24th July 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft doubles quarterly revenue drop

    Windows 7 grand plan for growth

    Financial News 24 00:10

  • Citrix: A long run to VMware

    XenDesktop's big quarter

    Financial News 24 00:27

  • Amazon's soaring revenues depress Wall Street

    Stock tumbles on 15 per cent sales leap

    Financial News 24 01:00

  • A Geeks Guide2 ...Things Every Software Architect Should Know

    40% discount at Reg Books

    Developer 24 06:14

  • O2 unveils small biz landline to mobile link

    Yes dear, I'm still stuck at work...

    Small Biz 24 07:02

  • Digital Vision GiGo DV-DTR1 USB PVR

    Heir apparent: granny's new VHS?

    Hardware 24 08:02

  • Swine flu site struggles to stay up

    Symptom checker sickly

    Government 24 08:57

  • Rockstar opens up about GTA-based film

    GTA: The Movie?

    Games 24 09:02

  • Vodafone UK revenue down in Q1

    But sticking to guidance for the year

    Mobile 24 09:06

  • Adobe promises fix for critical Flash hole next week

    Long hot weekend

    Security 24 09:32

  • Canadian uni catches the rebranding sniffles

    Revolting students protest 'new marketing-oriented visual identity'

    Bootnotes 24 09:34

  • Google Latitude maps way onto iPhone

    Smartphone-based stalking made easier

    Phones 24 09:56

  • Oracle takes it to the bridge with GoldenGate buy

    Scoops up real-time data outfit

    Developer 24 10:00

  • UKUUG Summer Conference 2009

    Savings for Reg readers

    Developer 24 10:02

  • Hybrid warship in development

    'Oh, I'm the greenest captain of the US Navy...'

    Science 24 10:02

  • Street View snooptrike stalks Siena

    Google's pedal-powered privacy-buster caught on camera

    Bootnotes 24 10:20

  • Beeb and co offload failed Kangaroo platform

    Arqiva to buy forsaken commercial TV web platform

    Media 24 10:32

  • BOFH: Hammer time!

    All through the tower, not a creature was stirring...

    BOFH 24 11:02

  • Kind soul donates Claymore mine to charity

    Colorado shopping centre evacuated

    Bootnotes 24 11:30

  • Android to invade in-home gadgets during 2009?

    Tech exec claims OS' use not limited to smartphones

    Hardware 24 11:35

  • Info Tribunal fluffed on FOI, rules High Court

    Overlooked public interest in legal privilege case

    Law 24 11:42

  • MS adds sandboxing to Office 2010

    Harm reduction tactic aims to block bug exploitation

    Security 24 11:45

  • Bezos begs forgiveness for Amazon's Big Brother moment

    Chat Room 101

    Media 24 11:56

  • Swedish lesbians suck sperm banks dry

    Duff man juice also adding to chronic shortage

    Science 24 11:58

  • Pentax Optio W80

    Gritty contender for watersports enthusiasts

    Hardware 24 12:02

  • Shoot-to-kill policy targets Hull's P2P users

    One strike and you're out

    Media 24 12:19

  • Storage start-ups fail to set the world on fire

    How IT fell for file storage growth myths

    Storage 24 12:31

  • When application security meets the real world

    Expert discussion replay now available

    Reg Technology Panel 24 13:16

  • iPhone security cracked, smacked and broken

    3GS cheerfully decrypts itself, says researcher

    Mobile 24 13:33

  • Sony commits to touchscreen Vaio PCs

    Electronics giant to embrace Windows 7 functionality

    Hardware 24 13:55

  • Electropulse weapon fear spreads to UK politicos

    Civilisation threatened by bombs over the Atlantic

    Government 24 14:01

  • Pirate Bay gets shirty with Dutch anti-piracy group

    Handbags at yawn

    Media 24 14:35

  • IBM touts Power Systems prowess on SAP tests

    ITG does some TCO touting, too

    Servers 24 14:44

  • Security researchers unpick botnet economics

    Baron Samedi's nice little earner

    Security 24 14:52

  • Key McKinnon extradition ruling due next week

    UFO hacker legal circus lurches towards climax

    Law 24 15:00

  • Palm restores Pré iTunes synchronisation

    Also adds long list of tweaks and new features

    Phones 24 15:02

  • Google kicks Maestro into touch

    Your money's no good here

    Small Biz 24 15:02

  • O2 leaves travellers in the lurch

    Callers left speechless in numerous languages

    Mobile 24 15:10

  • Shoot to kill: Karoo relents

    Upgrades One Strike to Three

    Media 24 15:56

  • Microsoft airbrushes anti-Apple ad

    Cartwheels out of Jobsian threat

    Media 24 17:31

  • Germanic types in yodeling copyright tussle

    Yodel - Ay - EEE - Sue

    Bootnotes 24 19:19

  • Remote IT support tool hijacks customer webserver

    TeamViewer turns outage into ad time

    Security 24 19:19

  • AMD foundry spin-off breaks $4.2bn ground

    Fab fab in upstate New York

    Financial News 24 19:45

  • Microsoft: GPL violation didn't drive Linux donation

    Questions unanswered

    Software 24 20:32