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Twitter 'leaves door open' for targeted ads

Earlier this year, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said there are "no people at Twitter who know anything about advertising." But apparently, they're hiring.
Austin Modine, 12 Sep 2009
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Linux webserver botnet pushes malware

A security researcher has discovered a cluster of infected Linux servers that have been corralled into a special ops botnet of sorts and used to distribute malware to unwitting people browsing the web.
Dan Goodin, 12 Sep 2009
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Microsoft $358m patent violation damages tossed

Microsoft has successfully dodged a court ruling that would have sent hundreds of millions of Redmond dollars to long-running litigant Alcatel-Lucent.
Gavin Clarke, 12 Sep 2009
TomTom for iPhone

TomTom UK and Ireland

iPhone App Review Apple added a true GPS pick-up to the iPhone more than a year ago, but it's taken that long for TomTom to release an application to make use of it. Even now, it's not a complete offering. The software is there, but the car kit - once the sort of add-on bundled with applications, but now sold separately - isn't available and its release has just been put back to October.
Tony Smith, 12 Sep 2009