8th September 2009 Archive

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  • IT shops rank servers on downtime

    IBM Power: good. Windows: not so much

    Servers 08 03:08

  • Intel's nine-piece Lynnfield band takes the stage

    Two Core i7s, a Core i5, and six Xeons

    Hardware 08 04:02

  • T-Mobile picks Orange for merger

    They come over here, run our mobile networks...

    Mobile 08 07:36

  • Russia drops XP investigation

    Microsoft still faces laptop probe

    The Channel 08 08:03

  • Custard Creams can kill: Official

    Jaffa Cakes relatively harmless, survey reveals

    Bootnotes 08 09:10

  • The Reg Strategy Boutique takes on Virtualization

    On Demand for you

    Virtualization 08 09:33

  • CRB checks can take years to complete

    Come on, while we're young!

    Law 08 09:41

  • HDS primes BluArc Mercury launch

    Splashes down into storage midrange

    Storage 08 09:47

  • Army's £114m battle-comms net not up to Afghan demands

    Israeli off-the-shelf replacements rushed in

    Networks 08 09:49

  • Japanese CE firms partner on 'standard' CPU project

    Intel basher?

    Hardware 08 09:55

  • Discovery bids adios to ISS

    Undocking today, returns home Thursday

    Science 08 10:00

  • HTC inks in Android-based Tattoo

    Nice, but we'd rather have Audrey...

    Phones 08 10:06

  • UK.biz lax on web app security

    SQL injection problems getting worse

    Security 08 10:21

  • Louis Vuitton stings ISPs for their customers' infringements

    Handbags at dawn

    Law 08 10:22

  • Foxconn working on 'sub-£100' ARM-based Linux netbooks

    True Small, Cheap Computers at last?

    Hardware 08 10:24

  • T-Orange: How it's going to work

    Telcos to slash and burn ahead of 2012 hook-up?

    Mobile 08 10:31

  • Multi-gadget recharger launched

    Alternative to wireless recharging?

    Hardware 08 10:32

  • AOL parachutes former Yahoo! exec into web and mobile unit

    Peanut Butter Manifesto author joins fading internet starlet

    Financial News 08 11:17

  • Why teachers fear Callum, Chelsea, Connor and Crystal

    School register of mischief

    Bootnotes 08 11:19

  • Job prospects still tough, but glimmers of hope in UK

    Young people getting the worst of it

    Small Biz 08 11:45

  • A day in the life of an email manager

    Not waving but drowning

    Small Biz 08 11:57

  • IWF chief: We don't need crusaders

    El Reg speaks to URL-blocker boss Peter Robbins

    Law 08 12:00

  • D-Link DHP-303

    200Mb/s powerline Ethernet kit

    Broadband 08 12:02

  • Lawsuit seeks to tag WGA nagware as spyware

    Rebranding from bother to beast

    Operating Systems 08 12:43

  • Firefox 4.0 developers granted year of living dangerously

    Major version of browser to land in late 2010

    Applications 08 12:48

  • Amazon and Apple stunting UK e-book market

    Lack of models forcing readers to Sony?

    Hardware 08 13:03

  • India's Reva to pitch 'invisible' e-car reserve battery

    Text to tap the back-up 'tank'

    Science 08 13:05

  • Met: We shan't scrap Form 696

    Red-tape-tastic risk form now racist-undertone-free

    Law 08 13:15

  • Apple yanks C64 emulator from App Store

    BASIC misunderstanding

    Phones 08 13:27

  • Colt Telecom cable cut mystery

    Can't read this? You're on Colt then

    Data Networking 08 13:28

  • Italian Army gets medi-telemetry earrings

    'Stop crying, Massimo. The system says you're fine'

    Science 08 13:49

  • Post-Vista Windows flaw creates Blue Screen risk

    BSOD it

    Operating Systems 08 14:45

  • South Korea inks $40m deal with Cray

    Future boxes predict future weather

    Servers 08 14:51

  • Novell fannies about with Open Enterprise Server 2

    SP2 Pubic Beta is go

    Bootnotes 08 15:43

  • IBM reaffirms bright profit picture

    Sam Palmisano has to wear shades

    Financial News 08 15:45

  • Super-soldier exoskeletons ready for troop tests in 2010

    Reg interviews suited-up inventor. Very politely

    Science 08 16:14

  • ATIC ponies up $3.9bn to buy Chartered

    Crunch time in the chip biz

    Financial News 08 18:07

  • Microsoft pulls Windows 7 balloons from Euro 'launch parties'

    It's more fun in America

    Bootnotes 08 18:09

  • Adobe and Oracle postpone quarterly patches

    Schtop! This security update isn't ready yet

    Security 08 19:51

  • Troll blockers take Microsoft SGI patents

    Open-source defenders jump in

    Software 08 20:24

  • Byrne's naked shorting crusade outs Yahoo! security vuln

    From Wikimadness to cross-site scripting

    Security 08 20:30

  • What US Homeland Security collects about you

    Inside your terrorist score

    Security 08 20:43

  • Lynnfield mobos on the march

    Core i7 & i5, meet P55 & LGA 1156

    Hardware 08 20:54

  • Website exposes sensitive details on military personnel

    Required by law

    Security 08 21:11

  • eBay flies to Sun for data center head

    The Oracle skedaddle

    Business 08 22:52

  • NASA panel: Human spaceflight in 'unsustainable trajectory'

    Needs $3bn more for viable exploration program

    Science 08 23:49