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Indictment scuttled alleged credit-card hacker’s plea

Alleged hacker Albert "Segvec" Gonzalez was close to signing off on a comprehensive plea agreement that would have settled all pending charges when he was indicted on new counts Monday, according to a published report that cited his lawyer.
Dan Goodin, 20 Aug 2009

Online minor marketing law marked web's 'worst'

A US law stopping online firms selling to minors has made number-one in a top-ten list of "the worst internet laws in America".
Rik Myslewski, 20 Aug 2009

OFT to probe online advertising, pricing tactics

Consumer protection watchdog the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) will investigate online pricing tactics and internet advertising techniques that mislead consumers, it has said. It will also probe price comparison sites and behavioural advertising.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Aug 2009

Devon force divulges ANPR towns online

Devon and Cornwall Police has published the location of some of its road surveillance cameras on its website, despite these normally being secret.
Kable, 20 Aug 2009
For Sale sign detail

ProStor makes new money from old data

AnalysisArchiving is no big bucks bonanza. Look at the declining tape business, the collapse of Plasmon, and Copan struggling to survive. Yet in this harsh environment, startup ProStor, with its removable disk technology, appears to be booming.
Chris Mellor, 20 Aug 2009

Samsung's second Android spied online

Images of Samsung’s second Android-based smartphone have cropped up online.
James Sherwood, 20 Aug 2009

Anti-virus forgetfulness fubars Fox forecast

Measured and non-partisan US TV channel Fox was left looking rather silly after it forgot to renew the anti-virus subscription on an on-air PC.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2009

Sony to make rechargeable batteries last 4x longer

To read the Sony press release, you’d think that it had virtually invented the Lithium Ion battery in the first place, but now it has come up with a breakthrough next step – with a battery that will survive far more charges and discharges without its performance decaying.
Faultline, 20 Aug 2009

BlackBerry to get Adobe Flash support?

Research in Motion (Rim) would probably describe every BlackBerry as flash, but now the firm’s phones look set to become even more so: rumours are circulating that full Adobe Flash support is on its way to the range.
James Sherwood, 20 Aug 2009

A quarter of Brits packing multiple mobiles

One in four Brits admit to owning at least two mobile phones, with respondents citing privacy, contracts and handset subsidy as motivation.
Bill Ray, 20 Aug 2009

Beer drinking model to get caned in Malaysia

A Malaysian model faces six lashes of the cane for drinking beer at a beach resort in the mainly Muslim country.
Joe Fay, 20 Aug 2009

'Dragon's Egg' hurlable weeble-cams for US digi-troopers

US forces have become the latest to adopt a throwable camera system, intended to let combat troops see inside rooms, around corners and so on without exposing themselves to danger. Israeli forces have also used such equipment: the UK's MoD, by contrast, has chosen to fund British firms to develop a homegrown alternative.
Lewis Page, 20 Aug 2009

MySpace shoehorns its way into Facebook with iLike buy

MySpace has gained control of social music technology used on Facebook and other rival sites by acquiring iLike in a deal reported to be valued at $20m.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Aug 2009

'Postpone Kyoto successor', urges climate boffin

The chances of an international climate agreement being made at Copenhagen in December were already looking unlikely - but Japanese scientist Dr Syun Akasofu thinks we may as well call it off completely.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Aug 2009

Orange prices up LG 3G watchphone for UK

Orange has finally posted a UK price for LG’s watchphone, the GD910.
James Sherwood, 20 Aug 2009

Police drag feet following DNA law change

The Met has agreed to destroy DNA and fingerprints taken from Tory Immigration spokesman Damian Green last December - and they will delete other police records too. This follows a four-month battle, much foot-dragging, and a statement by ACPO that sounds suspiciously like yet more "off the cuff" law-making by the Police.
Jane Fae , 20 Aug 2009
homeless man with sign

Georgens bags top NetApp job

All change at NetApp as dominating long-term CEO Dan Warmenhoven steps aside and hands the CEO spot to his well-groomed successor, Tom Georgens.
Chris Mellor, 20 Aug 2009

T-Mobile and AT&T stung in $22m handset scam

Eight people have been indicted by a Brooklyn court for running a scam that involved dealers using customer details to order handsets, in a fraud worth $22m.
Bill Ray, 20 Aug 2009
Samsung Jet 8000

Samsung S8000 Jet

ReviewThe main selling point for the Samsung S8000 Jet isn't its OLED screen, or its 5Mp camera, or even its sleek and compact good looks. For this model, Samsung is highlighting a major element of the modern multimedia phone that often gets overlooked – the processor. The Samsung S8000 Jet comes with an industry-leading 800MHz processor – more powerful even than those on the big smartphones – which should make everything about it run faster and smoother.
Dave Oliver, 20 Aug 2009

Canon slashes megapixels from next-gen PowerShot

Canon has introduced its latest PowerShot camera: the G11, which replaces the existing G10.
James Sherwood, 20 Aug 2009

Canon unveils pro- and family-oriented HD camcorder pair

Still images bore some people to tears, so Canon has unwrapped two HD-capable Legria camcorders for them.
James Sherwood, 20 Aug 2009

HP strikes back on charges for 'free' Windows 7 upgrade

Hewlett-Packard has refuted complaints that it isn't fulfilling a promise of a "free" Windows 7 upgrade on PCs and laptops saying it had never made any such offer in the first place.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Aug 2009

Getting down and dirty with desktop virtualization

Reader WorkshopAs discussed earlier this week there is growing interest in desktop virtualization, despite many IT professionals having limited detailed knowledge of the technologies in this area. The chart below, for example, taken from a Reg Tech Panel survey, indicates a good awareness of the potential benefits across all sizes of organisation.
Tony Lock, 20 Aug 2009

Orbital skydives to follow inflatable heatshield success?

