16th September 2009 Archive

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  • Facebook acquires 300 millionth user

    And stanches fiscal hemorrhage

    Media 16 Sep 00:30

  • Trial set for 'botnet for hire' duo

    Zombies R' Us

    Security 16 Sep 00:43

  • Opera Mini gets facelift, sprouts tabs

    Small app, big ambitions

    Mobile 16 Sep 06:02

  • Rights commission slams police DNA database advice

    Still adding innocents? Well, don't

    Law 16 Sep 07:02

  • Dedupe start-up GreenBytes gets green light

    Only iSCSI de-duper in the world

    The Channel 16 Sep 08:02

  • James Martin apologises for cyclist outrage

    Comments 'misjudged', TV chef admits

    Bootnotes 16 Sep 08:50

  • Motorola's latest enterprise handset screams as it falls

    And will tell on you afterwards

    Mobile 16 Sep 09:05

  • Crackdown on dodgy mobile deals

    Retailers and resellers warned

    The Channel 16 Sep 09:18

  • A Geeks Guide2 ...SCWCD 5

    40% discount at Reg Books

    Site News 16 Sep 10:02

  • Bus driver becomes Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov

    No room for Ibsen either, then?

    Bootnotes 16 Sep 10:03

  • Archos adds Android 'andheld to PMP collection

    Archos 5 revamped

    Hardware 16 Sep 10:11

  • Archos Android 'tablet phone' confirmed

    Due next year

    Phones 16 Sep 10:25

  • Firms fail to focus on most dangerous security threats

    Web and client side bugs top peril index

    Security 16 Sep 10:30

  • Muse eye Bond theme

    We'll have some of that, say Brit rock outfit

    Bootnotes 16 Sep 10:31

  • Belkin preps Wi-Fi gadget-sharer

    Nas-style adaptor for a variety of kit

    Broadband 16 Sep 10:35

  • YouTube Lad from Lagos stranded in London

    Take pity on poor Prince Obi

    Bootnotes 16 Sep 10:57

  • Dell pays $4m to settle NY 'deceptive practices' claim

    PC co forced New Yorkers to check cables, use screwdrivers

    The Channel 16 Sep 11:00

  • O2 gets into fixed line with BT

    Back to the future

    Networks 16 Sep 11:08

  • Renault unveils e-car foursome

    Something for everyone, apparently

    Science 16 Sep 11:08

  • Google bolts 'stable' Chrome 3 onto interwebs

    Demands bigger stake in market

    Applications 16 Sep 11:26

  • Cracks show in music industry over P2P enforcement

    Retreat on suspension of net access

    Media 16 Sep 11:40

  • Sears told to destroy data gathered by online tracking software

    Catalogue of snooping does not impress FTC

    Government 16 Sep 11:42

  • NO2ID beats off ad complaint

    ASA rules in its favour

    Government 16 Sep 12:01

  • Dell 2145cn colour laser

    A versatile multifunctional printer – surely not?

    Hardware 16 Sep 12:02

  • HP chases Cisco with ProCurve blade switches

    Networking convergence. Almost

    The Channel 16 Sep 12:02

  • US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK

    As far as we can tell we aren't one of them

    Government 16 Sep 12:09

  • No third service pack for Windows Server 2003

    Support to be downgraded next summer

    The Channel 16 Sep 12:11

  • Retailer says 'No' to PSP Go!

    Slams Sony and its latest console

    Games 16 Sep 12:23

  • US researchers demand cell phone safety tax

    Pimp my funding

    Mobile 16 Sep 12:27

  • Managing the Windows desktop estate: Your view

    Tell us what you really think

    Reg Technology Panel 16 Sep 12:46

  • Cisco pumps up small business line

    Adds hardware, incentives for little guys

    The Channel 16 Sep 13:02

  • Power grid takedown: A new how-to

    Domino effect could short-circuit US West Coast

    Security 16 Sep 13:22

  • Fon community embraces GSM

    Hotspot network just waiting for an operator to call

    Mobile 16 Sep 13:27

  • Exanet and 3PAR buddy up

    Block and file storage in marriage of convenience

    Storage 16 Sep 13:56

  • Tory surveillance backlash: Worthy, but is it workable?

    Big stick needed to poke out Big Brother's eye

    Government 16 Sep 14:04

  • Japanese chip giants merge

    Could get government help

    The Channel 16 Sep 14:20

  • Seagate links HDDs to web

    Nas dock launched

    Broadband 16 Sep 15:25

  • Database containing 1.8m UK postcode locations leaks online

    Knock, knock. Who's there?

    Security 16 Sep 15:41

  • Citrix gooses XenApp with virtualization

    A third way for PC apps to stream

    Virtualization 16 Sep 16:16

  • Looking at the threat landscape

    It’s getting scary out there...

    Security 16 Sep 16:19

  • Microsoft security tools give devs the warm fuzzies

    Testing times

    Developer 16 Sep 17:42

  • Black hole swallows EMEA server revenues

    Decline and Fall

    The Channel 16 Sep 18:33

  • White hats release exploit for critical Windows vuln

    Microsoft not immune to Immunity

    Security 16 Sep 20:10

  • Microsoft targets Google's mobile dream with Bing

    Internalize the vision

    Media 16 Sep 20:15

  • Googlebooks crusade captures CAPTCHA king

    Fights spam. Pumps OCR

    Media 16 Sep 20:40

  • Second Life slapped with counterfeit sex toy suit

    Sadville v Stroker Serpentine

    Media 16 Sep 21:47

  • Skype founders sue eBay in license brawl

    Your software is my software

    Media 16 Sep 21:54

  • Lucky iPhone developer gets very own App Store hotline

    The non-silent treatment

    Mobile 16 Sep 22:39

  • Oracle Q1 sales down, profit up

    Keeping Sun at arm's length

    Financial News 16 Sep 23:05

  • Inmate 'fesses to prison computer hack

    Jailbreaking the HR system

    Security 16 Sep 23:31

  • ARM wrestles Intel for netbook crown

    Let battle commence

    Hardware 16 Sep 23:39