21st July 2009 Archive

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  • Barnes & Noble chases Amazon with ebook second coming

    No Plastic Logic. Yet

    Media 21 01:02

  • Microsoft set for open source outpouring?

    Next up: Office, Red Hat, and Fedora

    Software 21 01:10

  • LG GC900 Viewty Smart

    Hi-res camphone at not so high a price

    Phones 21 08:02

  • Tasered Oz man bursts into flames

    Petrol-sniffing incident ends in third degree burns

    Law 21 08:48

  • NZ council to scrub Muff Road

    Souvenir hunters target tasty signage

    Bootnotes 21 09:03

  • Vodafone and T-Mobile: 1800MHz bad, 900MHz good

    Your thoughts on the big buy-up

    Mobile 21 09:41

  • Intel to launch Core i5 on 6 September

    Minus HyperThreading

    Hardware 21 10:02

  • Swine flu malware poses as pig plague update

    Telling porkies

    Security 21 10:03

  • Mobile Broadband just not fast enough

    Although 11.5% of users perfectly happy

    Mobile 21 10:27

  • Deutsche Bank sacks two for spying

    Lives of Others lives on

    Security 21 10:31

  • Astroplumbers fix US space superloo

    ISS deluxe dunny reopens for business

    Science 21 10:34

  • Intel's 32nm desktop CPU speeds and feeds revealed

    Dual-core 32nm Core i5 and Core i3 in early 2010

    Hardware 21 10:41

  • Wrinkly rockers prosper from music boom

    Heritage acts hear cash tills

    Media 21 10:53

  • Jupiter takes a serious knock

    Object slams into gas giant

    Science 21 10:54

  • Yahoo! bites! Web! 2.0! apple! with! homepage! relaunch!

    US first, then the rest of us

    Media 21 11:14

  • Nissan ponders Pré-like cordless charging for e-cars

    Top up your battery while you drive...

    Science 21 11:28

  • IBM lifts the veil on Power7 chips

    Promises upgrades from Power6 boxes

    Hardware 21 11:49

  • BenQ Joybee GP1 mini projector

    Palm-sized portable projector with a lifetime lamp

    Hardware 21 11:51

  • Switch to SSD 'for free'? Sandforce explains how

    Lower power bills pay the tab

    Storage 21 11:57

  • Auditors slam MoD over failure to keep track of radios

    NAO subject stock and payroll systems to unfriendly fire

    Government 21 12:00

  • Broadband for all soundbite trumps content, quality

    Media luminaries unpick the Carter Report

    Government 21 12:02

  • Dell hacks £10k off deal registration pricing

    Take your partner by the hand

    The Channel 21 12:02

  • 'No more CCTV', cries top CCTV cop

    Shetlands crime wave under control

    Law 21 12:06

  • Google aims at mobile operators' money supply

    Ringtone ads to power latest value suction proposition

    Mobile 21 12:09

  • LIVE: Application Security Regcast

    Resources and useful destinations

    Site News 21 12:35

  • German cops cuff Brit potato iPod scammer

    Bag of spuds conman has had his chips

    Bootnotes 21 13:24

  • IT workers grumble about lack of career path

    More to job than shoot 'em ups and doughnuts, y'know

    Management 21 13:28

  • NZ nude mum snap auction a hoax

    Student media project to 'get people chattering'

    Bootnotes 21 13:31

  • Seven 32nm Intel mobile Core ix CPUs queued for Q1 2010

    But which one has the built-in GPU?

    Hardware 21 13:37

  • RIM fights BlackBerry snoop gaffe

    Denies involvement in half-baked Etisalat scheme

    Security 21 14:06

  • NotW bosses fight back over hacking claims

    Never done nothin' or nothin'

    Security 21 14:34

  • Wheels come off O2's data network

    We'll just have to start talking to each other

    Mobile 21 15:25

  • Erin Andrews peephole footage spreads Trojan

    Malware risk to the unwary horny

    Security 21 15:48

  • Visa turns to txt

    ur broK, nd mor crdt?

    Mobile 21 16:00

  • Big Blue animates VM control freak

    Taming the hypervisor sprawl

    Virtualization 21 17:17

  • Intel in (halfhearted) SSD boost

    Faster. Cheaper. And, well, that's it

    Storage 21 17:34

  • Adobe peels off Flash layers for open source

    Money move

    Developer 21 17:46

  • iPhone push hack shoves IMs to complete strangers

    You talkin' to me?

    Mobile 21 18:13

  • Canadian privacy chief flunks Facebook

    Lax data policies in sharp detail

    Security 21 19:20

  • Open-source firmware vuln exposes wireless routers

    Back door to complete control

    Security 21 19:33

  • Engineer commits suicide after losing iPhone prototype

    Leaps from open window

    Mobile 21 19:50

  • Apple profits up 15 per cent (again)

    5.2 million iPhones sold

    Hardware 21 20:59

  • AMD records 11th straight loss

    Intel not feeling its pain

    Financial News 21 23:18

  • Apple admits iPhone 3GS in short supply

    The next 1.3 billion must wait

    Mobile 21 23:52