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Adobe wires ColdFusion into Microsoft Office and SharePoint

Fourteen years after ColdFusion first appeared, Adobe Systems has updated the platform to facilitate the development of applications that feed on Microsoft's Office and SharePoint productivity products.
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Olympics loses tech provider

The London Olympics and its network infrastructure provider Nortel have agreed to split.
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Brothel funds NZ lad's Olympic dream

A NZ Olympic taekwondo hopeful has decided to relieve his parents of the burden of funding his international bids for sporting glory and has opened a brothel to raise cash for his trip to London 2012.

VMware copes with performance, chargeback anxiety

VMware has given its vCenter management tool an overhaul, giving admins the ability to monitor application performance and charge back departments for the privilege.
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Intel relaxes rules on netbook screen specs, say moles

Netbooks with a 10in screen and an Intel Atom N-series processor look set to move quickly beyond the so-far-standard 1024 x 600 resolution.
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Digital Britain: The Emperor has no signal

Ofcom's reluctant publication of a national 3G coverage map is a wonderful thing - it raises questions that politicians, business, the regulator and the Twittering media have swept under the carpet for years. If universal coverage is a common goal, as they all insist, then getting there is going to be very expensive and unrewarding. So much so, that it might actually be wiser not to bother.

AMD delivers more six-shooter Istanbul Opterons

As planned, chip maker designer and seller Advanced Micro Devices will today trot out some additions to its six-core "Istanbul" Opteron processors for servers, adding faster and hotter versions of the chips as well as cooler and slower ones for the energy conscious.
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Hurt yourself? Try f**king swearing

A team from Blighty's Keele University has confirmed what all of us who've ever hit our thumbs with a hammer have known for years - that swearing can relieve pain.
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First mobile 'Nehalem' CPUs out in October?

Intel's first 'Nehalem' architecture mobile processors may appear sooner than planned, with three chips arriving late Q3 or early Q4.
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File-sharer numbers dip, says survey

A survey has found a fall in use of unlicensed music file-sharing over 18 months in the UK.

Microsoft spills some Office 2010 beta beans

Microsoft will later today announce a series of significant, Google-aping changes to its business model for the release of Office 2010, but ahead of the shindig it’s already let slip what that will entail via the suite’s official website.

What happens to Dell's deduplication now?

Comment Dell has a three-way deduplication strategy that uses CommVault, EMC/Quantum and Symantec technologies. EMC has bought Data Domain, putting the Quantum technology at risk of replacement. What will Dell do?

Phones4u takes orders for 12Mp Samsung cameraphone

Samsung's 12Mp Pixon cameraphone will be delivered on 1 August - if you order it in advance from Phones4u, that is.
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ImageShack hacked in oddball security protest

A hacking group has broken into one of the biggest image hosting websites on the net before uploading its manifesto.
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Mobile directory blames press for latest failure

The operator of a new directory of private mobile phone numbers has blamed the press for its rushed launch and subsequent technical problems, which have seen the service shut down indefinitely.
Honda CR-Z

Honda promises hybrid Jazz, CR-Z next year

Leccy Tech Honda has announced it is to put two new hybrids into production alongside its Insight and Civic models.
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Business throws cold water on gov hot air proposals

Business lobby group the CBI is calling on the government to reduce its reliance on wind power to hit greenhouse gas targets.
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F-Secure grabs online storage firm in cloud security push

Net security firm F-Secure has bought privately-held online storage and data management firm Steek in a deal designed to improve its sales to telcos.
HTC Snap

HTC Snap

Review Another week, another handset from HTC, or so it seems. The Taiwanese manufacturer has been churning out new Windows Mobile smart phones with indecent haste of late, and seems to be showing no signs of flagging.

Sun setting dedupe up for ZFS

Oracle/Sun's ZFS file system seems set to get deduplication added to it later this year.

