25th August 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft gets smart with dumb phones

    Offloads processing and storage

    Mobile 25 00:39

  • Yahoo! promises to abduct 'people' search from Google

    Interface, not Bing, is king

    Media 25 01:14

  • Doctor investigated for posting inkblots to Wikipedia

    Psychs fear intimacy test cheat sheet

    Bootnotes 25 01:23

  • Wanova promises virtual desktop you can use

    Gold cache

    Hardware 25 01:48

  • Pillar offers storage clunkers cash too

    What's good for Xiotech is good for Pillar

    Storage 25 07:37

  • Emulex gets feeble IBM backslap

    Not certification, not OEM deal

    Storage 25 07:47

  • Parallels woos Apple cult converts

    Virtualization and indoctrination

    Operating Systems 25 08:02

  • Government unbans dirty vids but bans 'legal highs'

    Thatcher's legacy - dirty DVDs for all

    Law 25 08:53

  • NASA scrubs Discovery launch

    Rain stops play

    Science 25 08:55

  • Amazon pre-empts PS3 Slim launch date

    Gunning for 27 August deliveries

    Games 25 09:03

  • EMC doubles up mainframe VTL capacity, throughput

    Still lags behind IBM though

    Storage 25 09:10

  • Breathe Networks administrator to hold creditors' meeting

    Playing leapfrog with a Unicorn

    Financial News 25 09:30

  • EMC makes Clariion VMware-aware

    Whilst Dell CX4 arrays plan more time doing nothing

    Storage 25 09:32

  • Nokia smartphone-cum-web tablet re-emerges

    Maemo-based smartphone or N810 successor?

    Phones 25 09:33

  • Sony inks Motion Control launch date

    Giving developers time to support it

    Games 25 09:39

  • MimeCast soups up email SAAS

    It's all floating cloudwards

    Storage 25 09:49

  • UK.gov revives net cut-off threat for illegal downloaders

    Mandelson to get new powers, suggests Mandelson

    Law 25 09:55

  • Application management – how many apps do you have?

    Thine own self thou must know

    Applications 25 10:02

  • NetApp heading cloudwards

    New generation software provides cloud storage ONTAP

    Storage 25 10:04

  • Asus adds Nvidia Ion to all-in-one Eee PC

    Drops the touch-sensitive screen

    Hardware 25 10:05

  • PNY punts 'lifetime warranty' graphics cards

    If it breaks in 2029, they'll replace it

    Hardware 25 10:15

  • US likely to downgrade Euro missile-interceptor plans

    Rogue-state ICBMs 'haven't arrived on schedule'

    Science 25 10:23

  • Mobile snooping for everyone in weeks

    German hackers crack GSM encryption

    Mobile 25 10:37

  • A Geeks Guide2 ...Dan Bricklin

    40% discount at Reg Books

    Site News 25 10:52

  • Shock jock blames Britain for hack attack

    Savage site ravaged - entire population to blame

    Security 25 10:56

  • Pirate Bay site down as anchor set adrift

    Dead as a stuffed parrot

    Data Networking 25 11:00

  • US 'grooming robot' to reduce navy bottom-fouling

    'Ensuring dominance and reducing dirty emissions'

    Science 25 11:02

  • There’s no escaping the cloud

    You can run, but you can’t hide

    Servers 25 11:38

  • Pink Floyd worm spreads on 'Chinese Facebook'

    Wish You Weren't Here

    Security 25 11:39

  • Nokia brandishes superfluous Booklet

    A laptop by any other name is just as meh

    Notebooks 25 11:59

  • Met hires Twitter consultancy

    Outsourced hive-mind ego surfing

    Law 25 12:01

  • Asus UX50V

    Easy on the eye, but not on the wallet

    Laptops 25 12:02

  • Smoking iMac caught on camera

    Filmed on iPhone 3GS...

    Hardware 25 12:21

  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard First Look

    Our initial impressions of Apple's new baby

    Hardware 25 12:48

  • Nokia announces 'N97 junior'

    Nokia targets touchscreen buyers

    Phones 25 12:55

  • New trial means Unix ownership still up for debate

    SCO vs Novell spat still alive and kicking

    Operating Systems 25 13:10

  • Walfamstow Cockney cash machine daffy ducked

    No sausage and mash, me old china

    Bootnotes 25 13:24

  • Cisco Wireless LANs at risk from 'skyjacking' flaw

    Catchily named vuln is all talk so far

    Security 25 13:52

  • Sony redesigns the Walkman, again

    S and E series models unleashed

    Hardware 25 14:04

  • LSI releases bigger, better Engenio array

    4900 offers more drives, features, speed

    Storage 25 14:04

  • Sony posts 'Daily Edition' e-book reader teaser

    Wireless Kindle-killer near release?

    Hardware 25 14:41

  • Yahoo! to! buy! Arab! world's! biggest! online! portal!

    Dress you up in my love, Maktoob

    Applications 25 14:50

  • DARPA seeks 'Precision Electronic Warfare'

    'Surgical jamming' bubble follows you to the corner

    Science 25 14:59

  • Freetards bully Burning Man

    You're oppressing Burners with your wicked copyright

    Media 25 15:58

  • Opera 10 hits release candidate status

    Full fat version coming next month

    Applications 25 15:59

  • Windows 7: Microsoft's three missed opportunities

    At least it's not Vista

    Operating Systems 25 16:00

  • Cutting your teeth on desktop virtualization?

    Complete our poll and share the experience

    Software 25 16:02

  • Electric motorcycle world championships planned

    TTxGP fuels e-bike enthusiasm

    Science 25 16:02

  • Silicon Valley wedding list targets hungry programmers

    I now pronounce you, a startup

    Developer 25 17:59

  • IBM cuts memory tags on big Power boxes

    Tweaks competitive replacement deal

    Servers 25 18:08

  • SSD flag bearer to quickly hit $2bn valuation

    Apex of STEC's bubble?

    Storage 25 18:21

  • Incompetence a bigger IT security threat than malign insiders

    You'd do better to worry about Mr Bean in accounts

    Security 25 19:22

  • Apple sneaks malware protection into Snow Leopard

    Coverage goes only so far

    Security 25 19:32

  • Embarcadero gets touchy with Windows 7 RAD

    Big niche or mass market?

    Developer 25 19:33

  • Wikipedia to crack down on celebrity Wikideaths

    Laissez-faire editors reined in

    Media 25 19:51

  • Stratus, NEC see double with fault-tolerant iron

    Xeon 5500 engineering push

    Servers 25 21:45

  • The multicore future, and how to survive it

    Avoiding the proprietary extensions trap

    Developer 25 23:07

  • Japan fine with cheap old mobile phones, ta very much

    Keep your smartphones and your netbooks

    Mobile 25 23:27