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XML flaws threaten 'enormous' array of apps

Updated Security researchers have uncovered critical flaws in open-source software that implements the Extensible Markup Language in a staggering array of applications used by banks, e-commerce websites, and consumers.
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Apple fixes critical Mac holes triggered by image files

Apple on Wednesday patched 18 holes in its Mac OS X operating system, seven that could allow an attacker to remotely take over a machine when a user does nothing more than view a booby-trapped image.
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MIPS open sources living room Android port

Google's mobile OS is poised for life beyond the mobile - and the netbook.
Cade Metz, 06 2009
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NFC Forum introduces discount membership

Thinking of signing up to the NFC Forum, but balked at the $10,000 membership fee? Well now you can live your dreams of joining the premier cool-but-useless-technology forum for only half the price.
Bill Ray, 06 2009
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Finn turns to ECHR after arrest for discussing DRM

A Finnish man has asked the European Court of Human Rights to defend his right to discuss encryption systems used by the entertainment industry. He says that Finland's implementation of the EU's Copyright Directive restricts his right to free speech.
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Dennis the Menace buys FriendsReunited

ITV has sold Web1.0 social networking site FriendsReunited to DC Thomson, publisher of the Beano.

Hitachi GST joins 2TB Club

The 2TB hard drive club just got its third member, with Hitachi GST joining Western Digital and Seagate. Pretty soon desktop PC cred will demand a 2TB spinner.

8GB iPhone 3GS inbound?

Apple has secretly developed an 8GB iPhone 3GS that is currently winging its way to a Canadian electrical retailer, leaked images suggest.
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Met amends journo photo guidance to prevent interference

Police officers should 'exercise caution' when asking to view images captured by members of the media, according to amended advice to officers published by London's police force, the Metropolitan Police Service.
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Top vendors flunk Vista anti-virus tests

Security vendors including CA and Symantec failed to secure Windows systems without fault in recent independent tests.

Sony waves in Panoramic Sweep Cyber-shots

Sony has added its funky Sweep Panorama shooting mode – as found on the firm's HX1 bridge camera – onto its two latest Cyber-shot compact cameras.
Panasonic DMR-XS350

Panasonic DMR-XS350EB

Review Freesat recorders are currently rather few and far between with Panasonic only the second company to launch models supporting this service. In doing so, it has adapted its existing DVD recorders by adding satellite tuners. It’s a slightly different approach to hard-disk recorders like the Humax Foxsat-HDR or Sky+, which have no optical drive and are built as DVRs first and foremost.
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SCO sale blocked by court

A US judge has blocked SCO's attempt to sell off part of its business in order to fund its ongoing litigation, and appointed a Chapter 11 trustee to oversee the company's next moves.

Robotic personal photographer unveiled

Everyone hates people who insist on photographing everyone and everything at parties. Now, thanks to Sony, you can replace them…with a robotic photographer.
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Microsoft releases Windows 7 to MSDN, TechNet today

Microsoft is shoving the finalised version of Windows 7 out the door today for a select bunch of customers.
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Global banking collapse fails to dent broadband

Well, here's a thing. According to Ofcom's latest penetrating research, released today, people avoid cutting back on broadband and mobile phones as a result of the recession, if they can.
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Murdoch says Page 3 won't be free from next year

Rupert Murdoch will refashion the internet in his own image over the next year, as News Corp begins to start charging for content.
Joe Fay, 06 2009
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First success for vulture breeding programme

The RSPB is celebrating the first successful captive breeding of a slender-billed vulture in India.
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MoD to bin F-35B navy jumpjets in favour of tailhook birds?

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is set to make a major change to the design of the new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy, according to a newspaper report. It's suggested that the ships will now be equipped with catapults and arrester wires, allowing them to operate normal carrier aircraft rather than the complex, expensive jump-jets which had been planned.
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Google polishes another Chrome beta

Google has added support for HTML 5 video in its latest beta for the Windows-only Chrome browser it first released last autumn.
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Brit diplomats' mission to expose Scientology's 'diploma mill'

British diplomats exposed the academic qualifications obtained by L. Ron Hubbard - the controversial founder of Scientology - as a fraud 30 years ago, as part of UK government efforts to thwart a potential lawsuit by the Church of Scientology, it has emerged.
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A Geeks Guide2 ...The Google Way

Geeks Guide2 It's the start of another sweltering British summer month and the beginning of yet another set of Geeks Guide2 offers. We begin with 40% off The Google Way from French author and management consultant Bernard Girard.

