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Walmart goes green with solar build-out

Walmart is adding five more stores to its solar-energy pilot program - but not because management's turned into a bunch of tree-hugging Arkansas hippies. The megastore multinational is going green for the sake of green - money, that is.
Rik Myslewski, 01 Aug 2009

Microsoft's Windows 7 price gamble - and why it's flawed

CommentMicrosoft is gambling it can saturate consumers with Home Premium editions of Windows 7, hoping to dislodge Apple and milk customers over the long term. But Microsoft's Windows 7 price strategy is plagued by contradiction.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Aug 2009

Surveillance camera hack swaps live feed with spoof video

DefconCorporate teleconferences and other sensitive video feeds traveling over internet are a lot more vulnerable to interception thanks to the release of free software tools that offer penetration testers and attackers a point-and-click interface.
Dan Goodin, 01 Aug 2009

iRiver prepping Android PMP?

iRiver has inked plans to create an Android-based portable media player (PMP) designed to tackle the mighty iPod Touch.
James Sherwood, 01 Aug 2009

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