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Fancy winning a million quid from NetApp?

One lucky new customer could get a million quid's worth of NetApp gear, if they reduce their storage usage by half in a virtualised environment using NetApp kit.
Chris Mellor, 07 Sep 2009

Apple's iPhone loses carriers money, claims researcher

The iPhone isn't the cash-cow many operators behave as though they believe it to be, a market watcher claims.
Tony Smith, 07 Sep 2009

Barclays online banking takes a dive

Barclays online banking services are mainly unavailable this morning.
John Oates, 07 Sep 2009

EU urges wise-up to combat rampant ATM crime

The rise in ATM-related crime has prompted a EU security agency to urge consumers to be more careful about withdrawing money from cash machines.
John Leyden, 07 Sep 2009

Boozy chess grandmaster passes out mid-game

Roistering Russian grandmaster Vladislav Tkachiev, long famed as the Oliver Reed of the international pro chess circuit, reportedly passed out drunk during a tournament match in India and "had to be carried off".
Lewis Page, 07 Sep 2009

Google acts to quell critics of book deal

Google has written a letter to 16 European Union publishers in an effort to allay some of their concerns about Mountain View’s digital books settlement in the US.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Sep 2009

Investigators blind on P2P child abuse

Child abuse investigators plan to focus efforts on the use of peer to peer networks to distribute images, following a "wholesale move" in sex offenders' online behaviour .
Christopher Williams, 07 Sep 2009

Explorers unearth cat-sized rat

A BBC camera crew backed by biologists has identified a new species of giant rat. The massive rodent has been discovered living exclusively inside the crater of an extinct Papua New Guinea volcano.
Lester Haines, 07 Sep 2009
Dell Latitude 2100

Dell Latitude 2100

ReviewA side-effect of Dell's last internal reorganisation is that the company has separate teams working on very similar products but aimed at different kinds of user. Taking the case in hand, the Latitude 2100 is a netbook aimed at major organisations – primarily educational – who want to buy machines of a predetermined spec in bulk. So it has been designed by a wholly different team from the one responsible for the consumer-oriented Inspiron Mini series.
Alun Taylor, 07 Sep 2009
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Vista and Lotus: Knowing when to let go of a brand

Microsoft spent an absolute fortune on the Vista brand. In marketing terms, the Vista campaign was huge by any standards, and was a big success insofar as raising awareness of Microsoft's next-generation Windows offering was concerned.
Dale Vile, 07 Sep 2009

Huawei pours cold water on Oz spy probe reports

Chinese networking equipment maker Huawei has denied reports that Australian security agencies are investigating its business.
John Leyden, 07 Sep 2009

Sarko boosts standing by standing in front of dwarves

The wheels appear to have come off French prez Nick Sarko's latest attempt to boost his international standing, after it was revealed he was backed at a motor technology plant speech by the shortest workers the company could rustle up.
Lester Haines, 07 Sep 2009

Commodore 64 emulator hits iPhone

A Commodore 64 emulator - complete with 64 retro titles - has gone on sale for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Tony Smith, 07 Sep 2009

US Navy boffins invent aircraft-to-sub laser phone

US Navy boffins say they have developed a method which could allow aircraft to communicate with submarines using frickin' laser beams.
Lewis Page, 07 Sep 2009
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Dell waves job axe in Bracknell, keeps schtum on numbers

Dell is continuing to trim its workforce in the UK, but has refused to comment on how many of its employees have been affected by the latest cuts.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Sep 2009

Labour calls for free Wi-Fi on trains

The Scottish Labour Party is calling for trains and buses to offer free Wi-Fi, following the tradition of parties not in power of calling for impractical, but populist, measures.
Bill Ray, 07 Sep 2009

China 'orders Baidu cleanup'

The balance of power in China's internet search market could soon change, as the government orders home grown music services to clean up their acts. But it could be worse news for Wall Street investors who have backed the Chinese giant without fully assessing the risks.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Sep 2009

Worm wiggles through weary WordPress

Hackers are exploiting older installations of WordPress to distribute blog comment spam and disguise links to malware-contaminated sites.
John Leyden, 07 Sep 2009

Office online and Windows Mobile: Ballmer's last laugh

Radio RegIt wasn't the glazed expression or the tired nod. It was the dismissive laugh that characterized how Steve Ballmer and Microsoft failed to fully comprehend the iPhone.

Spider from Mars Malaysia dubbed David Bowie

A newly-discovered spider has been dubbed Heteropoda davidbowie, in the hope that slapping the rock star's moniker on the beast will help raise awareness about the plight of endangered arachnid species worldwide.
Lester Haines, 07 Sep 2009

Tory MP to sue over sex smear email

Conservative Nadine Dorries today issued libel writs against former Downing Street spin doctor Damian McBride and Labour activist Derek Draper, who together over email planned to smear her private life.
Christopher Williams, 07 Sep 2009

Facebook Fan Check scareware begets malign ware-scares

Searching for information about a supposed virus threat affecting Facebook might itself be hazardous.
John Leyden, 07 Sep 2009

Japanese mobile operators shout 'Avast' at piracy

The Japanese are considering forcing packet inspection on mobile networks in order to identify, and disconnect, copyright infringing pirates.
Bill Ray, 07 Sep 2009

Google-fixated EC chiefs ask Europe to revise copyright law

Brussels needs to rethink its copyright laws to cover digital books, two Eurocrats declared today.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Sep 2009

Bank of America demands thumbprint from armless bloke

A Florida man is a bit hacked off with the Bank of America after it refused to cash a cheque made out to his missus unless he provided a thumbprint - a slight impediment to the transaction, because he has no arms.
Lester Haines, 07 Sep 2009

Lotus details meths-drinking hybrid e-car engine

Leccy TechLotus has announced details of an engine designed specifically as a range extender for hybrid e-cars.
Alun Taylor, 07 Sep 2009

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