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Georgian cyber attacks launched by Russian crime gangs

Last year's cyber attacks that brought internet traffic to a standstill in Georgia were carried out by civilians and Russian crime gangs, in some cases with the unwitting help of websites and software companies located in the US, according to researchers.
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Info Tribunal appeals to split from January

People appealing against rulings by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) will face a new tribunal structure from January next year. The Information Tribunal, which hears appeals on ICO rulings, will become part of a wider system.

Onyx Group scoops up financial services IT provider

Onyx Group has bought London-based IT firm Moffat Communications for an undisclosed sum.

Nvidia chuffed by Zune HD design win

Microsoft's upcoming Zune HD media player contains an Nvidia ARM-based system-on-a-chip, Tegra, the chip maker has revealed.

Video captures camera-capable iPod Touch

The iPod Touch looks set to gain a camera, if a recently leaked video is to be believed.
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IBM tempts threadbare councils with off-the-peg data analysis

Comment An initiative from IBM may help strengthen its ties in the public sector – but questions remain as to whether prospective clients are capable of getting the most from such a service.

Japan's top-selling mobile: iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS was the top-selling mobile phone in Japan last month, figures from market watcher GfK show.
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38% of large US companies have full-time email monitoring staff

Nearly four in ten companies have staff whose main job is to monitor the outgoing email of colleagues, according to US data security research. More than a third of the companies surveyed hired staff to perform only that monitoring function.
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Virgin hijacks empty pages

Updated Virgin broadband has started serving up advertising, instead of empty pages, when the domain you were looking for turns out not to be there.
Bill Ray, 18 2009
Apple Kindle killer

Apple won't take tablet to September iPod event, says mole

Desperate for iTablet news, World+Dog is reporting that Apple will host a music-centric event on 9 September.

Day of REST approaches for the cloud

Comment The term REST keeps on popping up when vendors and analysts talk about cloud storage. We're told that RESTful interfaces are more advanced than traditional filer interfaces such as NFS or CIFS. What is REST all about? Let's take a fairly simplistic look at REST, cast an eye in the direction of its advantages over the traditional NAS protocols, and try an overview comparison with Microsoft's SOAP protocol.
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Directgov farms out web content across Europe

Updated The UK government’s internet portal that serves as a one-stop public services shop for British citizens caches its website at locations throughout the European Union, The Register has learned.

Xbox 360 price to rise

Microsoft is to increase the recommended retail price of its Arcade model Xbox 360, according to retail channel reports.
Apple iPhone 3G S

Apple second only to Nokia in Euro smartphone biz

Apple has overtaken Research in Motion in the race to be Europe's top smartphone seller, figures from market watcher Canalys show.
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Miami health centre starts RFID soap snooping

RFID tags are being deployed at the University of Miami to report when doctors and nurses wash their hands, and let them know if their fingernails aren't clean.
Bill Ray, 18 2009
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Mozilla tries to shunt Firefox 3.0 users over to 3.5

Mozilla is coaxing users off Firefox 3.0 by prompting them to shift over to version 3.5 of its popular open source browser.

BMW's X6 turns eco

Leccy Tech BMW’s X6 is about to be re-born as an environmentally considerate hybrid.

Sony to delay 11in-plus OLED TV launch

Sony's development plans for large-size OLED TV screens have stalled, a mole has alleged.
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Bungling cybercops' r00t-y0u.org sting backfires

Australian Federal police have been humbled after boasting of taking over an underground cybercrime forum - only for hackers to break into a federal police computer system, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

EU turns beady eye on flaming iPod menace

Updated The European Commission has reportedly launched an investigation into the outbreak of flaming iPhones and iPods which has apparently raged across Europe this summer.
Joe Fay, 18 2009
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On VoIP for business

Small businesses are often reluctant to take the plunge and switch to VoIP - and this isn’t just about upfront cost of change, and potential disruption.

Dell denies dPhone debut

The Mini 3i Android-based mobile phone Dell showed off at a China Mobile even this past weekend was merely a proof of concept device, the company has claimed.
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Zombie plague analysed by Canadian maths prof

A Canadian infectious-diseases boffin has published an authoritative mathematical model of zombie plagues. He concludes that the only scenario in which our civilisation could survive a zombie outbreak is one in which normal humans react immediately using extreme violence against the undead, without any attempt to cure or quarantine them.
Intel X25-M

Intel X25-M 34nm Flash SSD

Review Intel was the first company to deliver a Sata SSD, its 80GB X25-M, and we were blown away by the combination of speed and silence. Unfortunately, the price was rather steep but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.
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Wireless power gets lovely shiny logo

The Wireless Power Consortium is very close to having a specification, but it has managed to create a logo and an unpronounceable name, so ticking all the Web 2.0 boxes.
Bill Ray, 18 2009
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Terracotta swallows open-source Java speed pill

