13th August 2009 Archive

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  • Vuln exposes eBay developer accounts

    Password changes ordered

    Security 13 00:18

  • Microsoft at a loss in Word patent case?

    Texas hold 'em

    Applications 13 00:35

  • Microsoft catches 11 UK pirate retailers

    Keelhauls companies across the country

    The Channel 13 07:02

  • Nokia exec denies Symbian Maemo swap claim

    Doesn't quite address original allegation

    Phones 13 08:47

  • Blaster anniversary recalls network worm heyday

    Remembrance of flaws past

    Security 13 08:55

  • Ditching ID cards would save £3bn

    Stick that in your manifesto lads

    Government 13 08:55

  • Just how Virtual are your servers?

    Server virtualization poll

    Software 13 09:13

  • Next-gen Intel mobile processors out next month

    Developer Forum launch

    Hardware 13 09:21

  • Patriot provides 'Mac-specific' SSD series

    The real Mac Koi

    Hardware 13 09:56

  • Samsung cameras get second screens for self-portraits

    Man in the mirror?

    Hardware 13 10:02

  • Is LTO-5 the last hurrah for tape?

    Imation to make 1.6TB LTO-5, but is it tape's last stand?

    Storage 13 10:11

  • Orange repeals unpopular price changes

    Customer stampede forces grudging change of heart

    Mobile 13 10:19

  • China scales back censorship plans

    Green Dam to now be voluntary

    Government 13 10:21

  • AMD rolls out overclockable 'Intel beater'

    Often faster, always cheaper than arch-rival's CPUs, firm claims

    Hardware 13 10:31

  • Underground forum r00t-y0u.org gets pwned

    S'kiddie defacement or law enforcement sting?

    Security 13 10:45

  • On2 investors bemoan 'unfair' Google buyout

    Files lawsuits, claims deal was 'rigged'

    Financial News 13 10:56

  • Boffins develop 'Hidden gateway to Hogwarts girls' loos'

    Actually more of a raygun-proof forcefield barrier

    Science 13 10:56

  • Publishing giant hits delete on internal IT staff

    Job cuts ahoy

    Financial News 13 11:04

  • Ofcom taps sailors for new fees

    Ship to shore, I can't afford you any more

    Mobile 13 11:13

  • Google's Caffeine splutters off interwebs

    Mountain View cleans up data centre coffee machine

    Applications 13 11:22

  • London desperately seeking Strategy Boutique

    Brandgasm imminent - can you help?

    Bootnotes 13 11:24

  • Microsoft gobs up SQL Server 2008 R2 public preview

    Developers get mitts on database

    Developer 13 11:29

  • Stargazers spy retrograde planetary bloater

    Bigger than Jupiter, and orbiting backwards

    Science 13 12:07

  • iGoogle baptised in Web 2.0 finger bowl

    Mountain View gets in your Facebook

    Applications 13 12:15

  • Virus arms race primes malware numbers surge

    Half malware strains are junked after less than a day

    Security 13 12:20

  • US Marines' Afghan robocopter-supply contest down to two

    Unmanned air haulage could be cheaper than trucks

    Science 13 12:34

  • BlackBerry Curve 8520

    Rim drops ball

    Phones 13 12:41

  • When is an operating system not an operating system?

    Challenging traditional ideas

    Software 13 14:14

  • Australian police charge banking Trojan suspect

    Alleged perp also faces drug and botnet herding charges

    Security 13 14:22

  • Twitter is mainly pointless babble and other rubbish

    Analysts pinpoint self promotion, then self-promote

    Applications 13 14:32

  • Global Warming ate my data

    We've lost the numbers: CRU responds to FOIA requests

    Science 13 14:35

  • Sony embraces ePub for eBooks

    No-one should go it alone, except Amazon

    Hardware 13 14:40

  • BlackBerry maker dials in to watchphones

    'Anything LG can do, we can do better'

    Hardware 13 15:07

  • Lacklustre N97 mars Nokia phone numbers

    Behind the smartphone stats

    Mobile 13 15:49

  • MS revives Outlook for Mac

    Entourage for the chop

    Hardware 13 15:51

  • Permabit launches grid in the cloud product

    Cloud Service Providers, for the use of

    Storage 13 15:58

  • Adobe sounds Apple PowerPC death rattle

    Creative Suite shrugs off old Mac

    Applications 13 16:01

  • NASA review: Forget about boots on Mars by 2030

    'Difficult to do anything inspiring with this budget'

    Science 13 16:23

  • Outlook (finally) coming to the Mac

    Same as Windows. Except different

    Applications 13 16:37

  • Bloke decapitates horse with chainsaw

    To feed mutts, claims California animal lover

    Bootnotes 13 17:33

  • Phase Change Memory enters new, um, phase

    Numonyx early access programme

    Storage 13 17:37

  • Parallels juggles servers for John Q. ISP

    Bare-metal hypervisor approaches

    Servers 13 17:52

  • Open and proprietary ISVs discover love in the cloud

    Fluffy BI

    Applications 13 18:01

  • Autocad attacks return after four years in wilderness

    The virus makes a comeback

    Security 13 18:25

  • Sun hails rise of self-scaling software

    Like Skynet (without the nukes)

    Servers 13 19:45

  • Apple to set loose five million ChiPhones

    September D-Day?

    Mobile 13 19:58

  • Twitter transformed into botnet command channel

    Victim becomes enabler

    Security 13 20:50

  • Novell lands full-time staff on openSUSE

    Yes, that's a first

    Operating Systems 13 21:03

  • Sony promises clarity on virtualization-free Vaio PCs

    Windows 7 minus XP Mode

    Virtualization 13 23:20

  • US state bars sex offenders from 'social networking sites'

    Don't even yelp

    Media 13 23:47