASA says that its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) probe in orbit around the Moon has detected neutron signatures indicating possible frozen water deposits hidden in craters at the lunar south pole.
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North Wales Police institute new happiness law

Police in North Wales are road-testing a new offence: it's called "failing to make a police officer happy".
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'Do You Want To See My C*ck?' asks budding author

The world of books is buzzing about a new publishing sensation to rival Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, industry sources have revealed to The Register.
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NYT scareware scam linked to click fraud botnet

A botnet, initially run through compromised servers in the Bahamas, has been blamed for the recent upsurge in scareware scams.

Palm waves farewell to Windows Mobile

Palm's four-year flirtation with Windows Mobile is over, now it finally has an operating system to call its own again.
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So you wanna build an Application Security Programme

Webcast Whether you're already knee-deep in security challenges or about to embark on such a strategy, we have a webcast that you should find useful.

Toshiba's Cell TV to debut in Japan in Q4

Toshiba's first HDTV to incorporate a Cell processor - essentially the same CPU found in the PlayStation 3 could be out by the end of the year.
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Psion founder retires

The founder of mobile computer firm Psion has stepped down from his role as chairman of the company.
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Facebook hack service smells fishy

Eastern European hackers are offering to crack into any Facebook account for a fee of $100, payable online through Western Union, though circumstantial evidence suggests that the scheme might just as easily be geared towards ripping-off potential clients while delivering nothing.
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Pirate Bay's would-be saviour hit by 'bankruptcy order'

Global Gaming Factory X - the supposed saviour of Pirate Bay - has apparently been hit by a bankruptcy order in a Swedish court.
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DARPA seeks orbital wheely-bin plan

The noted US military bonkers-boffinry bureau, DARPA, announced yesterday that it would like to hear from anyone with ideas for cleaning up the large amounts of space debris orbiting the Earth. Aerospace globocorp Boeing has already indicated that it is interested.

Mission sets e-bike land speed record

Leccy Tech Mission Motorcycles has set a land speed record for an electric motorbike.
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Malvertisers slapped by Microsoft lawsuits

Microsoft has filed what are believed to be the first lawsuits designed to stop the growing practice of malvertising
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US software firm sentenced for 'trading with the enemy'

A US software company has been sentenced by a federal judge for "trading with the enemy."
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California man jailed for E*Trade skim scam

A man who scammed online brokerages including E*Trade and Charles Schwab by stealing a huge number of tiny test deposits from multiple accounts was jailed for 15 months on Thursday.
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Dell XPS support takes a catnap

Dell's XPS Premium Support service database servers were down for four hours on Thursday and two on Friday, according to a Register source, making the company's "24x7" support promise moot.

AMD to reverse pay cuts

The employees at chip designer and seller AMD got some good news in their email this week: they are getting a raise.

'Evil' Windows 7 campaign goes global

The Free Software Foundation's Windows 7 sins campaign goes global next week, with letters to 500 of the world's charities and non-governmental organizations.
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Google says Apple silenced its Voice

Google has told the US Federal Communication Commission that Apple rejected the Google Voice and Google Lattitude apps it submitted to the iTunes App Store - though Apple says otherwise.
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Undead COBOL celebrates (another) 50th birthday

COBOL is celebrating its 50th birthday. Or at least the name is.
Cade Metz, 18 2009
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FOSSers host global Saturday celebration

Join the shopping masses in Kingston-Upon-Thames this Saturday and you might come away with more than you bargained for: an Ubuntu CD, plus schwag, along with that Zara top.
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Brute-force attacks target two-year hole in Yahoo! Mail

Scammers are exploiting a two-year-old security hole in Yahoo's network that gives them unlimited opportunities to guess login credentials for Yahoo Mail accounts, a researcher said.
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Cisco, IBM plant feet further into smart grid sector

Cisco and IBM intend to champion America's "smart grid" gold rush, a market flush with billions of dollars in grants conjured by the US government to modernize and secure the country's dated energy infrastructure.