1st September 2009 Archive

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  • Mozilla: Web's future rests with millions outside IT

    'Seat-belt moment' is here

    Media 01 08:02

  • Discovery pair prep for first spacewalk

    Shuttle on its way with spectacular night launch

    Science 01 09:12

  • Netbooks took a fifth of mobile PC biz in Q2

    Big demand in US, Europe

    Hardware 01 09:13

  • eBay close to Skype sale

    Hanging up on VoIP

    VoIP 01 09:22

  • EU consults on problems of digitising libraries

    Sorting out the scanner-inners

    Media 01 09:43

  • Spanish boy racer cuffed for snapping self on mobe

    While drunk, without a licence, jumping red lights, etc etc

    Bootnotes 01 09:46

  • Hitachi factories punch out 500GB, 7200rpm laptop HDD

    Built to Trusted Computing Group's Opal standard

    Hardware 01 09:53

  • Opera stretches vocal cords with v.10 release

    Hits a few bum notes, but is anyone listening?

    Applications 01 10:05

  • 3 goes after Apple's App Store

    Samsung's arrives in a fortnight

    Mobile 01 10:07

  • LG to demo 'world's biggest' OLED TV this week

    15in model beats Sony's pioneering XEL-1 - just

    Hardware 01 10:24

  • Samsung Android phone finally hits O2

    Got here at last....

    Phones 01 10:28

  • NZ woman sacked for SHOUTY EMAILS

    Awarded NZ$17k for UNFAIR DISMISSAL

    Bootnotes 01 10:33

  • Celebs join call for official Turing apology

    Fight for posthumous justice

    Government 01 10:58

  • Samsung steels itself for Twittering yoof touchphone release

    Presenting the... er... Corby

    Phones 01 10:59

  • Lord Mandelson wants mobile internet fix

    Operators called in to explain themselves

    Government 01 11:00

  • Official: Grand Theft Auto coming to iPhone

    Apple gadget embraces virtual underworld

    Games 01 11:01

  • O2 just can't keep it up

    Another data outage over Bank-holiday weekend

    Mobile 01 11:03

  • SanDisk upgrades Clip music player

    Well, just about...

    Hardware 01 11:24

  • Sony to ship Chrome Vaios

    Electronics giant adopts Google browser

    Hardware 01 11:40

  • Samsung unveils DSLR-style compact camera

    One lens, but a 24x optical zoom

    Hardware 01 11:45

  • Samsung N110

    The best keyboard on a netbook yet?

    Laptops 01 12:02

  • Caviar Black gets 2TB model

    WD expands range upwards

    Hardware 01 12:02

  • Sony snubs Microsoft in Google Chrome browser deal

    Internet Explorer? Never heard of it, mate

    Applications 01 12:02

  • Android app puts signs where they should be

    Drivers glued to mobiles - what could possibly go wrong?

    Applications 01 12:12

  • Dole bludger fined for BNP leak

    List leaker was party insider

    Law 01 12:15

  • Seagate to whip out 1TB 2.5-incher

    Never mind the width, look at the depth

    Storage 01 12:16

  • California child kidnapper stalked Street View van

    Phillip Garrido caught on camera?

    Law 01 12:18

  • The cloud virtualization black hole

    Silence is deafening

    Software 01 12:24

  • Adobe makes mystery web buy

    Keeps mum on deal

    Developer 01 13:44

  • Microsoft names the day for iPhone come-back punch

    Handsets and apps store ready to go

    Operating Systems 01 14:02

  • Samsung spins out DJ PMP

    Scratch, mix and spin

    Hardware 01 14:12

  • NY residents sue for $100m over phone masts

    Short boxes killing property prices

    Mobile 01 14:25

  • Malware thrown on California bush fires

    Scareware burns incautious surfers

    Security 01 14:28

  • iRiver e-book reader spied online?

    Looks a lot like Kindle...

    Hardware 01 14:35

  • Dell rides after Cisco with Brocade, Scalent posse

    Deputizes partners for unified computing

    Storage 01 15:54

  • Skype's the limit for eBay: Voip biz sold to private investors

    Hangs on to 35 per cent of biz, ditches IPO

    VoIP 01 15:55

  • Microsoft names Windows Mobile 6.5 release date

    New Windows phones in-bound

    Phones 01 16:19

  • 5 men named in racket that netted $4m in stolen card data

    All aboard the Western Express Cybercrime Group

    Security 01 18:03

  • Microsoft sneak peeks embedded Windows 7

    Due second half of 2010 (maybe)

    Operating Systems 01 18:25

  • Spyware ad-on targets Firefox fans

    Fake Flash bash

    Security 01 18:27

  • Parallels unfurls desktop virt for Windows, Linux

    A haven for XP Mode refugees

    Virtualization 01 19:00

  • VMware plots world data centre domination

    Why use anything else?

    Virtualization 01 19:09

  • Will Intel's Braidwood threaten SSD uptake?

    Motherboard module squares up

    Storage 01 20:00

  • South Africa official calls for 'outright ban' on pornography

    I wanna be like China

    Government 01 20:06

  • Dot Hill punts array of disk arrays

    Snapshot backup connects the dots

    Storage 01 20:20

  • Amazon API crackdown neuters book apps

    New keys to the etail kingdom

    Media 01 20:34

  • Gmail in massive web outage

    San Francisco, New York, London, and, yes, Google

    Media 01 20:46

  • Buggy home routers expose O2 customers to hijacking

    O2 looking in to it

    Security 01 21:47

  • VMware in quest to marry internal, external clouds

    Dreams of virtual data center

    Virtualization 01 21:57

  • Russian prez launches YouTube channel

    Turn on, Kremlin, tune out

    Media 01 22:12

  • Twitter tracker goes twotspotting

    But don't call it that

    Media 01 22:24

  • Cisco predicts swift California ramp

    Faster than a LAN switch

    Servers 01 22:46

  • UK Parliament website hack exposes shoddy passwords

    Lights on, no one home

    Security 01 23:43