26th August 2009 Archive

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  • Big chip for big boxes: IBM cracks open lid on Power7

    Gauntlet time

    Servers 26 Aug 00:07

  • US broadband speeds 15 years behind South Korea

    Slow like molasses in winter

    Broadband 26 Aug 00:12

  • Yahoo! News confused on theft of Lego giraffe's todger

    Anatomy 101

    Bootnotes 26 Aug 00:16

  • Multitaskers: suckers for irrelevancy, easily distracted

    Report fingers generation goldfish

    Bootnotes 26 Aug 00:29

  • Teen kidnapped over Sony PSP

    When resale goes bad

    Security 26 Aug 00:39

  • Kettle car breaks speed record

    Celebratory cuppas all round

    Science 26 Aug 08:19

  • PC buyers not turned on to Blu-ray Disc

    At least five years until BD supplants DVD in PCs

    Hardware 26 Aug 08:25

  • Nokia 'seeking partners' for ARM-based netbook

    Wintel not the fruit for phone giant, claim moles

    Hardware 26 Aug 08:45

  • AMD Bulldozer core to weave multiple threads

    But not the way Intel's HyperThreading does so

    Hardware 26 Aug 09:23

  • Legal ruling may hit outsourcing claims

    Employment tribunal ruling could open floodgates

    Law 26 Aug 09:44

  • SpectraLogic yanks dedupe limitation

    More drives pile into libraries

    Storage 26 Aug 09:48

  • Blimp radar makes first flight

    Defence against terrorist death drones, kamikazes

    Science 26 Aug 10:04

  • PS3 Slim unscrewed

    iFixit takes latest console to bits

    Games 26 Aug 10:07

  • Notorious hacker Analyzer pleads guilty on credit card scam

    $10m scam perp puts hands up

    Security 26 Aug 10:30

  • Offical Mini N97 shot spied online

    Launching this year, says Vodafone

    Phones 26 Aug 10:45

  • Small businesses cheer on economy

    Smile darn ya smile

    Small Biz 26 Aug 10:53

  • Man mods 25-year-old phone into media centre PC

    Mobira Talkman transformed (internally)

    Phones 26 Aug 10:53

  • Who rejected Google Voice on the iPhone?

    Apple's decision not exactly rocket science

    VoIP 26 Aug 10:54

  • Consumers: Gucci out, gadgets in

    Tech biz not rag trade defining new fashions, says MS

    Hardware 26 Aug 11:01

  • NHS email feeling better now

    Day off just the ticket

    Government 26 Aug 11:19

  • Office 2010 to come loaded with WGA's bastard child

    Microsoft takes advantage

    Applications 26 Aug 11:21

  • Placky MacBook revamp on the cards, claim moles

    Overhaul to put an end to cracking cases?

    Hardware 26 Aug 11:34

  • Sony takes on the Kindle

    Ebook war is declared

    Notebooks 26 Aug 11:40

  • UK population to abandon Midlands

    Orange finds everyone heading for hills

    Mobile 26 Aug 11:42

  • Asus CEO blasts ARM netbooks

    Lacks clear USP, apparently

    Hardware 26 Aug 11:55

  • How to run Mac OS X on a generic PC

    No need for hacked software

    Software 26 Aug 12:02

  • MS phishing filter blacklists everything

    You all look bloody shifty to me

    Security 26 Aug 12:24

  • Novell starts distie cuts

    More to come, warns EMEA boss

    The Channel 26 Aug 12:25

  • Cisco and EMC allegedly sitting in tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

    VMWorld speculates on possible joint venture

    Servers 26 Aug 12:31

  • Huge 'vampyrus' bats being hunted to extinction

    Tagged aerial scrumper study: Batshit crisis looming

    Science 26 Aug 12:47

  • Man beaten and stabbed by Gumtree scammers

    Police issue common sense warning

    Law 26 Aug 12:50

  • Fujitsu cuts 1,200 UK jobs after revenue mauling

    Even though EMEA sales grew 38% in Q1...

    CIO 26 Aug 13:04

  • Designer draws hydrogen-powered Aston Martin

    Not Vantage, but 'Volare'

    Science 26 Aug 13:19

  • Unravelling the cloud confusion

    Everything as a service?

    Software 26 Aug 13:22

  • Nokia designs phone-based financial app

    Handheld cash machines?

    Phones 26 Aug 13:57

  • Google applies patch to nasty Chrome vulns

    Heal thy bleeding sores

    Security 26 Aug 14:24

  • Lightning-gun tech 'approaching weaponisation'

    Settings: Gadget bricker, skeleton-strobe, smoking boots

    Science 26 Aug 14:31

  • Amazon does virtual private clouds

    Next step, real private EC2 clouds?

    Storage 26 Aug 14:37

  • French govt to investigate immolating iPhone claims

    Spate of accidents prompt inquiry

    Phones 26 Aug 14:47

  • Cutting your teeth on desktop virtualization?

    Complete our poll and share the experience

    Software 26 Aug 15:01

  • Nokia banks on cash transfer biz

    Inter-bank exchange via SMS

    Mobile 26 Aug 15:02

  • Mininova flattened by Dutch court

    Ordered to remove BitTorrent files or face big fine

    Media 26 Aug 16:00

  • FSF launches Windows 7 anti-upgrade letter campaign

    Less is more "sins"

    Operating Systems 26 Aug 18:28

  • Microsoft apologizes for digital head transplant

    It's black. It's white

    Bootnotes 26 Aug 18:34

  • YouTube to share ad money with viral videos

    One-off vids allowed into partnership program

    Media 26 Aug 18:50

  • US music publishers sue online lyrics sites

    Go call you a lawyer

    Media 26 Aug 21:15

  • Sun goes over Rainbow Falls

    At Hot Chips, not in a barrel

    Hardware 26 Aug 22:19

  • Dig deep for Microsoft's Windows 7 advice line

    Pay to play - and migrate

    Operating Systems 26 Aug 22:24

  • Adobe rubberstamps (only) CS4 for Snow Leopard

    CS3? It's not 'not supported'

    Applications 26 Aug 22:41

  • Mechwarrior maker claims Microsoft 'destroyed' studio's culture

    And nearly killed Bungie

    Media 26 Aug 22:46

  • Twitter botches patch for nasty account-hijacking bug

    All your tweets are belong to us

    Security 26 Aug 22:54

  • Storage Fusion lowers prices on intimate searches

    Storage resource analytics as a service

    Storage 26 Aug 23:12

  • Tibco snaps up DataSynapse for $28m

    Cloudy aspirations

    Servers 26 Aug 23:33

  • Poor porn protection hurt Firefox 3 uptake

    "Certain bookmarks" best left unexposed

    Applications 26 Aug 23:57