NASA has announced a successful live test of a prototype inflatable heat shield for re-entry to a planet's atmosphere. The blow-up shield could have important implications for future missions to Mars - and also, perhaps, for the nascent field of orbital spacesuit skydiving.
Lewis Page, 20 Aug 2009

IEEE group aims to forge malware sharing standard

The IEEE has brought together an alliance of anti-virus vendors in an industry group that aims to improve and better organise collaboration, with an initial focus on better standards for malware sample sharing.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2009

Twitter profile image spam touts smut

A Twitter spam campaign launched over Thursday night has seen many users of the micro-blogging site gaining new followers with racy profile images, inviting prospective marks to connect via MSN.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2009

Nokia innovation award sees little innovation

Nokia's Calling All Innovators competition is listing finalists again, but while last time saw dancing games and Fair Trade guides, this year we've got sniper-safe routing and home automation.
Bill Ray, 20 Aug 2009

Bose updates high-end headphones

Headphone manufacturer Bose has upped the ante in disturbance elimination, launching what it claims are its best performing and quietest cans to date.
James Sherwood, 20 Aug 2009

YouTube injects cash into US F1 team

YouTube co-founder and CEO Chad Hurley has joined the US Formula One team as its primary investor.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Aug 2009

US Navy aims to make jetfuel from seawater uranium

AnalysisCoverage of recent US Navy research into producing jet fuel from CO2 and hydrogen has been widely reported under headlines such as "making jet fuel from seawater". The coverage illustrates not only declining modern understanding of science and technology, but also the sad eclipse of proper science fiction by vampire-lust fantasies.
Lewis Page, 20 Aug 2009

Amazon limits PS3 Slim sales

Gamers hoping to shed some excess weight should act fast, Amazon has warned. The online retailer’s PlayStation 3 Slim stocks look set to sell out quickly, it reckons.
James Sherwood, 20 Aug 2009

Platform shared with CUDA in software bundle deal

Grid and cluster computing management software company Platform Computing has inked a distribution agreement with graphics chip maker nVidia. It will see the HPC expert bundle nVidia's CUDA programming environment with its cluster management tools and integrate it into those tools.

Scientists ponder rules and ethics of robo helpers

ROTMFuturists generally agree that autonomous robots will one day helm mankind's vehicles - largely due to the idea being totally awesome, but also because jet packs and rocket cars are terribly out of fashion within the profession.
Austin Modine, 20 Aug 2009

Palm rejected Jobs's 'no poaching' Applers offer

Two years ago, Apple chief exec Steve Jobs suggested to Palm's then-CEO Ed Colligan that the two companies agree not to hire each other's employees. Colligan reportedly refused, saying such a deal would be "likely illegal".
Rik Myslewski, 20 Aug 2009

Interoperability eludes Office and OpenOfffice

The simple task of opening a Microsoft Word document in OpenOffice using Open Document Format (ODF) and moving it back without jeopardizing your hard work continues to prove elusive.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Aug 2009

Chip makers to flex their bits at Hot Chips

Next week, the IEEE's annual Hot Chips conference will be take place at California's Stanford University, and it looks like there's an eight-core ante for any microprocessor vendor who wants to make a presentation.

Security bugs crawl all over financial giant’s website

For the past five months, a website for investment services giant Ameriprise Financial contained bugs that allowed even low-level criminals to inject malicious content into official company webpages and steal user's cookies, according to a web security expert.
Dan Goodin, 20 Aug 2009
DVD it in many colours

Oracle's Sun acquisition passes US anti-trust test

The $5.6bn takeover of Sun Microsystems by Oracle moved another step toward closing as the US Department of Justice has given the acquisition its nod.

Internet junkie detox center claims US first

A dedicated internet and gaming addiction recovery program has opened shop in Fall City, Washington, which claims to be the first of its kind in the US.
Austin Modine, 20 Aug 2009

Music downloads greener than buying CDs

Downloading digital music is better for the environment than buying physical CDs from a retail store or online etailer, according to a trio of researchers.
Rik Myslewski, 20 Aug 2009

Linux chief challenges Microsoft to pony up on patents

Microsoft's earned the respect of certain sections of the open-source community for its engineering work around open-source and Linux.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Aug 2009

OpenSUSE defaults to KDE

OpenSUSE is defaulting to the KDE desktop in the installation process beginning with the next release and onwards.
Austin Modine, 20 Aug 2009

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