10th August 2009 Archive

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  • Official: Toshiba to get in on Blu-ray Disc

    Wanna be in your gang, your gang, etc, etc

    Hardware 10 08:27

  • Nvidia licenses SLI for mainstream Intel chipsets

    P55 to get it first

    Hardware 10 08:49

  • Prof develops football-match scheduling software

    'The only thing I cannot control is the weather'

    Applications 10 09:05

  • EC criticised over Intel case

    Evidence gathering not up to scratch

    Hardware 10 09:17

  • Zafirovski to walk from Nortel with 'head held high'

    CEO will leave bankrupt firm soon

    Data Networking 10 09:37

  • Tories plan health record giveaway

    Google and Microsoft sitting in waiting room

    Government 10 09:41

  • Toshiba touts 'first' 64GB SDXC memory card

    Not out for some time, alas

    Hardware 10 10:06

  • WD speeds up 2TB rollout

    7200rpm and rising

    Storage 10 10:12

  • MoD website outflanked by XSS flaws


    Security 10 10:26

  • El Reg space paper plane christened Vulture 1

    PARIS project moves to planning stage

    SPB 10 10:27

  • Dell ditches 12in netbook

    Screen too big for SCC success?

    Hardware 10 10:35

  • Cal Tech, Berkeley and UCSB working on 'iPhoD'

    Military photonic device deals inked

    Data Networking 10 10:50

  • HTC Hero Android smartphone

    Cometh the hour, cometh the mobile?

    Phones 10 11:02

  • Firefox 3.6 trots into first alpha

    Mozilla offers lemur of hope

    Applications 10 11:10

  • Dell mobile phone launch just days away?

    Mole claims imminent China unveiling

    Phones 10 11:14

  • Chinese authorities close fatal net treatment camp, arrest 13

    Authorities investigate 'intentional injuries'

    Law 10 11:41

  • Job cuts move from private to public sector

    'Getting worse more slowly' as recession is nationalised

    Management 10 12:01

  • Increase in comms snooping? You ain't seen nothing yet

    Busybody bureaucrats are a sideshow

    Government 10 12:11

  • Bill Gates-funded boffins develop anti-AIDS stealth condom

    Crafty polymer gel 'solidifies' in presence of sperm

    Science 10 12:15

  • Twitter hack spawns spam and scareware scams

    DDoS campaign opens Pandora's Box

    Security 10 12:36

  • Microsoft railroads little man with Office Live U-turn

    Aims to be 'in line with competitors'

    Small Biz 10 12:38

  • British boffin named first ever 'doctor of texting'

    phd 4 u

    Phones 10 13:03

  • Docs wire up world's first internet-connected pacemaker

    Beware the Ping O' Death

    Science 10 13:55

  • Mellanox looks to buy home networking start-up

    CopperGate purchase marks home invasion

    HPC 10 14:39

  • Nintendo to release pulse-feeling Wii add-on out next year

    Vitality Sensor launch set

    Games 10 14:56

  • Lamborghini to go (partly) electric

    Hybrid Gallardo inbound

    Science 10 15:02

  • Sun's Rock is barefoot on Abbey Road

    Rumors of its death not greatly exaggerated?

    Servers 10 15:07

  • Counting the cost of virtualization

    Avoiding nasty surprises

    Software 10 15:10

  • 73% of Brits too shagged for a shag

    Put it away, love, and hand me the TV remote...

    Bootnotes 10 15:15

  • Canadian telco uploads 8GB iPhone 3GS

    Pre-release hint or keyboard slip-up?

    Phones 10 15:22

  • Tr.im cuts air supply, says no money in tiny Web 2.0 pot

    Short-lived URL shortening service choked

    Applications 10 15:28

  • IT shops struggle to control personnel costs

    Hiring frozen for a year

    Management 10 15:31

  • Hotel prank call badboy tracked down to mum's flat

    Alleged PrankNET leader forced to cower inside

    Security 10 15:42

  • Court filings are protected by copyright, says lawyer

    Knickers in a twist over briefs

    Law 10 15:55

  • Microsoft offloads digital ad agency for $530m

    Bing logo daddy waves goodbye

    Business 10 17:22

  • Obama loses (another) cybersecurity bigwig

    Oh, the bureaucracy

    Security 10 17:24

  • Microsoft's next SQL Server debuts in pieces

    BI, Gemini, cloud

    Applications 10 17:25

  • Nortel CEO says g'bye as revenues rise

    Wanna run a dying telecom hardware biz?

    Broadband 10 18:06

  • Fortinet plots rare IT security IPO

    Under starter's orders

    Security 10 18:14

  • BMC snaps up message queue maven

    Eat or watch others eat

    Applications 10 18:15

  • US bank deposits checks via iPhone camera

    Point, shoot, deposit

    Mobile 10 19:16

  • HP sued by own sales reps

    The omega of commissionware

    Business 10 19:31

  • Georgian blogger calls for Twitter attack probe

    'Dear Dmitry!'

    Security 10 22:10

  • Microsoft nails retail store logo and locations

    "Next door" and them some

    The Channel 10 22:13

  • Yahoo!'s open source elephant loses its daddy

    Hadoop founder departure 'unrelated' to MS pact

    Developer 10 22:15

  • Facebook secures ex-Google brain trust

    FriendFeed buy nets nimble minds

    Media 10 22:45