7th August 2009 Archive

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  • Researcher: Twitter attack targeted anti-Russian blogger

    Joejobbing Cyxymu

    Security 07 00:49

  • Apple blueprints warranty Big Brother

    Don't open that iPhone

    Media 07 03:45

  • MPs urge more action on green IT

    No plans to utilise hot air yet, though

    Government 07 08:02

  • Head shop rolls out disk size roadmap

    TDK sees the future

    Storage 07 08:02

  • Motion-sensing skateboard game landing by Christmas

    Tony Hawk: Ride

    Games 07 08:02

  • Microsoft assaults our senses with 'viral' Bing video

    So bad it's good bad

    Bootnotes 07 09:16

  • Half of UK firms have lay-off plans

    Not much cheer here

    Small Biz 07 09:21

  • Panasonic preps retro Micro Four-Thirds camera

    Olympus E-P1 rival?

    Hardware 07 09:39

  • Where does WAN acceleration by virtual machine actually get us?

    A tour of the estate

    Virtualization 07 09:42

  • MoD Minister: This is the last generation of manned fighters

    Repeat of 1957 vision a bit more credible this time

    Science 07 10:02

  • Exotic star's 'violent ejections' during companion's visits

    Blue performer left pale, grubby by energetic episodes

    Science 07 10:19

  • MS preps five critical fixes for busy Patch Tuesday

    ATL clean-up

    Security 07 10:24

  • Microsoft grabs Office.com domain in Google Apps assault

    Knock knock, who's there?

    Applications 07 10:29

  • Government rubbishes ID card hack report

    Home Office not running about in a panic at all

    Government 07 10:37

  • Second-gen Sharp Aquos sets unveiled

    Sharper screens and integrated Blu-ray

    Hardware 07 10:38

  • Kodak Easyshare M420

    Can a cheap camera ever deliver killer shots?

    Hardware 07 11:14

  • LG's watchphone priced

    Less than expected

    Hardware 07 11:17

  • Microsoft whips out Office 2008 patch for Mac lovers

    Now Apple fans can Open XML files too

    Applications 07 11:21

  • BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked

    Too ugly for Muswell Hill

    Broadband 07 11:27

  • LHC rushed back into service at 50% max power

    Redline still triple that of US god-particle rival

    Science 07 11:55

  • Gamers gun down Half-Life


    Games 07 12:15

  • YouTube clarifies ban on privacy, harassment and threats

    Basically, don't be an ass

    Media 07 12:26

  • Brazilian TV ad: Save water, piss in the shower

    Cartoon Gandhi shown turning grey water golden green

    Bootnotes 07 12:29

  • Twitter meltdown raises questions about site stability

    Micro-blogging site knocked over by stiff burst of wind

    Security 07 12:33

  • Big label stakes highlight Spotify's truthiness trouble

    This is my truth, tell me yours

    Media 07 13:08

  • GM hybrid SUV planned for 2011

    A Buick, but not as you know it

    Science 07 14:02

  • Coppers make fake football sites pay penalty

    Fans fouled by bogus vendors

    Law 07 14:16

  • Booming scareware biz raking in $34m a month

    Panda dissects rogue security software market

    Security 07 14:39

  • U.S. unemployment rate slips slightly

    IT loses [on] balance

    Financial News 07 14:49

  • iTablet to rake in $1bn, claims analyst

    $600 x 2m units = $$$

    Hardware 07 14:57

  • Martha Lane-Fox: No broadband, no citizenship

    Aloof, useless, and in need of coercion

    Media 07 15:18

  • Samsung Windows Mobile competition winners

    And the first names out of the tinfoil hat are...

    Site News 07 15:24

  • Does *free* virtualization = certain chaos?

    Round-up of discussion from week two

    Software 07 16:03

  • Telco offers 911 by txt

    hlp, dey nicked my ph

    Mobile 07 16:03

  • Malaysia mulls Chinese Green Dam twin

    Net sedition porn filter

    Government 07 17:30

  • IT admin charged in Xmas Eve rampage on charity

    Disunited Way

    Security 07 17:45

  • Circular Awards 2009 - now with added Astroturf

    Where Freetard honours Freetard

    Bootnotes 07 18:16

  • Man blames cat for child porn downloads

    One kitty. One thousand pics

    Bootnotes 07 19:30

  • Rogue iPhone app stores raking mazuma

    Jailbreaking for fun and profit

    Mobile 07 19:36

  • Microsoft secures web Office XML patent

    No prosecution. Promise

    Applications 07 20:13

  • Robo soup chefs wrangle ramen

    And now for my next trick...

    Bootnotes 07 20:38

  • Tesla speeds to $1m profit

    Roadster surge

    Science 07 21:48

  • Ubuntu man extends olive branch to irate Debian devs

    Shuttleworth: We must work together

    Developer 07 23:00