20th July 2009 Archive

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  • IBM upgrades DS series by the numbers

    Hardware refresh for IBM's flagship storage product

    Storage 20 07:02

  • Twitter docs hack exploits stupidity vuln

    Google Apps and the mental midgets

    Applications 20 07:14

  • Intel to deliver Postville in August

    Stamping out a 320GB 34nm SSD

    Hardware 20 07:55

  • Wyplay Wyplayer

    Media player with PVR pretensions

    Hardware 20 08:02

  • US space superloo claps out

    13 astronauts share Russian ISS dunny

    Science 20 08:46

  • Cisco slices HQ staff

    It was always part of the plan

    Financial News 20 09:26

  • Data Domain doubles up dedupe speed

    Four socket DD880 is a 'Ferrari of a dedupe engine'

    Storage 20 09:31

  • Mozilla downplays risk from unpatched flaw

    Nothing to exploit here. Please move along

    Security 20 09:48

  • Toshiba to back Blu-ray Disc with player launch?

    HD DVD all but forgotten

    Hardware 20 09:56

  • DRAM patent holder sues Big Blue

    Mosaid gets mad over licensing stubbornness

    The Channel 20 10:01

  • Apollo 11 vets urge Mars mission

    Forget the Moon, say Aldrin and Collins

    Science 20 10:08

  • AMD's first DirectX 11 GPU 'not out until November'

    Not huge demand for it even then?

    Hardware 20 10:15

  • BT to flog Microsoft cloud, unified comms services

    Is that a pie in the sky?

    The Channel 20 10:35

  • Belkin expunges expensive wireless HDMI gadget

    FlyWire = FailWire?

    Hardware 20 10:42

  • It shouldn't happen to a vetting database

    MPs can't get themselves arrested vetted

    Government 20 11:22

  • Revenue not scared of carbon trading fraud

    Carousel fraudsters stick with chips, for now

    The Channel 20 11:25

  • DfT shared service reverted to manual controls

    Move over and let me drive

    Government 20 11:49

  • Companies line up for funding to break China's Firewall

    Falun Gong versus the Great Firewall

    Government 20 12:11

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13in June 2009 release

    Apple finally notices there's a recession

    Hardware 20 12:28

  • Kingston's thumb drive is tiny Tardis

    256GB Data Traveller 300

    Hardware 20 12:30

  • Anti-Sec spoof threatens s'kiddie mayhem

    Interweb will be punked rather than pwned

    Security 20 12:42

  • Nissan to build e-car batteries in Blighty

    Coup for Sunderland plant

    Science 20 12:56

  • UK.gov eavesdroppers frustrated by red tape

    Call for middle management cull at GCHQ

    Government 20 12:57

  • Bloggers spin product-less Nokia trademarks

    Speculation attempts to fill information void

    Phones 20 13:21

  • EMC dishes what it will do with Data Domain

    Basis of backup, recovery and archive division

    Storage 20 13:53

  • Medical cannabis app rolls out on iPhone

    Now you're toking

    Bootnotes 20 14:22

  • Metallica sticksman gloats over Napster downfall

    Happy as a 'greedy rock pig' in mud

    Media 20 14:35

  • Government pig flu spotter pulls a sickie

    Online system down since Sunday

    Government 20 14:39

  • German bomber crashes on Moon Google Earth

    Alleged Ju88 in reservoir eludes Reg dragnet, however

    Bootnotes 20 14:45

  • Dell partner CIT dodges bankruptcy

    Replaced by Red Hat in the S&P 500 just the same

    The Channel 20 15:20

  • IT jobs site urges password resets after hack attack

    Contact details compromised

    The Channel 20 15:26

  • Palm gets its Mojo working

    Now all we need is a Pre or two

    Developer 20 15:39

  • Microsoft gets SaaSy with SP2 for Apple-friendly Office

    Gimme Big Mac, fries to go...

    Applications 20 15:41

  • Google lights up Moon on Apollo 11 anniversary

    One small step for Google Earth

    Science 20 18:02

  • Microsoft embraces Linux 'cancer' to sell Windows servers

    Great virtualization-driver giveaway

    Virtualization 20 18:03

  • US tactical bot has no taste for humans

    Biomass-fed EATR 'strictly vegetarian'

    Science 20 18:04

  • Digital Spy fights second malware attack

    Oops we did it again

    Security 20 19:28

  • Researcher raids browser history for webmail login tokens

    Point, click, and hijack

    Security 20 20:31

  • Intel slashes prices on desktop, server chips

    Up to 19 per cent

    Hardware 20 20:51

  • EU calls hearing over Google 'orphan' treatment

    US book scan plan trips rest of world

    Media 20 20:52

  • Music industry busts jukebox piracy scheme

    Is your Sock Hop safe?

    Media 20 21:03

  • Japanese nuke lab erects 200 teraflop super

    Heads for 'Venus'

    HPC 20 23:05

  • US grants $47m for power grid smarts

    'Hurry up' money

    Government 20 23:14

  • Mac OS X gets rootkit coding manual

    Filling the void

    Security 20 23:35