4th August 2009 Archive

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  • Clearwire spreads more WiMAX on US

    Today, Texas. Tomorrow, the world

    Broadband 04 00:06

  • EnterpriseDB offers 'way out' from Oracle price hikes

    Gentle application of pressure

    Applications 04 00:07

  • HPC CIOs drifting into clouds

    Not just for webish apps

    HPC 04 00:21

  • Mozilla squashes critical bugs in Firefox

    SSL spoofing vuln slain

    Security 04 05:37

  • PS3 global sales top 23m units

    Xbox 360 still ahead

    Games 04 08:02

  • Ofcom to start new number mobility consultation

    Another attempt to herd network cats on porting

    Mobile 04 08:52

  • Judge: Informal emails, phone calls did not establish a contract

    Create a proper document: Signature in blood optional

    Small Biz 04 08:56

  • RM's high school musical hits all the right notes

    Gets revved up about Computrac

    The Channel 04 09:06

  • PayPal goes offline again

    Hope no-one missed an eBay auction

    Small Biz 04 09:07

  • Nikon unveils world's first projection camera

    40in stills on your bedroom wall

    Hardware 04 09:23

  • Pirate Bay mouthpiece puts a zip on it

    BrokeP says it's 'time for biological dispersal'

    Media 04 09:31

  • Will cloud put traditional hosters out of business?

    Elasticity isn't everything

    Virtualization 04 10:02

  • UK teens bullied into sending sex texts

    P2P playground predators exposed in new survey

    Mobile 04 10:16

  • INQ launches 3G Twitter phones

    Mobile social networking for the people

    Phones 04 10:19

  • Vetting database shows suspicion and spying are the new trust

    Manifesto Club dissect guidelines

    Government 04 10:28

  • Aussie net filtering goes into reverse

    Delivers filthy insight into air-speed of a swallow

    Government 04 10:43

  • Toshiba Satellite A350-12J

    Shiny, but samey

    Laptops 04 11:02

  • Dell and Intel prep tablet-cum-e-reader

    Information wants to be charged for

    Hardware 04 11:02

  • FCC barks at Apple for silencing Google Voice

    Was it personal or just business?

    Mobile 04 11:07

  • US Stealth bombers may get nuke-bunker nobbler for 2010

    14-tonne supersonic steel pencil could have your eye out

    Science 04 11:14

  • Watchguard bags BorderWare to push content security

    Small security firms have bigger phish to fry

    Security 04 11:25

  • Toshiba unveils new external 3.5-inch drive

    But stays tight-lipped on whose disk it uses

    Storage 04 11:34

  • Apple, Google not out of regulatory woods yet

    FTC scrutiny continues despite Schmidt's Apple resignation

    Financial News 04 11:36

  • Is Apple plotting a search of its own?

    Turning Spotlight onto the possibilities

    Applications 04 12:21

  • Chinese youth beaten to death at net addiction bootcamp

    Kill not cure

    Broadband 04 12:22

  • Flying 'Motorbike'/Reliant Robin 'to take off next year'

    Hogs may fly

    Science 04 12:42

  • Tyre firm sketches rubber SUV concept

    With self-inflating wheels

    Science 04 13:18

  • Small biz reseller swallowed by Systemax

    So long then, WStore

    Small Biz 04 13:38

  • Europe launches probe at Sun Oracle deal

    Watchdog concerned about Java licensing

    Financial News 04 13:45

  • Scareware package mimics Windows Blue Screen of Death

    A fatal credulity has occurred

    Security 04 14:04

  • Cisco website down

    Cisco? Grip up lads...

    Data Networking 04 14:13

  • Launch your own satellite for only eight grand

    Prospective world domination candidates apply here

    Broadband 04 14:59

  • Windows XP Mode digs deeper into Windows 7

    Legacy hold out

    Operating Systems 04 15:02

  • Buddy, can you spare a PC processing cycle?

    Intel Facebook app for grid unlocking

    Hardware 04 15:02

  • Cray swings to a profit in second quarter

    Raises guidance for 2009

    Data Centre 04 16:28

  • Seagate closing Singapore plant

    2000 jobs to go

    Storage 04 16:48

  • Marines mobilize to block Web 2.0

    Official Tweets banned

    Media 04 18:08

  • SpinVox: Enter the Dragon!

    Money to burn, Christina?

    Mobile 04 18:54

  • Obama's top cybersecurity director resigns

    'Dismayed' and delayed

    Policy 04 19:00

  • Cray lands $70m super deals

    Beats IBM in next-gen petaflop push

    HPC 04 19:41

  • Floating IT lab woos Windows 7 app testers


    Virtualization 04 20:03

  • AMD demos live Magny-Cours migration

    More French lessons needed

    Virtualization 04 20:23

  • Planned 3D web graphics standard taps JavaScript

    Hardware speed bump

    Developer 04 21:10

  • Fraud groups ding Bing for illicit pharmacy promos

    9 of 10 drug ads flout US law

    Security 04 21:54

  • Canonical removes middleman from Ubuntu management

    Open Landscape

    Operating Systems 04 23:15