11th August 2009 Archive

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  • US civil liberties gang questions Obama cookie plan

    Fed website 'sea change'

    Government 11 00:30

  • Microsoft's web Office: No love for Chrome, Opera

    (not to mention IE6)

    Applications 11 00:34

  • VMware buys cloud army with SpringSource cash deal

    Application management payoff

    Applications 11 02:51

  • Blogger silences Google ads with death and destruction

    Gmail's inner prude

    Bootnotes 11 03:44

  • Vodafone looks for Magic applications

    Just provide an idea, and legal indemnity

    Mobile 11 08:02

  • IT recruiter dodges downturn

    Offshoring offsets fall in jobs

    Management 11 08:14

  • Kingston specs up SSD series

    V line upgraded to V+

    Hardware 11 08:50

  • Nexsan and Falconstor outspin Data Domain

    Doubling up for MAID dedupe

    Storage 11 08:55

  • What should mySociety do next?

    Get your thinking caps on, people

    Government 11 09:02

  • Sony Ericsson preparing netbook launch?

    Following Nokia

    Hardware 11 09:09

  • Torrents and physical ownership score high for music fans

    Might stop freetarding if something decent comes along

    Media 11 09:38

  • Boffins test cancer-stinging 'nano-bee' swarms in mice

    No risk of zombie-plague side effects, seemingly

    Science 11 09:40

  • Ofcom wants to know what you want to know

    Watchdog plays nice

    Mobile 11 09:55

  • Vulture 1: Calling all electronics wizards

    Also, anyone got a hypobaric chamber?

    SPB 11 10:19

  • HP makes Ocarina music

    Ocarina close to clean sweep of filer vendors

    Storage 11 10:35

  • Tourist magnet blows off Speedo-wearing men

    Skimpy pants? No Submission for you, Sir

    Bootnotes 11 10:46

  • Autistic trucking scam hacker jailed for 55 months

    Quality of mercy

    Security 11 10:58

  • Is Gordon Brown safe to work with vulnerable people?

    Gov silent on whether PM cleared for voluntary work

    Government 11 11:02

  • Dealer details slimline PS3 launch

    Out next month?

    Games 11 11:05

  • Lenovo parent plots sale

    And by parent, we mean China.gov

    The Channel 11 11:10

  • Noxious algae menace Brittany beaches

    Gas local horse, locals kick up a stink

    Science 11 11:11

  • Google web search given shot of Caffeine

    Developers urged to look for fish in the percolator

    Applications 11 11:11

  • Apple promises MacBook Pro drive bug fix

    Patch coming soon

    Hardware 11 11:20

  • Half-ton space watermelon hints at habitable Martian past

    NASA droid probe sniffs at rusty fallen star

    Science 11 11:51

  • Campaign Monitor reels from hack and spam attack

    Australian mail marketing firm stumped

    Security 11 12:01

  • How to hack a Sony Reader

    Inside the Linux-based e-book viewer

    Hardware 11 12:02

  • Manchester switch vendor gets $16m funding

    Virtualisation startup lands C-round gold

    Storage 11 12:07

  • Perseid meteor shower set to dazzle disappoint

    Annual triumph of hope over experience

    Science 11 12:10

  • Texting makes kids faster and dumber

    Think fast, but inaccurately, thanks to T9

    Mobile 11 12:21

  • Texting makes kids more error prone, study finds

    Encourages impulsive behaviour, apparently

    Phones 11 13:00

  • Two convicted for refusal to decrypt data

    Up to five years in jail after landmark prosecutions

    Law 11 13:17

  • Pirate Bay sinks under electric storm

    Website goes titsup day after Dutch court verdict

    Media 11 13:46

  • A Geeks Guide2 ...Windows 7 Unleashed

    40% discount at Reg Books

    Developer 11 14:00

  • 15in MacBook Pro gains anti-glare

    Sunglasses not required

    Notebooks 11 14:04

  • System sales might have hit bottom

    Avnet and Arrow are hopeful

    The Channel 11 14:11

  • Sex Offenders returns to iTunes

    Vigilante-friendly app back after short break

    Mobile 11 14:16

  • Orbital refuelling stations could rescue NASA Mars plans

    Shiny tinfoil cones to fight 'boil-off'

    Science 11 14:30

  • GM Volt to deliver three-figure fuel economy

    Officially, 230 miles on a US gallon of fuel

    Science 11 14:44

  • Intel fixes flash and flashes 3-bit NAND

    Solves its 'embarrassing problem'

    Hardware 11 15:39

  • Websense yanks censorware from Yemen

    Filter spat highlights repressive regime dilemma

    Security 11 16:12

  • Amazon prices up Zune HD

    Shipping next month?

    Hardware 11 17:02

  • SpecEx celebrates $8m of trades

    But re-farming is what it's all about

    Broadband 11 19:11

  • NEC punts 0% financing, deferred payments

    Americans get cheaper iron loans

    Servers 11 19:13

  • Penguin puts Linux supercomputer in sky

    InfiniBand with wings

    HPC 11 19:24

  • LiMo drives new phones from Panasonic, NEC

    Chasing Androids

    Mobile 11 19:45

  • Sun sets on Solaris Express Community Edition

    It's OpenSolaris from here on out

    Operating Systems 11 19:52

  • Amazon teaches cloud to speak Pig Latin

    Adoophay orfay ethay assesmay

    Developer 11 21:24

  • Opera chief warns on equal access to Windows services

    IE door opener

    Applications 11 22:01

  • Hackintosher emerges from bankruptcy

    And that's the bad news

    Hardware 11 22:07