30th July 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft pact holds gun to Yahoo!'s stuffed elephant

    Just when Yahoo! was relevant again...

    Servers 30 Jul 00:07

  • MySQL startup targets SSDs

    Stop moving!

    Applications 30 Jul 00:13

  • IBM flings FUD at Neon zPrimers

    Cost-cutting mainframeware? Not so fast

    Servers 30 Jul 00:30

  • Wildcard certificate spoofs web authentication

    SSL felled by null string

    Security 30 Jul 03:13

  • US Congress probes accidental top secret file sharing

    Protecting fed workers from themselves

    Media 30 Jul 05:14

  • EU backs renewal of anti-terror bank scrutiny deal

    Follow the money

    Security 30 Jul 06:02

  • GlobalFoundries inks wafer baker deal with STMicro

    One down, many more to go

    Hardware 30 Jul 07:02

  • Mission control reacquires UK space cheddar

    Recovered intact in Bucks

    Science 30 Jul 07:59

  • BT profits hit by Global Services

    Steady performance though

    Broadband 30 Jul 08:00

  • Brother MFC-6890CDW A3 inkjet

    All you ever wanted in an MFD, but slower

    Hardware 30 Jul 08:02

  • Blackpool acts to avoid fall of Pericles

    New revenues and benefits software urgently needed

    Applications 30 Jul 09:12

  • LG unwraps second-gen Chocolate's specs

    Glossy pictures paraded, too

    Phones 30 Jul 09:35

  • Nikon simplifies DSLRs

    'Hold here, twist this, press that...'

    Hardware 30 Jul 10:22

  • iPhone actually good at making calls shock

    Smart phones tested for dumb functions

    Mobile 30 Jul 10:27

  • Tiny typo blamed for massive IE security fail

    That'll teach you to keep your ampersands in order

    Security 30 Jul 10:28

  • Fujitsu coughs to Q1 loss, pushes up profit forecast

    Bets big on electronic components

    The Channel 30 Jul 10:32

  • Scotch lovers asked to cough up £10,000 per bottle

    Now, where'd I leave my £5k bottle of coke

    Bootnotes 30 Jul 10:33

  • Compellent sparkling less brightly

    Growth, but only just

    Storage 30 Jul 10:43

  • El Reg to launch space paper plane

    Your input invited for audacious upper-atmosphere mission

    SPB 30 Jul 10:43

  • N97 Mini pictures emerge

    Coming later this year?

    Phones 30 Jul 10:54

  • Small biz warns on contractor law

    Recovery threatened by red tape

    Small Biz 30 Jul 11:07

  • Exposed activist accuses Tiscali of putting life in peril

    High Court threat for 'recklessly' publishing address

    Broadband 30 Jul 11:23

  • Intel rejects Pine Trail delay claim

    'Shipments in the second half of the year'

    Hardware 30 Jul 11:28

  • IBM demonstrates dedication to deduplication replication

    Diligently developing Diligent

    Storage 30 Jul 11:47

  • Intel warns over bare-metal BIOS bug

    Set bug panic meters to 'important'

    Security 30 Jul 11:49

  • Microsoft to launch UK ad-funded online video player

    Silverlight a no-show

    Media 30 Jul 12:01

  • Dell Inspiron Mini 10

    Hi-res display netbook, anyone?

    Laptops and Tablets 30 Jul 12:36

  • Mozilla makes rough notes on Firefox 3.6

    For those about to Namoroka

    Developer 30 Jul 12:38

  • O2 does Apple-flavour customer service

    Everything is fine! Even when it's not

    Mobile 30 Jul 13:13

  • Lads from Lagos cut off

    419ers go back to the telex

    Bootnotes 30 Jul 13:21

  • Wii and PS3 sales slide

    Nintendo's profits slip as Sony drops into the red

    Games 30 Jul 14:21

  • Johnson signs off ID card for UK citizenry

    Bloody British, they all look the same

    Government 30 Jul 14:40

  • MI5 website vuln builds mountain out of molehill

    Team Elite: Mission Implausible

    Security 30 Jul 14:59

  • GGF says plenty of treasure for Pirate Bay purchase

    It's not Wayne's World, it's mine

    Media 30 Jul 15:09

  • Application QoS – where's the measuring tape?

    Taking the business view of metrics

    Applications 30 Jul 15:14

  • Mozilla Labs' Weave 0.5 aligns Firefox planets

    It's all a question of synchronicity, darling

    Applications 30 Jul 15:59

  • Sky switches on 3D TV channel in 2010

    Goggles box

    Hardware 30 Jul 17:02

  • EMC's Data Domain deal changes Quantum future

    Meanwhile, income makes a Quantum leap

    Storage 30 Jul 17:28

  • Red Hat Enterprise clone poised to 'die'

    CentOS airs dirty laundry as admin 'vanishes'

    Operating Systems 30 Jul 17:40

  • Ballmer: People don't 'get' Microsoft's Yahoo! marriage

    Synergies 101 for financial dummies

    Media 30 Jul 17:55

  • Cisco patches DoS vuln pair in IOS

    No exploit spotted

    Security 30 Jul 18:26

  • Intel's Moorestown left homeless?

    Smartphones vanish MIDs market

    Hardware 30 Jul 19:17

  • Microsoft ultra-thins to 'out cool' netbooks, Apple

    Windows netbook price leap

    Hardware 30 Jul 20:06

  • Groovy punts SQL turbocharger

    Touts 'real-time' RDB

    Data Centre 30 Jul 21:56

  • Microsoft's Yahoo! marriage skips China

    Alibaba already spoken for

    Media 30 Jul 22:05

  • Microsoft kills Zune phone talk

    Concedes Windows Mobile 'uncool'

    Phones 30 Jul 22:46

  • Google hints Bing! pact will curb competition

    We're still thinkin'

    Business 30 Jul 23:02

  • Dutch court clogs Pirate Bay

    Say goodbye to the Low Countries

    Media 30 Jul 23:22

  • Meter insecurity raises specter of free parking hacks

    Cloned card could allow unlimited parking

    Security 30 Jul 23:50