12th August 2009 Archive

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  • Sequoia e-voting machine commandeered by clever attack

    Return-oriented programming strikes again

    Security 12 00:17

  • Nokia applies branding iron to Qt's other cheek

    Frameworks hits factory

    Developer 12 00:56

  • US tech jobs grow (a bit)

    Well, up beats down

    Management 12 01:01

  • WordPress bug resets admin password

    Fixed for now

    Security 12 01:29

  • Google File System II: Dawn of the Multiplying Master Nodes

    A sequel two years in the making

    Servers 12 02:12

  • NetApp fully embraces FCoE

    Brocade and QLogic also on board

    Storage 12 07:02

  • DoH rate-my-doc site won't name and shame individual docs

    Or at least it will try not to

    Government 12 08:02

  • Texan judge outlaws Word

    Pssst! Wanna buy some word processing

    Applications 12 08:51

  • Nokia set to bring the Office to Symbian

    Redmond gives Finns a kind Word

    Applications 12 09:13

  • Crystal ball torches woman's flat

    Didn't see that coming

    Bootnotes 12 09:16

  • Robot cauliflower harvesters to replace vanishing migrants

    UK's bouncing-bomb lab develops key veg-scanner tech

    Science 12 09:21

  • CV lies multiply in recession, says survey

    Why would Microsoft's chief sex instructor apply here?

    Management 12 09:44

  • Nokia to cull Symbian from smartphones?

    Could be lining up Linux instead

    Phones 12 09:45

  • Snaps show BlackBerry Storm 2 with Wi-Fi

    Rim's touchphone gets 802.11 at last

    Phones 12 09:56

  • Ofcom mulls what to do with 8MHz of prime spectrum

    Free to a good home?

    Mobile 12 10:05

  • Intel's 'Sandy Bridge' 32nm CPU out in Q4 2010

    Tick follows tock follows tick

    Hardware 12 10:17

  • Nine MS security bulletins create busy updates workload

    Patches needed for almost everything - except IE

    Security 12 10:27

  • TV crime show host 'ordered ratings-boosting hits'

    Eliminated rival drug dealers, Brazilian police claim

    Bootnotes 12 10:30

  • Best Buy demos Dell netbook running... Mac OS X

    Unofficially, natch

    Hardware 12 10:42

  • Sony Ericsson 'designer' handsets hit catwalk

    Diamond-shapes are a girl's best friend

    Phones 12 10:58

  • Kyocera FS-C1020MFP

    Fast, efficient and well-built all-rounder for small offices

    Hardware 12 11:02

  • Tr.im calls in Web 2.0 doctors, gets stomach pumped

    URL service cancels date with reaper for now

    Applications 12 11:02

  • STEC goes on range extension rampage

    Third gen speed increase and a load more goodies

    Storage 12 11:09

  • Twitter briefly knocked offline by hackers (again)

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Twitter...

    Security 12 11:15

  • Brain-jacking fungus turns living victims into 'zombies'

    Makes them hang from trees as horror nest-womb cocoons

    Science 12 11:15

  • Reg reader captures Perseid meteor

    Nice snap from Surrey

    Science 12 11:16

  • Men in Green step back from GM's 230mpg Volt claim

    E-car not tested by us, warns EPA

    Science 12 11:27

  • Lawsuit accuses T-Mobile of asking staff to email 'off the clock'

    Employees sue for out-of-hours unpaid work

    Mobile 12 12:02

  • Government stamp of approval for fake weed

    Whaaat? It actually works?

    Science 12 12:03

  • µTorrent 2.0 beta drops anchor

    Throttle ye not

    Applications 12 12:09

  • O2 UK denies pre-Halloween Pré launch

    30 October release date incorrect, apparently

    Phones 12 12:14

  • Apple hunts down Win and Mac flavoured Safari flaws

    Return of the Mac attack Trojan

    Security 12 12:28

  • Extra large condoms hit UK supermarket shelves

    Keeping up with the Joneses getting harder

    Bootnotes 12 13:15

  • Oracle spells out VM tools plans

    Still no word on Sun virtualisation though

    Developer 12 13:46

  • Airliner black-box 'real time data streaming' tech developed

    Unnamed airline to start tests 'within weeks'

    Science 12 13:55

  • Sony coughs to faulty Vaio notebooks

    Dud Nvidia GPUs to blame

    Hardware 12 14:27

  • How do you take your server virtualization, sir?

    Virtualization Strategy Boutique

    Software 12 14:36

  • openSUSE will sacrifice 10.3 release on Halloween

    But confirms 11.2 for this fall

    Operating Systems 12 14:37

  • Dell unpacks 'easy to own' Vostros

    Mid-size laptops with middle-of-the-road features

    Hardware 12 14:40

  • Facebook slims down for developing countries

    In Russia, bandwidth eats you

    Mobile 12 14:58

  • Judge slaps ban on RealDVD software

    'What happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas'

    Media 12 15:25

  • Report: US planetsmash-asteroid scan running years late

    No other nation doing anything at all, though

    Science 12 15:50

  • Nokia and Microsoft cosy up in small Office space

    Best of enemies go gooey with mutual admiration

    Mobile 12 16:10

  • CA auto-immune update trashes systems

    eTrust security software quarantines self, MS apps

    Security 12 16:42

  • Apple poaches eBay data center guru

    Here's $1bn. And a muzzle

    Servers 12 16:54

  • Man gets 3 years in prison for stealing IDs over LimeWire

    Dodgy download redux

    Security 12 18:36

  • Exploding iPhone injures French teen

    'He did not lose an eye'

    Phones 12 19:24

  • Dell: Linux v Windows netbook returns a 'non-issue'

    Demand (not technology) in question

    Operating Systems 12 20:23

  • Stephen Hawking both British and not dead

    Obama health reform critics face inconvenient truth

    Bootnotes 12 21:13

  • Apple talks down (another) iPhone App Store critic

    Words are easy. Action is hard

    Mobile 12 21:42

  • Citrix touts XenServer hypervisor ramp

    Will downloads mean dollars?

    Virtualization 12 21:51

  • Apple update patches serious DNS flaw in Mac OS X

    In a BIND no more

    Security 12 23:13

  • Palm accused of spying on Pre owners

    You're collecting what?

    Mobile 12 23:16

  • Boffins showcase do-it-yourself flying spy drone

    Aerial surveillance on the cheap

    Science 12 23:41