14th July 2009 Archive

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  • Facebook price tag drops (another) $3.5bn

    Russians eat more stock

    Financial News 14 00:05

  • Nokia notices, finally targets Danger Sidekick generation

    What the N97 should have been?

    Phones 14 00:13

  • Cats mix baby 'cry' with purr to score dinner


    Science 14 00:21

  • Ryanair agrees website clarifications with OFT

    I'll be good

    Financial News 14 07:05

  • Dell Studio 15

    Designer chic without price or performance penalties

    Laptops 14 08:02

  • Staten Island manhole swallows texting teen

    'Oh my God, it was putrid'

    Bootnotes 14 08:35

  • Mobile and desktop Nehalems coming closer

    We at last gain a Clarksfield

    The Channel 14 08:50

  • MPs decry lack of honeybee action

    Defra needs stinging into action

    Science 14 09:00

  • Hitachi catches up with new 2TB drive

    Seagate, WD hold breath for power draw figures

    Storage 14 09:10

  • NASA promises 'greatly improved' Moon landing footage

    One giant leap in quality imminent

    Science 14 09:20

  • PC shipments slide through June

    But Dell calls the bottom

    Hardware 14 09:24

  • OCZ boosts Vertex SSD series speeds

    Ups cache clock

    Hardware 14 09:34

  • Ofcom clears decks for WirelessHD

    Wi-Fi Friday imminent

    Hardware 14 09:45

  • Cyclists offered cut-price shag at German brothel

    Pull up to der Bumper

    Bootnotes 14 09:47

  • Hitachi releases mini Nas adaptor for USB HDDs

    And a couple of drives to go with it

    Broadband 14 10:06

  • Asus punts monitor with built-in TV tuner

    Or should that be 'TV that works like a monitor'?

    Hardware 14 10:23

  • Pssst... Apple tablet on way, whisper Chinese moles

    Apple-designed CPU on board, it's claimed

    Hardware 14 10:29

  • Second unpatched ActiveX bug hits IE

    Swiss cheese browser gains extra hole

    Security 14 10:36

  • Anonymous web data can be personal data, claims expert

    Own it by owning up

    Law 14 10:46

  • Unlock your iPhone, miss your messages

    You have no notifications, you network tart

    Phones 14 11:26

  • Phone hack obsession obscures NotW privacy scandal

    What about illegal access to tax, bank, police records?

    Law 14 11:33

  • Windows 7 still baking in oven, insists Microsoft

    Confirms leaked build isn't final version

    Law 14 11:34

  • McKinnon faces final appeal against extradition

    Last last last chance (for now)

    Law 14 11:51

  • Garmin Nüvi 1340T

    Slimline satnav that's also thin on features

    Science 14 12:02

  • Regulator sniffs around Live Nation, Ticketmaster merger

    Watchdog releases the hounds

    Media 14 12:18

  • China halts memory-wiping electric shocks for net addicts

    Buzz off and forget it

    Bootnotes 14 12:21

  • Yorkshire cops accused of copyright theft

    Mobile forensics firm detects pirates

    Developer 14 13:01

  • Can outsiders improve MS-Exchange?

    Minding the gaps

    Management 14 13:23

  • Cutting the cord: future mobile broadband tech

    How internet on the go is going to get much faster

    Hardware 14 13:23

  • Italian bride's bouquet downs ultralight

    Not so lucky flying flora

    Bootnotes 14 13:31

  • Irish ISP downed by DDoS

    Eircom drop blamed on hack

    Broadband 14 14:42

  • Unpatched Firefox flaw lets fox into henhouse

    Same sh*t, different zero-day

    Security 14 15:03

  • Sun: Q4 sales to drop by a third, sees deeper losses

    No surprises there

    Servers 14 15:11

  • Microsoft's Azure cloud price pipped by Amazon's Linux

    Windows master goes low

    Developer 14 15:27

  • iTunes App Store: 1.5bn served

    'Hard for others to catch up,' says Jobs

    Mobile 14 17:55

  • IBM's DS8000 getting thin provisioning

    XIV gets dual processors, as well

    Storage 14 18:03

  • Sports site sues Facebook for click fraud

    RootZoo files class-action complaint

    Business 14 18:12

  • BlackBerry update bursting with spyware

    Official snooping suspected in UAE

    Security 14 18:31

  • IBM drops Istanbuls into big Opteron box

    Three or four sockets, 18 or 24 cores

    HPC 14 19:34

  • CBS, Comcast in web TV trial subs

    Cable operator seeks cure for Hulu

    Media 14 21:02

  • WiMAX numbers up, profits down

    LTE's lag causing worries, as well

    Networks 14 21:03

  • Ballmer gets tough with girly Microsoft partners

    Things change, we compete, I love you

    Software 14 23:15

  • Intel posts $1bn net, EU nets it all

    But fines aside, there are signs of a turnaround

    Financial News 14 23:16

  • MontaVista boasts 1-second Linux boot

    But who has the time?

    Operating Systems 14 23:59