17th July 2009 Archive

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  • DHS chief accused of using no-fly list for political payback

    State treasurer suspects airport blackballing

    Government 17 00:19

  • Bus-Tech downsizes VTL for small mainframes

    Sub-10TB market beckons

    Servers 17 07:02

  • STEC on a roll for enterprise SSDs

    $120m SSD supply to an array supplier

    Storage 17 08:02

  • Sony Ericsson C903

    Mobile for cost-conscious photo fanatics

    Phones 17 08:02

  • Isilon makes grab at NAS performance crown

    SPEC claims drowned out by bickering

    Storage 17 09:00

  • Microhoo! deal! back! on!


    Financial News 17 09:08

  • Cost of seconding workers to the UK could soar

    These foreigners come over here, pay our taxes...

    Management 17 09:25

  • HP offers EDS staff unpaid leave, cuts in hours

    Inventive redundancy alternatives

    The Channel 17 09:29

  • Oz cops turn to wardriving to fight Wi-Fi 'jackers

    Fuzz logic

    Broadband 17 09:34

  • Government cancels Scope 2

    'Failing' secure intelligence plan drops off 'scope

    The Channel 17 10:00

  • Xbox 360 reverses plunging console sales trend

    Poor month for rivals

    Games 17 10:04

  • Firefox update fixes zero-day JavaScript flaw

    Just-in-Time vuln fixed in nick of time

    Applications 17 10:18

  • Would you leave your child alone with a cabinet minister?

    Govt says kids safer with politicians than authors

    Government 17 10:28

  • Dell sets date for Vostro all-in-one UK debut

    iMac-like biz machine for cramped office desks

    Hardware 17 10:31

  • Spooks' favourite IT firm tells Reg readers to grow up

    Time for mature chat on privacy

    Government 17 11:03

  • Opera slams Microsoft's Windows 7 E move - again

    Hokey-cokey IE8 option not good for rivals

    Software 17 11:34

  • Iran blocks Wikileaks

    Site condemns their 'Berlin Wall moment'

    Government 17 11:36

  • Wikipedia's Gallery guy hung up to dry?

    Facing up to National Portrait Gallery

    Media 17 11:39

  • Boffin calculates cash value of memories

    Brits would rather have the money

    Hardware 17 11:51

  • App dev security – where are the risks?

    Tackling bigger and better idiots

    Applications 17 12:02

  • MS sues ringtone firm over smut-punting IM spam scam

    SPIM phishers feel the wrath of Redmond's lawyers

    Security 17 12:09

  • What's happening with XIV?

    IBM's stealthy storage machine

    The Channel 17 12:12

  • Google Docs to get 'shiny new' interface

    Pieces o' silver, perhaps?

    Applications 17 12:26

  • Swedish devil girls fingered on Street View

    Shock sequence captures cyclist molestation

    Bootnotes 17 12:31

  • Ministry of Justice issues digital preservation code

    It certainly worked for the DNA database

    Government 17 13:31

  • HP hoovers up IBRIX

    Monster buys alien

    Storage 17 13:51

  • Guns N' Roses blogger dodges time in slammer

    Under house arrest with anti-piracy ad to follow

    Media 17 13:53

  • Nikon D5000 digital SLR

    Satisfying stills with HD thrown in

    Hardware 17 13:54

  • SpinVox offers pounds of own flesh to staff

    In lieu of actual spendy pounds

    Mobile 17 14:38

  • Accenture saddles up Symbian development

    Apple et al quake in terror

    Mobile 17 14:50

  • Memory-hogging bug offers universal browser crash exploit

    DOM and dumber

    Mobile 17 15:08

  • Google not liable for defamatory search snippets

    High Court heads off flood of cases from world + dog

    Law 17 15:44

  • Lexus unveils hybrid

    Prius' big brother

    Science 17 16:02

  • IBM peddles FCoE switches from Brocade and, yes, Cisco

    Sleeping with the enemy

    Data Networking 17 17:26

  • Riot police raid birthday barbecue for 'all-night' Facebook tag

    Four cars, van, helicopter storm 15-guest cookout

    Bootnotes 17 17:44

  • Copan chief walks the plank

    MAID man no more

    Storage 17 20:48

  • Verizon plays handset exclusivity games with US Congress

    Pares pacts to 6 months - if you're irrelevant

    Broadband 17 20:56

  • Apple, Microsoft sued over iPod, Zune controls

    Texas touchpad trouble

    Media 17 20:57

  • NASA orbiter returns first shots of Apollo moon sites

    Bigger, better pics to come

    Science 17 21:50

  • Clever attack exploits fully-patched Linux kernel

    'NULL pointer' bug plagues even super max versions

    Security 17 22:32