29th July 2009 Archive

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  • Google open sources Wave gravy

    Operational transformation

    Developer 29 00:24

  • Unisys pulls profit from 16% sales drop

    Cost cuts thanked

    Financial News 29 00:28

  • Sun tripling RAID protection

    Another salvo in the fight against disk failure

    Storage 29 07:02

  • Zend squeezes PHP into business suit

    Time to get serious, kids

    Developer 29 07:02

  • Cowon D2+ DAB

    The audiophiles' player of choice?

    Hardware 29 08:02

  • Cisco and IBM come together over SAN WAN links

    I'll be your Global Mirror

    Data Networking 29 08:55

  • AST raises Plasmon technology from the grave

    UDOn't know what you've got 'til it's gone

    Storage 29 09:01

  • HMRC can't corral non-EU counterfeits

    High Court regretfully rules

    Law 29 09:28

  • IT's recession could be bottoming out

    Software offers long-awaited green shoots

    Financial News 29 09:35

  • Kodak intros 1080p pocket camcorder

    HD, in your pocket

    Hardware 29 09:55

  • UK space programme suffers serious setback

    High-altitude cheese missing over southern England

    Science 29 09:58

  • Ingres challenges Microsoft's DataAllegro warehouse steal

    Stealth project tethered down

    Developer 29 10:02

  • Xiotech gearing up for big announcement

    No personality crisis here

    Storage 29 10:03

  • Cameron condemns Tweeters as tw*ts

    Blows election hopes with microblogging tirade

    Government 29 10:17

  • IBM piles on security pounds with Ounce Labs buy

    Big cheque confirms code checking firm checks out

    Security 29 10:26

  • Wireless gaming wings way onto BlackBerry

    Nunchunck-esque controller for RIM smartphones launched

    Games 29 10:31

  • HP excessive packaging world record put to the test

    Boxing unclever

    Bootnotes 29 10:43

  • Recession ending for Western Digital

    And they're breathing down Seagate's neck

    Storage 29 10:55

  • Want Gmail? Best have your mobile handy

    Gmail starts taking numbers

    Mobile 29 11:10

  • SAP spins out optimistic outlook as Q2 sales fall 10%

    Eyeballs tasty operating margin, glosses over revs fall

    Financial News 29 11:11

  • Dongle surfers unaware of limits

    Costly excess download fees uncovered

    Broadband 29 11:13

  • Live Now: Making IT work in the real world

    Open source, proprietary or a little bit of both?

    Reg Technology Panel 29 11:16

  • Elgato EyeTV Sat

    Good reception for updated desktop satellite DVR?

    Hardware 29 11:25

  • British Council faces legal action for offshoring

    Promoting Britain by employing the rest of the world

    Government 29 11:31

  • From tracking sex performance to tracking sex offenders...

    There really is an iPhone app for everything

    Mobile 29 12:02

  • Irish charity gets millions from Gates Foundation

    Five year project

    Science 29 12:10

  • BIND crash bug prompts urgent update call

    Master server flaw could break the interwebs

    Security 29 12:20

  • Microsoft! and! Yahoo! finally! sign! search! deal!

    Thank! god! for! that!

    Media 29 12:42

  • Privacy watchdog bashes UK.gov net snoop plan

    'Case yet to be made'

    Government 29 13:29

  • Ads watchdog bows to iPhone's might

    Need to reject G1 fan pleas? There's an app for that

    Mobile 29 13:29

  • SpinVox: The Inside Story

    Santa's Little Helpers

    Mobile 29 14:24

  • AOL's pulse slows as Q2 revs slip 24%

    Ad biz just ain't wot it used to be

    Financial News 29 14:51

  • Translation services used to pump out polyglot spam

    Sie haben multi sprachliche Trödelpost

    Security 29 14:54

  • Last chance to vote to cut phone termination rates

    70,000 punters can't be wrong

    Mobile 29 15:18

  • Virtualization payback, now and in the future

    Do you really want to join this pool party?

    Software 29 15:43

  • Late 2010 launch for Project Natal, states gaming exec

    THQ's CEO spills the beans?

    Games 29 15:59

  • Windows 7 Ultimate product activation hacked?

    I want my free PC

    Operating Systems 29 18:34

  • Opera chief: history will silence Unite doubters

    Browser code 'too complex' for open source

    Applications 29 18:47

  • IBM outs BAO box speeds and feeds

    Inside the 'smart' system

    Servers 29 19:17

  • Apple says jailbroken iPhones endanger cell towers

    Mess with our OS and chaos will rule

    Mobile 29 19:46

  • Security elite pwned on Black Hat eve

    Kaminsky, Mitnick, et al

    Security 29 20:15

  • Microsoft-Yahoo! pact hit with anti-trust question

    Three-into-two doesn't wash

    Media 29 22:57

  • Space freighter flipped to manual for ISS dock

    Human hands on the package

    Science 29 23:06

  • Windows 7 finds home at Intel

    Microsoft's new OS 'one big positive'

    Operating Systems 29 23:56