6th August 2009 Archive

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  • XML flaws threaten 'enormous' array of apps

    Java, Python, and Apache - for starters

    Security 06 00:01

  • Apple fixes critical Mac holes triggered by image files

    Attack of the killer PNGs

    Security 06 01:03

  • MIPS open sources living room Android port

    Embed this

    Operating Systems 06 03:57

  • NFC Forum introduces discount membership

    Only $5K to get involved with a redundant technology

    Mobile 06 08:02

  • Finn turns to ECHR after arrest for discussing DRM

    Constitutional tussle rumbles into Strasbourg

    Law 06 08:02

  • Dennis the Menace buys FriendsReunited

    ITV takes a £95m loss on the deal

    Media 06 08:17

  • Hitachi GST joins 2TB Club

    And then there were three

    Storage 06 09:14

  • 8GB iPhone 3GS inbound?

    Leaked screenshots suggest so

    Phones 06 09:49

  • Met amends journo photo guidance to prevent interference

    Hard cheese, copper!

    Media 06 10:10

  • Top vendors flunk Vista anti-virus tests

    Outstandingly mediocre

    Security 06 10:24

  • Sony waves in Panoramic Sweep Cyber-shots

    Bridge model spec comes to compacts

    Hardware 06 10:49

  • Panasonic DMR-XS350EB

    Freesat DVR

    Hardware 06 11:02

  • SCO sale blocked by court

    Trustee appointed to oversee management

    Financial News 06 11:15

  • Robotic personal photographer unveiled

    Sony's self-snapping camera dock

    Hardware 06 11:20

  • Microsoft releases Windows 7 to MSDN, TechNet today

    Final code reaches select few

    Applications 06 11:21

  • Global banking collapse fails to dent broadband

    We know you were all worried about that one

    Broadband 06 11:31

  • Murdoch says Page 3 won't be free from next year

    News Corp to throw up pay walls, burn Kindle

    Media 06 11:47

  • First success for vulture breeding programme

    Carrion breeding

    Science 06 12:13

  • MoD to bin F-35B navy jumpjets in favour of tailhook birds?

    'Jobs bloodbath at Rolls', says bizarre Telegraph report

    Government 06 12:20

  • Google polishes another Chrome beta

    Still no sign of Mac OS X version, though

    Applications 06 12:23

  • Brit diplomats' mission to expose Scientology's 'diploma mill'

    Doctored doctorates and L. Ron Hubbard

    Bootnotes 06 12:34

  • A Geeks Guide2 ...The Google Way

    40% discount at Reg Books

    Developer 06 12:34

  • EA makes motion-control promise

    Project Natal and Motion Control games for 2010

    Games 06 13:02

  • Is Google spending $106.5m to open source a codec?

    The price of web standards

    Developer 06 13:37

  • Wasted billions of government IT spending exposed

    Quills and abacuses cheaper, possibly more efficient

    Government 06 13:44

  • Japan's central bankers look in brothels for green shoots

    Red light district visits for BoJ

    Bootnotes 06 13:47

  • HMRC calls for more care with tax log-in details

    Don't lose your details: That's our job

    Government 06 14:12

  • Dastardly DDoSers down Gawker

    Consumerist.com drags everything else down with it

    Security 06 14:17

  • Electric car powers across land, ice and water

    Modern-day paddle steamer

    Science 06 14:18

  • HP forces swingeing pay cuts on EDS staff

    Want to keep your job? Want a 30 per cent pay cut?

    Servers 06 14:29

  • Brit firm sells hi-tech fabric vehicle armour to DARPA

    Colonials seek know-how from advanced mother country

    Science 06 14:48

  • Twitter goes titsup

    Mystery hackers knock-over micro-blogging service

    Security 06 15:10

  • Chip sales bounce but PC sales sink

    The chips aren't down

    The Channel 06 15:41

  • Internet Archive orders Google to delay culture grab

    No more cake for you

    Media 06 16:15

  • Twitter sued for patent infringement

    The devil is in the details

    Media 06 17:36

  • Cisco claims unified computing is taking off

    California blades are (finally) shipping

    Servers 06 18:24

  • Websense sharpens the axe as sales fall

    Pink slips for one in 20

    Security 06 18:29

  • Feds seek $566m from man in online gambling case

    File under 'online crime pays'

    Security 06 20:38

  • Open-source .NET seeks touchy iPhone developers

    Gamer no more

    Developer 06 20:40

  • Kick me again, RIAA. Please!

    Nesson: the biggest legal fail in history?

    Media 06 20:58

  • SGI chases Cray with baby cluster

    Ours is bigger, er, smaller

    HPC 06 21:19

  • Apple denies censoring App Store swear words

    We censored "urban slang"

    Media 06 22:53

  • Sony's Windows 7 virtualization switch-off (partly) reversed

    Vaio buyer beware

    Virtualization 06 23:19