15th September 2009 Archive

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  • Amazon cops to stalled data center

    '$135m' facility on hold

    HPC 15 00:23

  • Avaya grabs Nortel's telecoms biz for $900m

    Staves off Siemens

    Financial News 15 00:49

  • Netbook sales set to soar - or not

    Reading the tiny tea leaves

    The Channel 15 00:55

  • Complexity and confusion drive Microsoft's licensing

    Sanity taken for a ride?

    The Channel 15 03:28

  • HP busts out fall PC lineup

    Economic meltdown be damned

    Hardware 15 04:02

  • Broadcom sues Emulex in patent spat

    We couldn't buy you so we'll sue you

    Storage 15 05:42

  • Sim-free Palm Pré pre-orders tip up in UK

    Yours for at least £450

    Phones 15 06:02

  • HP and Canon extend printer deal

    Small biz specials ahead

    The Channel 15 07:02

  • Tandberg Data tells channel 'have some of DAT'

    Jumps on HP's DATwagon

    The Channel 15 07:12

  • Blur Switzerland more, Google ordered

    Street View privacy jam rolls on

    Bootnotes 15 08:04

  • Government swiftly backpedals on vetting scheme

    Balls up for a quick review check

    Government 15 08:15

  • Intel takes biggest slice of market pie since 2005

    Four year high

    The Channel 15 08:59

  • HP and Vivienne Tam join forces, again

    Designer's second HP notebook out next year

    Hardware 15 09:18

  • Freecom MediaPlayer II 500GB

    Media streamer, meet Nas box

    Hardware 15 09:19

  • Ofcom will delegate video-on-demand regulation

    Bung it at Brussels

    Media 15 09:20

  • Former Isilon CFO charged over secret customer deals

    Inflated sales skulduggery

    The Channel 15 09:42

  • Overland results show improvement

    Not over the hill yet

    Storage 15 09:48

  • Volkswagen unveils Yorkshire-friendly e-car

    Eh-oop, it's the E-Up!

    Science 15 09:57

  • Nokia lets operators screw with customise the N900

    The customer is always right - the customer is not you

    Mobile 15 09:59

  • Toshiba, HDS, WD dish new disk drives

    Developments galore

    Storage 15 10:09

  • Aussie censors persist in making a bad fist of it

    Screwing up with prohibitive iTunes movie policy

    Government 15 10:11

  • Malware lingers months on infected PCs

    Resident evil

    Security 15 10:16

  • Cyclists give TV chef a Wikikicking

    James Martin roasted by irate pedal bashers

    Bootnotes 15 10:24

  • Sony Ericsson's Pureness set for pre-Christmas launch

    Transparent touchscreen talker in your stocking, anyone?

    Phones 15 10:34

  • Ford says new Taurus 'is fitted with stealth fighter radar'

    Not true: The one in the car is actually quite useful

    Science 15 11:03

  • Google and Microsoft bombard Brussels over ad tracking

    Intense lobbying

    Government 15 11:07

  • Swayze death exploited to serve up fake anti-virus

    I've had the crime of my life

    Security 15 11:18

  • Swedish ISP to appeal Pirate Bay cut-off verdict

    What's behind the door?

    Broadband 15 11:22

  • Machine rebellion begins: Killer robot destroyed by US jet

    Rogue droid 'was attempting to cross border'

    Science 15 11:42

  • Telstra rejects Aussie gov calls for split

    Stephen Conroy finds some more people to annoy

    Broadband 15 11:50

  • LIVE NOW: The Register Agile Data Center Summit

    Analysts, experts, you

    Servers 15 12:02

  • Apple iPod Nano 5G

    YouTuber's delight

    Hardware 15 12:02

  • Datz all, folks

    Unlimited music download service goes titsup

    Media 15 12:04

  • Street View prowls Outer Hebrides

    Pack of spymobiles also menaces Vienna

    Bootnotes 15 12:11

  • Violin Memory grabs Fusion-io's former chief

    Basile orchestrates memory appliance launch

    Storage 15 13:00

  • Why should the US stimulus rules change for the big carriers?

    Smaller fish are more agile and just as voracious

    Broadband 15 13:02

  • Microsoft harries XP-loving biz customers on to Windows 7

    Nobody puts Redmond in a corner

    The Channel 15 13:09

  • New Guinea sex cult eyes bumper banana crop

    Public nookie boosts harvest, guru claims

    Bootnotes 15 13:18

  • BT extends trials of boondocks broadband

    Claims stable 1Mbit up to 12km from exchange

    Broadband 15 13:51

  • Son of Hadopi: The Revenge

    Three strikes, take two...

    Media 15 13:53

  • Warning: Showers can seriously damage your health

    Geeks proved right after all

    Science 15 13:56

  • NetApp brushes up entry-level

    Slashes budget model price, clears way for new FAS2040

    The Channel 15 14:16

  • Orange biz picks up web security

    ScanSafe proves a-peel-ing

    The Channel 15 14:16

  • British TV firm dumps Silverlight

    Gone in a Flash

    Developer 15 14:49

  • Seagate jazzes up HDD-to-TV box

    HDMI, Ethernet and more added

    Hardware 15 14:53

  • Brown says the 'C' word

    Not that word you dirty buggers

    Government 15 15:15

  • Australia mulls botnet takedown scheme

    Excuse me mate, but you're spewing spam

    Security 15 15:16

  • Sweep Panorama coming to Sony's robotic photographer?

    Firm working on 'next generation' models

    Hardware 15 15:16

  • Peugeot to offer in-car Wi-Fi in 2010

    Turning wardriving on its head?

    Science 15 15:38

  • Intel legal chief swaps chips for bite of Apple

    Bruce Sewell jumps ship to join Jobsian outfit

    Hardware 15 15:58

  • Human brain 'works like US presidential elections'

    If only you could kill those with beer, too

    Science 15 16:11

  • Zune HD unzipped

    IFixit disassembles Microsoft's finest

    Hardware 15 16:47

  • Microsoft mobile marketplace ads worm into iPhone

    No holds barred

    Phones 15 18:47

  • AT&T to service Apple's fabled tablet?

    So imply Chinese moles

    Broadband 15 19:07

  • US Bank dumps Sharepoint (to spend more time with Lotus)

    Redmond expunged from 5,000 sites

    Applications 15 19:20

  • Tervela bags $18m for go faster messaging appliances

    HPC on Wall Street My latency is lower than yours

    HPC 15 20:15

  • US gov opens Cloud shop to combat runaway IT costs

    Get free stuff from Apps.gov

    Government 15 20:28

  • France passes three-strikes bill

    Opponents vow to block Hadopi II

    Media 15 21:29

  • Intel to EU watchdogs: 'It's AMD's fault'

    'Manifestly disproportionate' fine

    The Channel 15 21:38

  • Adobe spends $1.8bn on Omniture web brains

    Out consult Microsoft's Silverlight

    Financial News 15 23:23

  • Windows plays virtualization catch up with Linux

    Benefit issues

    Virtualization 15 23:41

  • Oracle, Sun speed-launch Exadata V2

    So much for HP iron, Sparcs MIA

    HPC 15 23:57