15th July 2009 Archive

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  • Supers get greener

    But HPC iron still glows red hot

    HPC 15 00:03

  • Ricoh Aficio GX 3000S

    Quick dry ink, the fast print solution?

    Hardware 15 08:02

  • Long wait for health records

    New system will miss the Olympics

    Government 15 08:16

  • Three brothers jailed for credit card factory

    Twelve years for the brothers PIN

    Security 15 09:04

  • Save journalism, online newspaper publishers beg EC

    Demand for better copyright protection

    Media 15 09:17

  • DNA database swells despite human rights ruling

    5.6 million records and still growing

    Law 15 09:56

  • PC market to shrink for first time since dot com crash

    Vendors bumping against rocky bottom

    The Channel 15 10:09

  • Sony whips up fresh Walkman players

    Zappin', apparently

    Hardware 15 10:21

  • New CEO to Tiscali TV: 'Show me the money'

    Carphone Warehouse boss throws on-demand service a bone

    Broadband 15 10:23

  • Blade pioneer dies

    Chris Hipp, RIP

    Servers 15 10:32

  • Toyota to punch out second hybrid in UK

    Next-gen Auris assembly plan announced

    Science 15 10:34

  • Dell strives to fill storage holes

    Will plug gaps with storage supplier buy

    Storage 15 10:35

  • Zero-day fixes star in MS Patch Tuesday

    More of the same to come

    Security 15 10:59

  • Google Voice gets Android guestlist

    BlackBerry's in, iPhone still wearing wrong shoes

    Mobile 15 11:00

  • New Zealand set to join internet blocking club

    Concerns over oversight and spying on users

    Broadband 15 11:03

  • Chrome OS: Windows killer?

    Or will it just leave smudgy fingermarks?

    Operating Systems 15 11:44

  • Microsoft store crumples as Win7 promo kicks off

    Partner opportunity or what?

    The Channel 15 11:49

  • Rackspace adds API access to its hosted clouds

    RESTful and be thankful

    Servers 15 11:52

  • Acer Tempo M900

    Acer's last and best Windows Smartphone?

    Phones 15 11:57

  • Gaza youth 'corrupted' by aphrodisiac chewing gum

    Israel finds Hamas claim hard to swallow

    Bootnotes 15 12:13

  • MP asks UK.gov: Why are you still using IE6?

    It's insecure, it's flaky... it's government IT policy

    Management 15 12:17

  • Plod offered SIM confiscation powers by Tories

    Errant yoof face summary mobile justice

    Law 15 12:22

  • Cocaine-smuggling golfer fails 'what's your handicap' test

    Disability? What disability?

    Bootnotes 15 12:24

  • Kent Police clamp down on tall photographers

    New heights of absurdity (about 5'11")

    Law 15 12:45

  • MPs shown 'email evidence' of wider NotW snooping

    'One bad apple' defence wormed into

    Security 15 14:16

  • World's oldest mum pops clogs

    Has twins at 67, dies at 70*

    Science 15 14:17

  • CRB drops fees ahead of expected vetting surge

    Volume snooping discounts

    Government 15 14:17

  • No green shoots for 3PAR

    Situation actually getting worse

    Storage 15 14:37

  • Government promises low carbon future

    £10m for electric car chargers

    Science 15 15:04

  • BlackBerry snoopers can explain everything

    Etisalat downloads smoke and mirrors

    Mobile 15 15:09

  • Explosive French workers threaten second factory

    Nortel plant in gas bottle menace

    Bootnotes 15 15:11

  • Microsoft hosts Feynman lecture series

    Actual fun with physics

    Science 15 15:12

  • Fancy dropping into Pitetsbkrrh?

    Pittsburgh tower fails spelling test

    Networks 15 15:26

  • Juniper wraps remote types in security blanket

    Measures self with Cisco yardstick

    Security 15 16:51

  • O2 caught in smartphone virus outbreak

    Snazzy Toshiba TG01s infected

    Security 15 17:06

  • Apple's iPhoneware update snuffs tethering hack

    Adds obey AT&T code

    Mobile 15 17:41

  • Visa dings teen for $23-quadrillion restaurant charge

    Admits 17-digit 'glitch'

    Security 15 17:54

  • Nehalem and Atom save Intel's Q2 cookies

    Supply chain planning 101

    Servers 15 18:01

  • New York nips facelift firm for astroturfing

    But they're still grinning...

    Media 15 18:35

  • Microsoft invests $1m in IT girls

    Designing Women

    Financial News 15 18:44

  • Apple ends Palm Pre's iTunes charade

    'Falsely pretending' devices disabled

    Media 15 20:24

  • HTC smartphones vulnerable to Bluetooth file sniffing

    Still no fix

    Security 15 20:29

  • Ingres punts dev software bundle wrapped in Oracle fears

    WAMPS to WAIPS in a single install

    Applications 15 20:36

  • Microsoft stores to get in Apple's face this autumn

    Triumph of the mall

    The Channel 15 21:12

  • Bull to do homegrown Nehalem EX chipset

    Fame 2G and its Mesca servers

    HPC 15 22:01

  • Endeavour heads for ISS on sixth try

    'Persistence pays off' for STS-127

    Science 15 22:23

  • Twitter's underwear exposed after Google Apps hack

    Biz Stone's briefs

    Security 15 23:33

  • IT admin sentenced for sabotaging employer's network

    $30k rampage served cold

    Security 15 23:48

  • Microsoft apes Spotify with ad-stuffed tune streaming

    Copycat for Zune, Xbox

    Media 15 23:58