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3Com bitten by rebate scam

A California couple has been indicted for wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering for their gaming of 3Com's Trade-Up rebate program. One has been arrested. The other is on the lam.

Hijacking iPhones and other smart devices using SMS

Black Hat Update: Apple says it has patched the vulnerability described below. The full story is here
Philips 21:9 56PFL9954H

Philips Cinema 21:9 56in LCD TV

Review Think of a widescreen TV. The widest one you’ve seen, you know, one with big, garish speakers stuck on the side. Well, whatever it is, it’ll be nowhere near as wide as this new, premium-priced LCD TV from Philips.
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Revenue U-turns on carousel carbon trading

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs said that from midnight last night all trades in carbon credits will be VAT-free, because of fears that carousel fraudsters, who usually fraudulently exploit computer chips and mobile phones, will target the trade.

Southampton Uni getting Nehalem supercomputer

Southampton Uni is getting an IBM Nehalem-based supercomputer.
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Phoenix warns of 5% rev fall in Q1

Services firm Phoenix IT Group has warned that first quarter revenue fell five per cent compared to same period a year earlier.

CIOs get £170k but helpdesk staffers settle for £6/hr

A survey of fifteen of the most popular technology job titles reveals salaries for both permanent and contractor positions around the UK.

Gaming exec calls for videogame price hike

Sony’s former European President thinks the average cost of a blockbuster videogame should rise to £70 ($115/€82).
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McKinnon loses judicial review

Breaking news Gary McKinnon has lost a judicial review against his extradition to the United States on hacking charges.
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Company wins US patent for podcasting

A US company has been granted a patent that it claims gives it rights over podcasting technology. VoloMedia says that its patent, for "a method for providing episodic media", covers all episodic media downloads, or podcasts.
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Villagers cut off as dripping thong sparks brown out

A village in Lincolnshire was cut off after a low flying thong wedged itself on power lines.
Joe Fay, 31 2009

LG hails futuristic phone designers

LG is dishing out $80,000 in prizes to the the winners of its second Design the Future competition.
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McAfee gobbles up MX Logic for cloud security push

McAfee has agreed to buy email and filtering services firm MX Logic for $140m in cash, followed by a further $30m, providing performance targets are met.

Microsoft's about turn: Windows 7 tech testers will get free copy of OS

Microsoft has taken a sharp about-turn and decided to let Windows 7 technical beta testers have a free copy of the Ultimate edition of the OS after all.
Intel Atom

Intel weans netbook makers off Atom Z

Intel is to halt the supply of low energy Atom Z processors to netbook manufacturers before Christmas, according to the Taiwan rumour mill.
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Taiwan hits Dell with $30k fine in pricing saga

The hole Dell has dug for itself in Taiwan is getting deeper; the company has been fined a million Taiwan dollars (US $30,500) for its pricing cock-up and subsequent refusal to adequately compensate consumers.
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eBay could ditch uncrackable Skype tech

Skype's proprietary scrambling technology is purportedly the bane of electronic spies at the NSA and GCHQ, and now in a move sure to spark conspiracy theories, eBay has quietly revealed it could rip out and replace the code at its core.
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The Internet's most evil company?

Information wants to be free? Au contraire, information wants to tell you all about itself, where, how and if you can use it, and it reserves the right to sue the crap out of you if you don't pay attention. Or at least, that seems to be the way a growing number of traditional publishing organisations view it - the internet has been getting a free ride off their backs, they reckon, and if the news business is going to survive, that's got to stop.
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McKinnon lawyers vow to take fight to US Supremes

Lawyers for Gary McKinnon have launched an impassioned attack on the UK justice system, following a decision to allow extradition proceedings against the Pentagon hacker to continue despite his recent diagnosis with Asperger's Syndrome.
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Vote now to name El Reg space plane

Reader poll Our announcement yesterday, that El Reg would be giving the UK's moribund space programme a touch of the defibrillator with its audacious space paper plane project, certainly seems to have caught readers' imagination.
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Gmail shoves 'on behalf of' feature to one side

Gmail users can now send their emails from third party SMTP servers.
Powertraveller SolarMonkey

12 of the best... travel gadgets

Round-up As another British summer disappears down the meteorological toilet amidst howling gales and driving rain Reg Hardware's mind turns to getting away from it all for a few weeks to a place where carrying a solar charger is not an act of near criminal optimism. To help ease the miles we decided to take a look at a dozen gadgets for the tech savvy traveller that might be worth packing, along with the sun block and bug repellent.

Virtualization rocks - but who cares beyond consolidation?

Reader Workshop The feedback on virtualization experiences from those participating so far in our latest online workshop has been generally very positive.
Dale Vile, 31 2009
Apple Time Capsule

Now Apple expands time

Apple has quietly doubled the capacity of its Time Capsule wireless-link backup disk appliance, from one to two terabytes.
Warning Stop

Intel's flash new SSDs hit by bugs

Intel's latest brace of solid state drives has been pulled from the market while a firmware bug gets fixed.
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Malware afflicts 1.5% of Symbian handsets

A survey carried out by SMobile, creators of mobile-security software, reports that 1 in 63 Symbian handsets is infected with some sort of malware - though things might not be quite as bad as they seem.
Bill Ray, 31 2009
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Government slashes final Eurofighter order

The UK is buying only 40 out of an expected 88 aircraft as part of the third tranche of orders for the controversial Eurofighter Typhoon.
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Flash update plugs zero-day Adobe vuln

Adobe released an update to its Flash Player software on Thursday, completing a busy week of security updates from the software developer.
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Endeavour glides back to Kennedy

Space shuttle Endeavour landed today at Kennedy Space Center at 14:48 GMT, marking the end of its STS-127 mission to the International Space Station.
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Amish farmers lose court battle against RFID

Michigan farmers have failed in their attempt to block the introduction of RFID tags for cattle, despite arguments about the cost and the risk of upsetting an otherwise benevolent deity.
Bill Ray, 31 2009

Volvo opens e-car kimono

Leccy Tech Volvo has shed more light on its electric car plans, revealing that a wholly battery-powered version of the C30 three-door coupe will launch in 2012.
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Microsoft 'update' breaks Office for Mac

Microsoft's recently released Service Pack 2 for Office 2008 for Mac makes it impossible for many users to open Office files created on PCs.
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EU court rules 11-word snippets can violate copyright

Amidst angry howls by the Associated Press over the internet CTRL C-ing its stories, Europe's highest court has whittled the line of potential copyright infringement down to just 11 little words.
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Apple patches Black Hat SMS vuln

Yesterday, The Reg reported that researchers had discovered a vulnerability in the iPhone and other mobile devices that made them vulnerable to an SMS hack.
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Amazon sued for sending 1984 down Orwellian memory hole

A seventeen-year-old high school senior has sued Amazon for vanishing George Orwell's 1984 from his Kindle ebook reader - and removing his personal annotations in the process.
Cade Metz, 31 2009
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UK border control can't count

Are UK immigration officials bungling the proper checks on visa applications? If their fact-checking abilities are any indication, there's reason to worry.