20th August 2009 Archive

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  • Indictment scuttled alleged credit-card hacker’s plea

    Angry Gonzalez attorney speaks

    Security 20 00:03

  • Online minor marketing law marked web's 'worst'

    Dubious legislative process

    Media 20 00:53

  • OFT to probe online advertising, pricing tactics

    Which is the best price comparison site, anyway?

    The Channel 20 09:21

  • Devon force divulges ANPR towns online

    TV promo website spills the beans

    Law 20 09:32

  • ProStor makes new money from old data

    Removable disk tech lights up the archives

    Storage 20 09:45

  • Samsung's second Android spied online

    InstinctQ pictured

    Phones 20 09:53

  • Anti-virus forgetfulness fubars Fox forecast

    Whither the weather?

    Security 20 10:18

  • Sony to make rechargeable batteries last 4x longer

    No more exploding handsets?

    Hardware 20 10:35

  • BlackBerry to get Adobe Flash support?

    Microsoft's Silverlight too, it's claimed

    Phones 20 10:37

  • A quarter of Brits packing multiple mobiles

    Hands and ears are only limit

    Mobile 20 10:49

  • Beer drinking model to get caned in Malaysia

    Religious police call time on beach party

    Bootnotes 20 10:51

  • 'Dragon's Egg' hurlable weeble-cams for US digi-troopers

    Land Warrior back, too. UK still working on Wheels 2.0

    Science 20 11:01

  • MySpace shoehorns its way into Facebook with iLike buy

    That's the way, iLike it

    Media 20 11:22

  • 'Postpone Kyoto successor', urges climate boffin

    Doing nothing is better than doing something stupid in Copenhagen

    Science 20 11:28

  • Orange prices up LG 3G watchphone for UK

    'Limited' launch next week

    Phones 20 11:30

  • Police drag feet following DNA law change

    Green's off - 850,000 to go

    Law 20 11:49

  • Georgens bags top NetApp job

    Warmenhoven steps aside after 15 years

    Storage 20 11:54

  • T-Mobile and AT&T stung in $22m handset scam

    Eight indicted in elaborate dealer fraud

    Mobile 20 12:00

  • Samsung S8000 Jet

    Pokey processor eclipsed by user friendliness?

    Phones 20 12:03

  • Canon slashes megapixels from next-gen PowerShot

    From the 14MP G10 to the 10Mp G11

    Hardware 20 12:20

  • Canon unveils pro- and family-oriented HD camcorder pair

    Two Legrias to stand on

    Hardware 20 12:29

  • HP strikes back on charges for 'free' Windows 7 upgrade

    'Don't look at us,' says Microsoft

    Operating Systems 20 12:53

  • Getting down and dirty with desktop virtualization

    Drilling down on real world practicalities

    Software 20 13:02

  • Orbital skydives to follow inflatable heatshield success?

    NASA steals march on Italian space-pod parachute babes

    Science 20 13:37

  • IEEE group aims to forge malware sharing standard

    Rebel Alliance forms to fight black-hatted evil empire

    Security 20 13:47

  • Twitter profile image spam touts smut

    Racy rogue followers hunt sheep

    Security 20 14:34

  • Nokia innovation award sees little innovation

    Especially if snipers are thin on the ground

    Mobile 20 14:46

  • Bose updates high-end headphones

    Less distraction, more music

    Hardware 20 14:51

  • YouTube injects cash into US F1 team

    Chad Hurley hopes to be all-American hero

    Bootnotes 20 15:25

  • US Navy aims to make jetfuel from seawater uranium

    Vampire-lust tales will rot your brain

    Science 20 15:49

  • Amazon limits PS3 Slim sales

    One per household in the US; maybe here too

    Games 20 16:15

  • Platform shared with CUDA in software bundle deal

    Computing management software firm shares the load

    HPC 20 16:44

  • Scientists ponder rules and ethics of robo helpers

    Anticipating mechanical cock-ups

    Science 20 18:46

  • Palm rejected Jobs's 'no poaching' Applers offer

    Legality questioned

    Business 20 18:57

  • Interoperability eludes Office and OpenOfffice

    OOXML-to-ODF results may vary

    Applications 20 19:40

  • Chip makers to flex their bits at Hot Chips

    Eight-core ante for CPUs

    HPC 20 21:20

  • Security bugs crawl all over financial giant’s website

    Ameriprise let flaws fester for five months

    Security 20 21:57

  • Oracle's Sun acquisition passes US anti-trust test

    Wanting closure

    Business 20 22:14

  • Internet junkie detox center claims US first

    Track addicts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

    Media 20 23:02

  • Music downloads greener than buying CDs

    iTunes = three billion miles saved

    Media 20 23:23

  • Linux chief challenges Microsoft to pony up on patents

    No-fly-zone for operating systems

    Software 20 23:47

  • OpenSUSE defaults to KDE

    Promises ongoing GNOME lovin'

    Operating Systems 20 23:56