Open-source Java clustering startup Terracotta is today expected to announce an acquisition that'll potentially boost the speed of clustered Java applications.
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Dawkins' website forum hacked to send spam

A website forum run by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins was compromised on Monday.
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SpinVox: Patricia Russo joins, quits almost immediately

Exclusive SpinVox recruited former Alcatel-Lucent CEO Patricia Russo as a director in June, only for the veteran telecoms exec to fly the coop almost immediately.
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NASA: Extraterrestrial sample holds ingredient for alien life

NASA boffins say that they have identified an amino acid, one of the key building blocks of Earth-style life, in material recovered from a comet far out in space. They say this supports the idea that life may be commonly found throughout the universe, and that they have eliminated the chance that the cometary sample has been contaminated by Earthly life.
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Getting under the shell of virtualization

Round up Week 3 What's an operating system anyway? The questions we posed this week were quite disconnected, but they inspired similar perspectives from the comments. Not least, respondents to the first article sought to address what exactly was an operating system. Graham Bartlett summed it up perhaps, by saying:
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Shop risks legal action for posting 'shoplifter' CCTV online

A new online initiative designed to crack down on shoplifters could be set to rebound badly on the retail chain pioneering it - and police advice on the law in matters of surveillance may yet again prove to be more optimistic than accurate.
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Robo autopilot 'digital parachute' lands light plane hands-off

Vid US aerospace firm Rockwell, prominent in the unmanned aircraft biz, is engaged in developing truly automatic pilots - ones able to conduct even landings without human input - for light manned aeroplanes. The developments offer another small step towards the long-desired flying car.

Most gamers fat and miserable, finds study

Overweight? Depressed? Aged 35? Answer 'yes' to all three and you are almost certainly a gamer.
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DIY GSM network is go

Delegates attending the Hacking At Random conference managed to string together their own GSM network, demonstrating just how ubiquitous, and modular, mobile telephony has become.
Bill Ray, 18 2009
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Campaign for official Turing apology gathers steam

A grassroots UK campaign to a secure a posthumous apology for computing pioneer Alan Turing over his persecution for homosexuality has begun.
Intel Atom

MSI to beat rivals to market with next-gen Atoms?

MSI will be the first to market with Intel's next-generation netbook platform, 'Pine Trail', Asian moles have claimed.
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UK.gov won't drop 50p high speed broadband tax plans - yet

The government is still mulling the possibility of bringing in a 50p a month stealth tax on fixed phone lines to fund next-gen broadband, despite Treasury minister Stephen Timms hinting that those plans could be shelved during election year.

Leica unwraps £16k, 32Mp camera

Twelve megapixels is fine for your average Joe photographer, but if you’ve got £16,000 to burn then feast your eyes upon the Leica S2 – which boasts a whopping 32Mp sensor.

Apptio counts the cost of virtualization

One of the problems with distributed systems (which was not much of an issue when a company had one mainframe or midrange box a few decades ago) is keeping track of who uses what IT resources so the cost of that processing can be pinned on the users and not the company in general.
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iTunes swallowed a quarter of US music sales

One in four songs sold in the US are done so via Apple’s iTunes store, according to a new report.

US software pirate fined $210K for auction sales

A US man has been fined $210,000 for selling illegal copies of software through internet auction sites.

Adobe patches 'critical' flaws in ColdFusion, JRun

Adobe Systems has released updates that patch vulnerabilities in two widely used web development applications, several of which let attackers steal sensitive data or take complete control of users' machines.
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Drizzle for Christmas - year-end-prediction for MySQL fork

A production ready version of the MySQL fork Drizzle could be ready by the end of this year.
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Scientists unlock DIY DNA

Scientists in Tel Aviv say they've demonstrated that DNA evidence can easily be faked to match the wrong person - assuming the nefarious framer has access to a biology lab and DNA database.

Citrix: Novell's only option for virtualization marriage

What is commercial Linux distributor Novell going to do about server and desktop virtualization?
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Finger crossing won't lure iPhone coders to Windows Mobile

Apple will sell more than 82 million iPhones in 2012, teaming up with RIM and Palm in an industry that will ship 500 million plus smartphones that year and leave Microsoft out in the cold.
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Woman charged with cyberbullying teen on Craigslist

A Missouri woman has become the first person to be charged with felony cyberbullying in that state after she allegedly posted photos and personal information of a teenage girl to the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist.
Slim PS3

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

After months of rumors, leaks and internet fakery, Sony has finally conjured the details on a new slim version of the Playstation 3 and price cuts on existing models.
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US telcos reject broadband cash as connections drop

US telcos are turning up their noses at broadband build-out stimulus funds just as US broadband growth hits a record low.

Windows XP customers positive but split on Windows 7

A majority of Windows XP users are positive about Windows 7 but are split on whether to upgrade, with a large number keeping an open mind.