14th August 2009 Archive

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  • Les Paul dies at 94

    The original guitar hero

    Media 14 00:09

  • Uncle Sam shells out $62m for 100GbE

    Obama stimulates fed networks

    HPC 14 00:26

  • Bug exposes eight years of Linux kernel

    Passes it's-not-crying-wolf test

    Security 14 00:54

  • HBA market share shenanigans

    Emulex and QLogic claim gains over each other

    Storage 14 07:02

  • Oppressed snappers focus on police in London and Chatham

    Photographers attempt to reclaim the right to photograph

    Law 14 08:02

  • 100 freetards an hour join Pirate Party UK

    Elections ahoy

    Media 14 08:02

  • Dutch news agency goof leaks VIP phone numbers

    Low security in the Low Countries

    Security 14 09:15

  • X-Men helmsman to fly Battlestar Galactica

    Film promises 'complete reimagining' of sci-fi series

    Bootnotes 14 09:18

  • Samsung parades 'multi-wireless' camera

    GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    Hardware 14 09:19

  • Nuke-nobbler raygun 747 scores 'surrogate' test success

    Indicates potent Nork splash capability, says Boeing

    Science 14 09:31

  • Xiotech offers cash for storage clunkers

    Storage scrappage trade-in discounts

    Storage 14 09:35

  • First Samsung Android phone out next week

    But only on O2

    Phones 14 09:36

  • Lenovo sounds duff ThinkPad battery alert

    Threat to runtime not safety

    Hardware 14 10:01

  • 'Norfolk Broads Idiot' nailed on YouTube

    Net closes on dinghy stunt muppet

    Bootnotes 14 10:22

  • Pré sales plunge after iPhone 3GS arrival, analyst claims

    Soggy summer predicted

    Phones 14 10:30

  • Phones down, smartphones up in Q2

    Demand for internet handsets soaring

    Phones 14 10:36

  • Facebook acts to soothe red-faced Redhillians

    'Gossip Girl' raises local blood pressure

    Media 14 10:43

  • Labour MP exposes password credentials

    'Excuse me but your CMS is showing'

    Security 14 10:44

  • World's first electric Chopper parks up

    From Easy Rider to Smart Chopper

    Science 14 11:11

  • Xyratex signals jump in storage array capacity

    Adopts 2TB drives

    Storage 14 11:27

  • Cops taser naked doorbell-ringing giant

    Knock down ginger, California style

    Bootnotes 14 11:33

  • Ex-Samsung boss convicted for fraud

    Gets off lightly with $89.2m fine

    Financial News 14 11:59

  • Lad passes gruelling 'getting on bus' test

    Surprised teen awarded 'Using Public Transport (Unit 1)' certificate

    Bootnotes 14 12:02

  • Mitsubishi iMiEV five-door e-car

    Genuinely fun to drive

    Science 14 12:02

  • Open Rights Group chief in privacy scandal

    Data breach claims denied by Green Party

    Law 14 12:03

  • Collar the lot of us! The biometric delusion

    Optimism beats evidence in the drive to fingerprint the world

    Government 14 12:11

  • Mozilla invites dark lords, Lando to play code swaps on Bespin

    No Han Solo welcome here

    Developer 14 13:06

  • Dell boxes VGA cable to within an inch of its life

    Spare the planet, knacker the copper

    Bootnotes 14 13:17

  • MS Zero-day security bug was two years in the making

    Fix only followed exploit

    Security 14 13:29

  • US carriers are taking the beep

    Pogue elicits promises of action from telcos

    Mobile 14 14:04

  • Dell's first phone spied on web

    Doesn't look like an Android

    Phones 14 14:32

  • Oz gov suggests world's worst copyright protection scheme

    Desperate to retain internet villain of the year title

    Government 14 14:52

  • IT Crowd writer defends NHS

    And offers Twitter advice to Gordon Brown

    Government 14 15:09

  • Microsoft bins Xbox 360 Pro

    Argos website suggests Elite or Arcade instead

    Games 14 15:27

  • Minister attacks drunken topless lovelies with tangler-bazooka

    Lord West exposes semi-nude terrorist threat

    Science 14 15:29

  • IBM UK facing 'backlash' over pension snuffing

    'Hundreds' Unite

    Financial News 14 17:05

  • Health emails from US voters overload fed website

    'We're gonna need a bigger server'

    Government 14 17:23

  • Apple denies ChiPhone deal

    China gets on message

    Mobile 14 17:31

  • Hacktivist vuln still plagues UN.org

    Still lazy after all these years

    Security 14 18:38

  • Microsoft banks on Windows 7 double holiday hit

    Business as usual

    Operating Systems 14 21:28

  • Big Blue bundles pound down mainframe prices

    New workload push and pull

    Servers 14 21:41

  • AppleT&T faces twin texting suits

    'Mouseprint disclaimer' insufficient

    Mobile 14 21:45

  • Google Caffeine: What it really is

    Wake up and smell the file system

    Servers 14 22:06

  • Online betting mogul cops plea, coughs up $43m in gains

    The slow demise of BetonSports' Gary Kaplan

    Security 14 22:37

  • Morrissey tells netdepressives to boycott his re-releases

    Big mouth strikes at big media

    Media 14 23:29