Philips refutes EU LCD cartel charges

The European Commission is investigating whether a cartel has been operating in the LCD panel industry.
Joe Fay, 13 2009
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US thesp to attempt audacious tw*tdangle

US thesp David Arquette has had an attack of the gitwizards and will this week spend two eight-hour stints in a plastic box suspended above NYC's Madison Square Garden.

Office 2010 hits testers minus Google punch

WPC The next version of Microsoft's Office is due to be released for testing today, but you won't be able to get your hands on the web-based edition of Office 2010 just yet.

Office 2010 tech preview: Expect the expected

Review Microsoft has released a technical preview of Office 2010. This is a pre-beta release intended for feedback, as well as promotion, so it's not feature-complete and may change before the final release planned for the first half of 2010.
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Europe should put privacy at centre of new laws

The European Data Protection Supervisor has adopted an opinion on the Stockholm programme - the European Commission's creepy-sounding "agenda for the future".
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French workers threaten to blow up factory

Workers at a bankrupt French car parts factory have decided that the best way to get some redundancy cash is to threaten to blow up the factory.
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iPhone makes eyes at T-Mobile and Orange

The days of O2's exclusive hold on the iPhone are probably numbered - T-Mobile has told us it's in talks with Apple about ranging the iPhone 3G in the next few months.
Bill Ray, 13 2009
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National Portrait Gallery bitchslaps Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been dinged for violating 3,000 copyrights belonging to the National Portrait Gallery.

Most IT pros not planning on Windows 7 rollout

The recessionary squeeze on IT departments' manpower and finances will hinder the rollout of Windows 7, according to a major poll of IT professionals.
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World+Dog will buy 33m netbooks in '09, says analyst

Whether you think a netbook is simply a small notebook or a compact machine kitted out solely for web access, rather a lot of buyers around the world are using them in place of their larger siblings.

FastScale deploys skinnied stacks to EC2

Fastscale, with Composer Suite 3.0 Enterprise Edition, is jumping on the Amazon EC2 bandwagon and wrapping all its goodies into a single package.
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Dubya surveillance exceeded warrantless wiretaps

As yet unrevealed domestic intelligence activities by the Bush administration sent shock waves through Washington on Friday, as a report critical of post-9/11 US surveillance programs capped a week of increasingly acrimonious debate in the American capital about Bush-era policies.
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Congressman calls for 'cyber-reprisals' against North Korea

A Republican congressman has urged the US to unleash a retaliatory cyber-attack against North Korea over DDoS attacks supposedly launched against US and South Korean websites.
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France takes third swing at 'three-strikes' law

France's controversial "three-strikes" internet law is getting another do-over. Originally rejected by the country's National Assembly, revised then declared unconstitutional, the anti-file sharer bill has yet again been revamped and passed for consideration by the French constitutional court.

Microsoft rubs Web 2.0 noses in SharePoint cash pile

WPC Customers want them. Microsoft is delivering them. And partners should sell and support them. That would be the online versions of Microsoft's existing applications - according to Microsoft.
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US State Dept. workers beg Clinton for Firefox

US State Department workers have begged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to let them use Firefox.
Cade Metz, 13 2009
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Microsoft and Citrix mix 'n' match fake desktops

Citrix Systems and Microsoft are co-mingling some of their virtual desktop technologies. But Redmond stopped short of endorsing the XenClient bare-metal PC hypervisor that chip maker Intel and Citrix are working on for delivery later this year.
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Apollo 11 moon mission reincarnated as website

Forty years after Neil Armstrong made his historic first steps on the moon, Apollo 11 is beginning the same trip to the lunar surface this week via the internet.
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Nehalems make like elephants on HPC memory test

Intel's Nehalem EP chip has significantly out-peformed AMD's Istanbul on a set a memory-intensive benchmark tests.
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Fifth time not a charm for Endeavour liftoff

Space shuttle Endeavour's blastoff was scrubbed once again on Monday, following a month of delays and four previous failed launch attempts.
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Microsoft offers Windows 7 early and cheap to volume customers

WPC Customers on Microsoft's volume licenses will get access to Windows 7 almost two months early and receive limited discounts to switch from Windows XP.