28th July 2009 Archive

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  • Google tosses Android a Donut

    Version 2 it ain't

    Developer 28 Jul 00:27

  • Microsoft's mobile marketplace opens for submissions

    'Better' experience for all promised

    Developer 28 Jul 03:25

  • Open source API dreams of The Meta Cloud

    Calling the cloud of clouds

    Developer 28 Jul 04:03

  • Seagate forced to think about the next small big thing

    Where next after WD's 1TB SFF little monster?

    Storage 28 Jul 07:02

  • EU releases 2G GSM-reserved spectrum into wild

    Washes hands of 900MHz

    Mobile 28 Jul 07:06

  • Sage clears the quarter

    Challenging and unchanged

    Small Biz 28 Jul 07:52

  • BBC bids to control next-gen Telly UI

    Google, Virgin, Sky all unhappy

    Media 28 Jul 08:02

  • D-Link Xtreme N DIR-685

    Another stab at router convergence

    Hardware 28 Jul 08:02

  • Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed

    Half empty?

    Broadband 28 Jul 08:27

  • Endeavour crew wrap final ISS spacewalk

    Shuttle undocks today

    Science 28 Jul 08:58

  • SHA-3 hash contest enters second round

    Crypto Olympiad hots up

    Security 28 Jul 09:11

  • Novell punts tools to make software appliances

    SUSE Linux breaking out everywhere

    Applications 28 Jul 09:16

  • Truck drivers! Don't go texting now

    Shock risk findings are shocking

    Mobile 28 Jul 09:32

  • iTablet suppliers named

    Further proof of Apple's inbound 10in tablet PC?

    Hardware 28 Jul 09:56

  • Satire website survives domain name challenge

    Free speech protects political parody, rules WIPO

    Law 28 Jul 10:27

  • NHS Direct wrongly emailed patients' data

    But only to itself, so that's OK

    Government 28 Jul 10:29

  • Fujitsu ships SuperSpeed USB

    To arrive in gadgets by Christmas 2009

    Hardware 28 Jul 10:30

  • Fusion-io flush with flash success after demo

    Only beaten by expensive, exotic and dedicated kit

    Storage 28 Jul 10:54

  • Facebook slaps faces on ads

    Rogue ad network to blame for photo privacy violation, apparently

    Security 28 Jul 10:57

  • Time Warner swallows Google's AOL stake

    Spin off one step nearer

    Financial News 28 Jul 11:00

  • Nissan unveils high-tech e-car prototype

    Test mule for upcoming electic vehicle

    Science 28 Jul 11:16

  • Japan joins Qualcomm finger-pointers

    Market-abuse accusations span the globe

    Mobile 28 Jul 11:21

  • Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers

    Hunted with only her cunning to protect her

    Applications 28 Jul 11:34

  • Oz Firewall still standing after inconclusive filter trial

    Government happy to fit results to policy

    Government 28 Jul 11:40

  • O2 data network falls over again

    You just can't get the servers these days

    Mobile 28 Jul 11:55

  • P2P Judge: File sharing ain't fair use

    Slams Merry Pranksters for spongy defence

    Media 28 Jul 11:58

  • Gov geek publishes 5000-word Twitter guide

    It only takes an hour a day to present a human face

    Government 28 Jul 12:01

  • Panasonic puts camera's lens on a diet

    Compact features world’s first 0.3mm aspherical lens

    Hardware 28 Jul 12:19

  • Micron barges into PCIe SSD business

    Partners up with IDT

    Storage 28 Jul 12:51

  • Aussie woman's toilet trauma prompts lav-overhaul call

    67-year-old wedged in dunny for seven days

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 12:59

  • Oracle hits Qtrax with $2m sueball

    Emotions run high at P2P outfit

    Applications 28 Jul 13:02

  • Dutch spam suspect fined €250K

    Clogged interwebs with 21m junk mails

    Security 28 Jul 13:03

  • Toshiba TG01 smartphone

    A load of Tosh?

    Phones 28 Jul 13:10

  • Unions demands better conditions for temps

    Whinging, workshy contractors

    Small Biz 28 Jul 13:31

  • Big Blue blows a billion on predictive software seller

    Didn't see that one coming

    Applications 28 Jul 14:06

  • Intel delay impacting netbook launches?

    Pine Trail-M setback rumoured

    Hardware 28 Jul 14:36

  • RIM tries to grab some Nortel pie

    Hunts for crumbs from Ericsson's table

    Mobile 28 Jul 14:58

  • Linux Foundation urges fans to sign up to Visa credit card

    Tux becomes capitalist cover star

    Operating Systems 28 Jul 15:07

  • Managing Desktop Software for fun and profit

    Reduce complexity, save cash

    Reg Technology Panel 28 Jul 15:23

  • Greenpeace unleashes Captain Kirk on HP


    Hardware 28 Jul 15:31

  • Sprint pays $483m for a bit of Virgin territory

    End of road for pay-as-you-go MVNO

    Mobile 28 Jul 15:53

  • Online 'godfather games' banned in China

    Country makes websites offer they can't refuse

    Games 28 Jul 17:02

  • ARM doesn't lose self and leg

    But Q2 profits slump 26%

    Financial News 28 Jul 17:36

  • Apple bars Google's Voice from iPhone

    AT&T handiwork?

    Mobile 28 Jul 19:14

  • Foxconn pays suicidal iPhone engineer family for life

    Increased, um, compensation

    Mobile 28 Jul 19:32

  • Microsoft emergency fix kills bugs in IE, Visual Studio

    Just in time

    Security 28 Jul 19:42

  • Landlord sues tenant over moldy Tweet

    20 followers. $50k suit

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 20:25

  • Comcast trials Domain Helper service DNS hijacker

    Here to stay

    Networks 28 Jul 20:26

  • ATI FirePro plays leapfrog with Nvidia

    Let the driver kvetching begin

    Hardware 28 Jul 21:10

  • IBM iron predicts the future

    BAO boxes combine warehousing, analytics

    Servers 28 Jul 22:01

  • Hackintosher aims 'blazin' guns' at Apple

    Psystar calls in 'the cavalry'

    Hardware 28 Jul 23:41

  • Hollywood demands shuttering of Pirate Bay

    Site sails on despite conviction

    Media 28 Jul 23:46