EA makes motion-control promise

Videogame publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has committed itself to releasing titles for both Sony’s and Microsoft’s recently demoed motion-controlled gaming peripherals.
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Is Google spending $106.5m to open source a codec?

After acquiring On2’s video compression codecs in a deal valued at approximately $106.5 million in stock, will Google simply turn around and open source them?
Cade Metz, 06 2009

Wasted billions of government IT spending exposed

The massive increase in government IT spending under New Labour has had no impact on the productivity of the public sector, a new analysis reveals.
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Japan's central bankers look in brothels for green shoots

The Bank of Japan is probing the country's sex workers as it tries to get a grip on the state of the nation's service industries.
Joe Fay, 06 2009
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HMRC calls for more care with tax log-in details

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs is warning users of its online filing system that they need to keep their log-in details as safe as they would a PIN for a cash card.
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Dastardly DDoSers down Gawker

New York-based media news and gossip blog network Gawker is recovering from a debilitating denial of service attack.

Electric car powers across land, ice and water

Leccy Tech Many drivers baulk at the thought of driving during the MET Office’s warnings of treacherous road conditions. So a team of designers has dreamt up a concept leccy car able to power its way across pretty much any surface, including water.
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HP forces swingeing pay cuts on EDS staff

HP is asking US based EDS staff to take their third pay cut of the year - this time as much as 30 per cent of their salaries.
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Brit firm sells hi-tech fabric vehicle armour to DARPA

In normal times, amazing new military technology is developed in the USA and Blighty trails far behind, either reinventing American wheels or simply importing them. But today the process is reversed in a small way, as the Pentagon's bleeding-edge research bureau has decided to try out British-made tech which is already going into action with UK forces.
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Twitter goes titsup

Updated Twitter was knocked offline on Thursday after the site became the victim of a distributed denial of service attack.
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Chip sales bounce but PC sales sink

Research group IDC reckons chip sales rose 10 per cent in the second quarter of 2009 - but that doesn't mean real sales are up.
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Internet Archive orders Google to delay culture grab

Google says it believes in pushing for federal legislation that would lay down the ground rules for digitizing so-called orphan books. And the Internet Archive wants the web giant to put its pending orphan monopoly where its mouth is.
Cade Metz, 06 2009
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Twitter sued for patent infringement

Megapopular microblogger Twitter is being sued for patent infringment by a Texas company that alleges the 140-character messaging system is based on its patented digital-notification technology.

Cisco claims unified computing is taking off

It took longer to get its "California" Unified Computing System out the door than networking giant Cisco Systems would have wanted, but in July the machines started shipping to customers.
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Websense sharpens the axe as sales fall

Web filtering firm Websense is reportedly planning to lay off 5 per cent of its workforce to cut costs.
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Feds seek $566m from man in online gambling case

Federal prosecutors have accused a Canadian man of laundering more than $350m for offshore internet gambling operations to skirt US laws prohibiting payments to American citizens trying to cash out their winnings.
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Open-source .NET seeks touchy iPhone developers

A project building an open-source version of Microsoft's .NET development framework is trying to attract iPhone developers building business applications.
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Kick me again, RIAA. Please!

A while ago I joked that perhaps the RIAA had secretly recruited Charlie Nesson to be its court opponent. Everyone from Ray Beckerman at the "Recording Industry vs The People" blog to Nesson's old pals at the Berkman Centre at Harvard had advised him to knock it off - or at least not pursue a crackpot defence. But when it comes to the technology utopians, all jokes come true eventually.

SGI chases Cray with baby cluster

Cray thinks there is a market for baby supercomputers that bridge the gap between fast two-socket workstations with peppy graphics cards and the rack-based parallel supercomputer clusters that run large-scale simulations.
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Apple denies censoring App Store swear words

Slipping completely out of character, Apple has responded to a firestorm of complaints over its seemingly random efforts to police content offered on its App Store.
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Sony's Windows 7 virtualization switch-off (partly) reversed

Angry Sony PC customers who've splashed out nearly $2,000 on a new Vaio laptop should give up hopes of running Microsoft's XP virtualization technology in Windows 7.