2nd September 2009 Archive

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  • EMC demos cloak of storage invisibility

    Chillin' with FAST, SATA, and SSDs

    Storage 02 02:17

  • Intel vows PC virtualization skoolin' for OEMs

    If all else fails, fiddle

    Virtualization 02 03:25

  • IDC outs the worst quarter in server history

    Drawn and second quartered

    Servers 02 04:02

  • AMD to beat Nvidia in DX11 GPU release race?

    Windows 7 graphics tech prompts chip updates

    Hardware 02 06:02

  • Google blames Gfail on 'availability' upgrade

    100-minute outage. Won't happen again. Really

    Media 02 07:08

  • Arms biz: Your taxes mainly go on our fat salaries! Ha ha!

    'We don't want to highlight Afghanistan'

    Government 02 07:44

  • Dixons blames PC World for falling sales

    Still grim on the High Street

    The Channel 02 08:09

  • Illinois bright spark sparks car inferno

    Narrowly avoids Darwin Award immortality

    Bootnotes 02 08:43

  • Nokia chucks free music phones at Spotify

    Comes With Music... or else

    Mobile 02 09:15

  • EMC swallows indexer Kazeon

    Acquisition machine rumbles ever onward

    Storage 02 09:25

  • USB overseer ready to certify SuperSpeed kit

    Paves way for release of USB 3.0 devices

    Hardware 02 09:28

  • NASA sat snaps LA wildfire

    City threatened by 'most intense' blaze in 10 years

    Science 02 09:45

  • Blu-ray body talks up, fails to detail 3D content standard

    Quick, onto the Avatar trailer bandwagon!

    Hardware 02 09:51

  • Toshiba touts 640GB laptop hard drive

    High data density means small, efficient drive

    Hardware 02 10:09

  • HTC tells of Touch 2

    Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone

    Phones 02 10:15

  • Brit inventor wants prison for patent crims

    Trevor Baylis winds himself up

    Government 02 10:18

  • Prince of Darkness scares UK mobe firms

    Mandy declares agreement imminent on 'issues'

    Mobile 02 10:29

  • The A-to-Z of VMware suitors

    Why virtually all storage vendors are so keen

    Virtualization 02 10:39

  • MS warns of forced Messenger update

    More fallout from ATL snafu

    Security 02 10:42

  • BMW unveils futuristic Vision

    Stylish hybrid with F1 tech and 435-mile range

    Science 02 11:02

  • Orange predicts death of bosses and birth of P2P offices

    The future's bright, the future lacks a CEO

    Mobile 02 11:11

  • How much of the EU's data will the UK lose?

    STORK eID project, meet the pub car park...

    Government 02 11:20

  • Boffins: Give up on CO2 cuts, only geoengineering can work

    Ordinary eco-efforts a foolish distraction

    Science 02 11:28

  • Germany says 'nein' to Google book deal

    Justice minister claims program 'runs afoul of law'

    Law 02 11:45

  • Nokia confirms N97 Mini

    Like the N97, only smaller

    Phones 02 12:40

  • Rock Xtreme X790

    Desktop Core i7 in a notebook

    Laptops 02 12:41

  • Panasonic slims Micro Four Thirds compact

    No pentaprism, even smaller body

    Hardware 02 12:47

  • Boffins fail to detect Moon's strangeness

    Quark hunt ends in a handful of dust

    Science 02 12:54

  • Four arrested in China over net-paralysing gaming spat

    DDoS kerfuffle between rivals causes web chaos

    Security 02 13:09

  • Toshiba claims 2.5-inch disk leadership

    Only Seagate got there first

    Storage 02 13:51

  • Scottish gov to curb personal data collection

    Authorities will have to keep their paws off

    Law 02 13:54

  • Solid State of the union

    Some SSD inaugurations

    Storage 02 14:16

  • Cisco's UCS needs a bra

    Reanimating Howard Hughes

    Servers 02 14:17

  • Nokia bigs up innovators... kinda

    Porting efforts, pre-installed apps - it's the future

    Developer 02 14:20

  • Desktop virtualization: More than a little interest

    Like the idea, but what's the reality?

    Software 02 14:31

  • Azerbaijani donkey bloggers face seven years' jail

    Trumped up charges are a pain in the ass

    Security 02 14:44

  • Hands on with the Nokia N900

    We rush to judgement

    Phones 02 14:58

  • Men far worse than women on password security

    And Brits rubbish at updating software

    Security 02 14:58

  • Sony jumps on the 3D TV gravy train

    3D TVs, Vaios and PS3s by late 2010

    Hardware 02 15:02

  • PS3 phone out next month

    Aino doubt about it

    Phones 02 15:05

  • Secret US spontaneous human combustion beam tested

    Silent deathray in first blast from the skies

    Science 02 15:06

  • The Virtualization Workshop

    Beaming live right now! Get stuck in folks.

    Software 02 15:22

  • Red Hat stretches Linux system management tentacle

    Satellite 5.3 of love

    Systems 02 15:30

  • Oracle to talk Sun hardware on October 14

    Promises Big Blue busting benchmarks

    Servers 02 15:40

  • Microsoft rejects call to fix SQL password-exposure risk

    Unpatched and staying that way

    Security 02 18:14

  • Red Hat pumps out commercial KVM

    RHEL 5.4 gives customers a taste

    Operating Systems 02 18:30

  • EU may delay Oracle's Sun acquisition

    Golden 'chutes not deployed

    Applications 02 18:33

  • The internet celebrates the Big Four-O

    Or at least one of them

    Networks 02 20:19

  • Microsoft confirms IIS bug gives complete server control

    But only if ...

    Security 02 20:45

  • Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

    Abandon ye rhetoric

    Operating Systems 02 20:49

  • GTA maker coughs up $20m for 'hot coffee' sex

    Grand Theft Auto Rumpy Pumpy

    Media 02 22:37