27th August 2009 Archive

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  • Japan gets battery swapping electric taxis

    Making Tokyo a 'Better Place'

    Science 27 00:03

  • Mass web infection pinned on hardened crime gang

    DIY exploit launch pads mushroom

    Security 27 00:07

  • Judge orders cybersquatter to pay Verizon $33m

    Massive default damages ruled acceptable

    Broadband 27 00:13

  • UK banks 'not doing enough' on internet fraud

    Which? lists security saints and sinners

    Security 27 09:13

  • OCZ pitches 'best value' SLC SSD

    Better performance than MLC drives

    Hardware 27 09:15

  • Chelsio imitates LeftHand Networks

    Launches new USS enterprise

    Storage 27 09:15

  • Virgin mail struggles to its feet

    Three-day outage remains unexplained

    Broadband 27 09:30

  • Sharp intros 5in ARM-based netbook

    Ubuntu Linux on board

    Hardware 27 09:55

  • NetApp's missing bits: Don't we need a switch infrastructure?

    There's an elephant in the room, and it don't look quite right

    Storage 27 10:00

  • Microsoft re-jigs Xbox 360 range

    Pricier Arcade, cheaper Elite, no Pro

    Games 27 10:04

  • PSP Go pulled to pieces

    Man tears apart Sony's latest handheld

    Games 27 10:37

  • Versata saps $139m out of SAP

    Pockets rather more than it actually asked for

    Financial News 27 10:49

  • Zune exec bails ahead of player's upcoming HD launch

    Knowing when to iTune out

    Media 27 10:51

  • Exploding iPhone total rises as Oz officials probe alleged fakes

    Wave of Chinese counterfeits to blame?

    Phones 27 11:23

  • Pirate Bay saviour faces more trouble

    Deal hangs on a thread as GGF shareholders mull takeover

    Media 27 11:35

  • Official: Google wants to tell you what to think

    Anoints Google-approved writers

    Media 27 11:49

  • NHS heals serious spoof email flaw

    XSS flaw opened door to bogus swine flu advice

    Government 27 11:54

  • How to turn a world leader into a fourth-rate broadband economy

    Filling in the wide open white spaces

    Broadband 27 11:58

  • Intel 'Lynnfield'

    Next-gen Core i7 - and Core i5

    Hardware 27 12:02

  • Blazing laptop of death claims one

    Computer conflagration kills Canadian

    Notebooks 27 12:05

  • Forget solar panels, it's time for rooftop slime-tanks

    And offshore 'artificial tree' forests. Apparently

    Science 27 12:21

  • Boffins render full HD million-point animated hologram

    One step closer to astromech droids?

    Hardware 27 12:24

  • CRB looks to ID cards to solve accuracy woes

    One day, their prints may come

    Government 27 12:58

  • Emulex finally gets IBM design win

    Adoption proves chip actually exists

    Storage 27 13:02

  • Google's move into mortgages spawns lawsuit

    Sub primes are us

    Financial News 27 14:00

  • NetApp flashes array SSD

    Another STEC win

    Storage 27 14:02

  • Nokia announces Linux-based smartphone

    But insists the N900 is an internet tablet'

    Phones 27 14:06

  • Microsoft FATtens up patent portfolio

    Linux vendor Tuxera enters arena

    Developer 27 14:30

  • Apple and Snow Leopard take-downs - just say no

    It's fun to throw out those D-M-C-A-s...

    Bootnotes 27 15:06

  • Fire at Google UK

    Oompa Loompas in petrol/BBQ mix-up?

    Applications 27 15:11

  • Tossable bots for US Navy SEALs

    Beercan-sized rollerdroids to replace hurl-cams?

    Science 27 15:19

  • MSI launches Windows 7 touchscreen PC

    All-in-one desktop

    Hardware 27 15:20

  • Sony launches almost-flagship DSLR

    Alpha 850 to Alpha 900 features at a lower price

    Hardware 27 15:25

  • Pirate Bay suitor gets backing for buy

    Not a done deal yet, though...

    Media 27 15:29

  • Asus eyes e-book biz for Eee extension

    Out to undercut Sony?

    Hardware 27 15:47

  • Cray nabs PathScale compilers from SiCortex

    Plans open source release for journeyman code

    Servers 27 15:48

  • Phishing emails dry up as fraudsters switch tactic

    Change up

    Security 27 17:33

  • Linux guru: interface innovation is the challenge

    Get over Windows and Mac

    Operating Systems 27 18:42

  • Bookie lays odds on next Microsoft head transplant

    Black? White? Lizard?

    Bootnotes 27 19:10

  • Snow Leopard - what doesn't work

    Photoshop Elements. Macromedia FreeHand. The Reg?

    Operating Systems 27 19:23

  • Fujitsu-Siemens pulls a Sony with Windows 7 virtual switch off

    Windows XP Mode killer

    Virtualization 27 19:31

  • VMware goes into hyper-drive with vSphere 4.0

    Microsoft, Xen take their shots

    Virtualization 27 19:43

  • Trojan zaps banking credentials via IM

    Instant gratification

    Security 27 22:27

  • Dell and HP sing Microsoft tune on Word injunction

    Patent litigation "free-for-all" claimed

    Applications 27 22:38

  • Novell profits even as sales slide

    Linux still growing

    Financial News 27 23:00

  • Google probed by Italy's anti-trust arm

    FIEG you

    Media 27 23:19

  • Apple decrees Spotify worthy of iPhone

    App Store joy for Unamericans

    Media 27 23:20

  • Canucks crack whip on Facebook privacy

    Death becomes your profile

    Media 27 23:29

  • Feds warn of malware in fake credit union advisory

    Trojan goes postal

    Security 27 23:49